Excite Truck review
Truck Racing to the Extreme

The good:

+ Unique game idea
+ Good simulation
+ Lots to do (i.e. cool tricks)
+ Challenging gameplay
+ Good sounds
+ Decent graphics
+ Many trucks
+ Choose background music using MP3's from an SD card

The bad:

- Controls are sketchy
- Does not use Nunchuk
- Without an SD card, little sound


One of the first racing games to be released for the Nintendo Wii, Excite Truck brings a lot of "excite"-ment to any players gaming collection. Playing the one player, or against a friend, Excite Truck is a fun, yet unique racing game. Choose a truck and it's colour, then begin racing around various cities to unlock new tracks.

As you take your truck for a spin, it's more than just a normal race. Excite Truck isn't about winning the race, it's about collecting stars by performing various skills and tasks. This adds more to the challenging gameplay, making it more fun to play as well. You can receive stars for many different things, including:

  • Tree Runs
  • Air
  • Air Spins
  • Drift
  • Truck Smashes
  • Rings
  • Placing First through Fifth on One Player Mode or Placing First against a friend
  • Crashing

    -Tree Runs are scored by the numbers of trees you dodge while racing through a track, and can be scored from one to five stars.
    -Air is simple, the more air you can get, the more stars you'll receive.
    -Air spins are turning you car in mid-air for stars.
    -Drift is the time your car slides around corners while turning. The longer you drift, the more stars you'll receive.
    -If you hit another truck while racing, one car will receive Truck Smash stars. These stars are given to the person who hits with more force in the smash.
    -Rings are only available to the land shift feature. Once this has been unlocked, for every ring you pass through with your truck will give you another star.
    -Depending on how you place, you will receive more or less stars. This also changes by what style of race you are playing (one player or vs. a friend).
    -Should you crash into anything, one star is rewarded for your efforts

    Another neat feature is the land terrain shifter. It is a power up that will change the land to form a steep hill with rings or just change the landscape. I also really enjoyed the turbo and turbo jumps. Turbo is extra speed that must be used cautiously, and when used correctly on jumps, can gain the driver massive air. My favourite feature is the turbo, since it makes the game a little bit more "crazy", and it's easy to gain stars.

    Excite Truck may seem dull with sounds, since you can only hear the truck's noises, and various other sounds. However, Excite Truck is the first Wii game to use the SD card to play your own music in the background. The sounds are quite loud and very realistic, which enhance any players experience. However, without the SD card, you may find the sounds repetitive and dull. I played without the SD card and I found it rather boring and lacking.

    This video shows how one user used their SD card for background music. It also displays how the game is run, and what some terrains look like.

    To be honest, for a Wii game, the graphics are only decent. They could have been better, but the truck details are quite good. The terrain is done at not great standards, but the colours and backgrounds are easy on the eyes. The pathways are clearly shown, as seen in the video above. The graphics in the video may be terrible quality, but they are better in the game. However, I have played games with worse graphics, and Excite Truck only slightly lacks these.

    Using only the Wiimote to control everything, the simulation feels real. Driving the truck can be done in two ways, turning the Wiimote left and right, or up and down. To use turbo, press any direction on the D-pad. But be careful, should use over use the turbo, your car will overheat. I had never played a racing game like Excite Truck, and I really enjoyed how real it felt to drive the truck. I definitely thought the controls and simulation for this game was really well done using the Wiimote.

    Lasting Opininons/Recommendations
    For my first racing game, and one of my first Wii games, I loved Excite Truck. I always enjoy playing it, and its something I can play all the time. I recommend this to anyone who has played a racing game, or would like to try something completely different. It's a nice change from my RPGs and party games.

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