From the team that originally developed Left 4 Dead comes the next iteration of four-player cooperative combat. Evolve is a 4v1, meaning four players will team up against a lone wolf in an asymmetric multiplayer FPS. The four player team will include four class-based characters -- an Assault, a Trapper, a Medic and a Support class. There will be multiple characters for each class, but each class must be represented in each game. The lone wolf will be the monster, of which there will also be multiple options. Whether it be a flying, lightning shooting Cthulhu or a charging, smashing giant ape of a monstrosity, there's no team at a disadvantage in Evolve.

In addition to the 4v1 matchmaking multiplayer, Evolve will also have a single-player campaign. Unfortunately, details regarding this mode have yet to be revealed.

Two characters from each class have been revealed up to this point, with more planned. Assault characters include Hyde, a flamethrower-wielding psychopath, and Markov, whose love of battle is only paralleled by the size of his lightning gun. Maggie is a quiet Trapper who lets her "pet" dogbeast Trapjaw be both her bark and her bite, while Trapper Griffin would probably rather have Trapjaw mounted on his wall -- likely held there with giant harpoons. Medic Lazarus returns life to the dead, while Val prefers to heal folk before they turn to corpses. Finally we have the Support class featuring Bucket and Hank. Bucket's a robot who fights with drones and sentry turrets, while Hank look like he could have made Bucket in his garage with spare truck parts.

For such a crew no simple monster suffice. That's why the Evolve game masters dredged up the Kraken and Goliath to hunt. Like mentioned before the Kraken can evolve to fly, shoot lightning and otherwise devour nightmares, while the Goliath likes the let his fists (and his rank breath) do the talking.

All Evolve really needs is more, and more is on the way.

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Evolve DLC launches March 31, Behemoth and four new hunters on top of maps and Observer Mode

After a short delay, here's the rest of your $90 game

Mar 19, 2015, by Rory Young | 3 comments
February NPD Number Crunch: Nintendo drops an XL-sized moon on industry

New 3DS XL was all Nintendo needed to drive hardware

Mar 12, 2015, by Leo Chan | 12 comments
Evolve's first round of free maps, Broken Hill's Mine and Foundry, are Xbox One exclusive for a month

Man, why does all this DLC stuff have to be so complicated?

Mar 12, 2015, by Rory Young | 4 comments
Evolve, Zelda & Monster Hunter shake up charts during UK launch week

This past Valentine's weekend saw love letters for IP both new and old

Feb 16, 2015, by Leo Chan | 5 comments
Evolve's DLC plans are... expensive, plans for 6 hunters and 2 monsters go beyond $25 season pass

This is one game that wants a lot of commitment even before the first date

Jan 13, 2015, by Rory Young | 6 comments

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