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Legion is a story-based RPG/strategy game based on the Arthurian legends. Players get new weapons and armour for their knights, who lead small bands of soldiers against enemy patrols, in quests or in castle seiges.

[edit] Features

  • An Ensemble Cast of Characters — Find and recruit the 12 Knights of the Round Table and unite Camelot!
  • In-depth Missions — Complete 14 missions with primary and secondary objectives, Heroes' quests, and side quests on your way to restoring Camelot!
  • A Compelling Story — Immerse yourself in the world of Camelot and Excalibur, where knights lived by the sword and mages wielded the might of magic!
  • Dynamic Battlefield Environments — Burn trees and buildings with fireball spells and form craters with meteor spells; watch as the environments around you react to your battlefield decisions.
  • Magical Items and Weapons - Make use of more than 100 items and weapons including rings, amulets, armor, shields, and swords as well as unique "Legendary items" for each Knight!
  • Spectacular Magic System — Cast more than 20 unique mage and cleric spells with dynamic lighting effects and results!

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Oct 10, 06 6:15am
It has a lot of blood and gore Excalibur
Aug 23, 02 1:51pm

This is one of those games that I had bought for around $50 I though it was going to...

Jul 26, 02 9:45am

Well, I found this game to be a good game to rent but not a awesome game to be...

Jul 02, 02 2:05am

About 90% of the game even with a healer in the party you HAVE to run from a boss...

Jun 27, 02 11:33am

if you like strategy games then you definitely wanna at least try this,if ya dont like...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Jun 17, 2002 (PS2)
    • Apr 10, 1981 (Movie)
  • Japan: October 1981
  • Europe:
    • Sep 27, 2002 (PS2)
    • Jul 2, 1981 (Movie)
  • Australia: Jun 26, 1981
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