[edit] Background

Players fight 10 different warriors and can choose to play in 5 different modes. These include survival mode, practice, story, and two others. Gameplay features include a different story mode for each different character and the varied use of different camera angles.

[edit] Gameplay

All fighters get to fight in a 3-D map. Each fighter has Its own map and own music. Each fighter has Its own finishing move and very impresive spells/moves. The fighters may do a finishing move which will bring a small vut scene.

This game is also known as Eretzvaju in Japan.

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Celes Leonhart
Jun 17, 09 6:32pm
One of the funnest versus games I've played yet. First PSOne title I put on my PSP when I got CFW. EvilZone
Jun 9, 04 10:57pm

Evil Zone is probably one of the most overlooked fighting games around, yet for those...

Aug 31, 03 9:24am

Each character has its own stories in story mode and a really good ending!

Many, many...

Jan 16, 03 12:23pm

All rigt here the deal there will be all types of enviroments for you to play battle...

Apr 14, 02 11:49am

Incredible. I as a rule do not play fighting games. I really don't. I think sitting...

Nov 24, 01 2:23am

Well overall I think Evil Zone is an AWESOME game! Eac char has their own style and...

Dec 27, 00 10:11pm
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  • North America: Jul 20, 1999
  • Japan: Jan 14, 1999
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