[edit] Background

In contrast to the majority of off-road games to date, 4x4 Evolution is steeped in simulation elements. In the career mode, you begin with $30,000 to buy a truck and some parts upgrades. There are 70 licensed trucks available for purchase, but Chevies, Fords, Toyotas, and their ilk are the only rides in your price range from the start. After finding the right mudder, it's time to hit the circuits. The circuits are playable based on your truck's specs. Some will only let four-wheel-drive trucks enter, while others require a certain make or engine size. Before heading out to race, you can choose the tire cut based on the requirements of the terrain. The 15 tracks are identical to those from the Dreamcast and PC versions, and there are plenty of shortcuts and open areas to explore. 4x4 Evolution often forces you to leave the beaten path, as the computer-controlled vehicles meander off-course regularly, finding the quickest route. After completing each race, money for parts upgrades is awarded depending upon your finish.

In true simulation style, it's impossible to jump from one

[edit] Gameplay

In true simulation style, it's impossible to jump from one engine size to another without first installing prerequisite parts like a high-capacity fuel pump or a race exhaust. Even suspension upgrades require the initial purchase of other, smaller parts. Upgrades may be purchased for the suspension, engine, electronics, appearance, drivetrain, and chassis. As you acquire money and upgrade your truck, you may enter more difficult circuits, which have heftier purses. If you save enough cash, you can buy new, luxurious trucks like the Lexus LX 470. If you're too impatient for the career mode, the quick race mode allows you to choose from a plethora of both standard and upgraded trucks and any of the tracks to get racing right away. The time attack mode allows you to test the improvements made on your truck and race against course ghosts.

[edit] Features

  • Offroad Action - Takes the term "off road" to the extreme, gamers can drive anywhere within each of the 15 gorgeous vast areas
  • Unrestricted by walls or pre-determined boundaries, racecourses consist of checkpoints strewn along the wide-open countryside.
  • 4x4 EVO's 70+ licensed vehicles are incredibly detailed and accurate versions of their real-life counterparts.
  • Serious Competition - The competition in 4x4 EVO doesn't cheat--it doesn't have to. These ruthless drivers can analyze and react to any driving situation and will take every opportunity to slam gamers off course to ensure them of one less contender for the trophy.
  • Graphics - 4x4 EVO's visuals scream with realism, with shadows reflecting the time of day (four from which to choose), three different weather conditions, highlights glinting from polished chrome and fresh showroom paint, and the sun dazzling and blinding drivers as it peeks through looming crests.
  • Each of the courses is thickly populated with objects and obstacles, some that move under their own power, and some that require a nudge.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements:
Pentium 200MHz MMX
300MB hard disk space
100% DirectX7 compatible 3D accelerator with 4MB texture RAM

Multiplayer System Requirements:
TCP/IP Internet connection

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