Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles

  • Released in Q4 2000
  • By In Utero for PC

Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles review
Evil Twin causes skinny pets!

The good:

Great Graphics. Very enjoyable gameplay. Fantastic soundtrack. - And the twisted humor, levels and graphics of this game makes this game unique.

The bad:

The camera. Although better than usual for this type of game Evil Twin has serious camera issues in later levels. Try to run through a door, the camera changes from a view behind your character to a view in front of you. Now You are still pushing forward on the joypad so suddenly you will be running in the wrong direction as your movement i relative to the position of the camera.


There are so many things to like about this game. The user guide is a gift from above. Alot of questions would be answered instantly if people read it before playing the game. The user guide is short and explains everything. Things like how to find mission objectives, how to save and so on. The gameplay is so much fun that even if you are puzzled or stuck, you will keep trying and playing for ages. Levels are varied in gameplay and graphics. You never feel that you just run and jump. Finally a game that isn´t too short!!! Real value for your money. Lots of hours of gaming awaits you. Replay value will be high once you finish the game. Go buy this game now if you like platforming and adventure mixed with action.

Important note: Remember to feed your pets before installing this game! After installing the game, you will forget about the real world!

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