4x4 Evolution (PS2) Cheats

4x4 Evolution cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more 4x4 Evolution cheat codes.

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4x4 Evolution Cheats

Receive $25,000 in Career Mode
Press L2, Square, R1, Square, R1, L1, Circle, L2, Square, R2, Square, R1.

Change Game Speed
To change the game speed, pause during a game and enter the following codes:

Slower game speed -- L1, L2, R1, R2, Square, Circle
Faster game speed -- L1, L2, R1, R2, Square (x2)
Normal game speed -- L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle (x2).

All trucks
Press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, R1 to unlock all 18 trucks and custom colors. Go to the Time Attack Menu and look at Class 3 Fords while selecting your vehicle. You should see trucks with custom paint jobs and tune-ups - you cannot use these trucks in Career mode.


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A few Cheats
$1 Million- L2,Square,R1,Circle,R1,L1,circle,L2,square,R2,square,R1.

All Trucks unlocked- L1,L2,R1,R2,L1,R1.


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Arctic Wasteland- Hidden money
Go through checkpoint 2, but continue straight instead of following the track. Pass between two hangars and continue straight across a small lake. Ahead of you will be an American flag. At the base of this is another hangar. A money box is next to the hangar.
Arizona- Hidden money
Go to checkpoint 6 -- it is easiest to do a 180 at the start line. Go straight out over the tracks over the mountains and find the little town that is out a bit
Bayou Flats- Hidden money
Go through the checkpoint 2. Just before the checkpoint 3 is a canoe. Go in the water by the canoe to find $1110.
Black Gold- Hidden money
Immediately after you go through checkpoint 6, keep following the trail. You will see a bridge once you go down the hill. Go over the bridge. To the right is a fenced in area with a oil tanker truck in front of the entrance. This is immediately before you go through checkpoint 7. The cash box is over to the right side of the fenced in area.
Pause gameplay and press L2 Square R1 Square R1 L1 Circle L2 Square R2 Square R1.
1 Million
If you have a dreamcast keyboard, plug the keyboard in port D. During gameplay type in goldfinger. You should hear a sound. Now type in givememoneyordie. Now exit the race and you have 1,000,000!!
Slow Game Speed
Pause gameplay and press L1 L2 R1 R2 Square Circle.
Fast Game Speed
Pause gameplay and press L1 L2 R1 R2 Square Square.
Normal Game Speed
Pause gameplay and press L1 L2 R1 R2 Circle Circle.
All Trucks
At the Title screen press L1 L2 R1 R2 L1 R1.
Hidden Cash Box - Motocross Track
At checkpoint 5, go straight and you will see 2 tents and a porta-potty set up in the grass.The $$$ is in the porta-potty.
Hidden Money
On the FARM ROAD track, go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to find a treasure chest.
On the RESTRICTED AREA track, go straight when you pass through gate 5. After a little driving you will reach an aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the corner is a chest of cash.

On the LAGUNA DEL RAY track , off to the right of the track is a small island with two or three sailboats around it . On the island is a chest of cash.

Between gate 6 and 7 on the BLACK GOLD track is a fenced in area that contains a box of cash. The entrance is near an oil truck just off the track.

On the TREASURE BAY track, go over to the beached oil tanker. On the left side of the ship is a hole with a chest of cash in it.

On the Truck Stop 101 track, go to the "hidden" highway and drive alongside the right side of the road. You will eventually find a chest of cash.

On the Garbage wasteland track, continue along course until you reach the point where you can cut across,(near the end) follow that road out, and right at the point of where you going to turn, go straight and there should be a wall, follow that wall for a little bit, and there should be an opening, no go on the otherside of the wall, go over the first hill and search for a small crater with the chest.


Hidden Treasure Box
In Silverton Pass look on the map and you will find where the track makes a circle, somewhere in that area there is a small pond with a treasure chest
Arctic Wasteland
Hidden money go past cheak point 2 go straight past the two bunkers keep going straight through the river on the other side u will find a fenced in bunker look behind the bunker.
Farm Road- Hidden money
Go under the train trestle in the middle of the pond to find $1500.

Note: This works only one time.
Final Destination- Hidden money
Go through checkpoint 1 and go left around the airplane. Drive straight until you see a pack of airplanes. The money chest is next to the far-left. It contains about $1,345.
Gameshark Codes
Master Code (Must Be On): ECB6AA00 1456E60A
Infinite Money: 1C1EA484 61DFB00C
Hint for $1 million
Complete the endurance races for $1,000,000.

Note: These races are 20 laps but they are all midday except for the pitch black race at Black Gold.
Hint for $32,000
Complete the city series for $32,000. It is quick and the weather is clear on every race.
Laguna Del Ray- Hidden money
Off on the right is a small island just offshore. On top the island is a chest.
MotorCross- Hidden money
Look inside a Porta-Pot up on a hill on left between gates 5 and 6, next to the tents to get $653.
Restricted Area- Hidden money
Go straight when you pass through checkpoint 5. After a little driving you will reach an aircraft hanger with a jet inside. In the corner of the hanger is a box of cash.
Salvage Wasteland- Hidden money
After checkpoint 2, make the jump. Instead of making the right turn to checkpoint 3, turn left. You will enter another fenced in area with dirt mounds. A box containing $2242 is in this area besides a mound of dirt.
Savage Wasteland- Hidden track
Select the Salvage Wasteland track on quick race mode. Once the race starts, go through the starting line, but stop immediately after it. Turn around and face the part of the wall that looks different than the sheet metal. Drive through this section of wall, and follow the power line poles until you reach a hidden track. The track is shaped like a big rectangle. On one section of pavement, there is a set of ramps.
Silverton Pass- Hidden money
Just before you reach checkpoint 7, stop in the water. Turn left and stay in water. Keep to the left at the fork. After this, there is a small rock jetty to your left. In the small pool beside it is a box of money with a little over $1400.
Treasure Bay- Hidden money
When starting, go over to the beached tanker boat to the right, and drive around on the water side. You can find another chest in the side hull, with $666.