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It was already a long hot summer. The thirties in the States, you see. The prohibition reaching its culminating point, the economic crisis settled in, and not a single cloud in the sky. One would think that everybody would just try to take care of themselves and be happy. It would be enough to find a cool spot, sip ginger ale, throw a few ice cubes into the glass and watch the birdies chirp.

But not them: Soft and Rock, two second-class gangsters with the manners of rugby substitutes and the intelligence of somewhat educated gorillas. They just couldn't sit around their place somewhere in Chicago, drive fast cars, distill booze illegally, shoot someone down now and then, bury someone, and then shoot someone dead again. And they just couldn't come up with anything better than taking interest in one small, forlorn and in fact totally unimportant casino somewhere far in the coutryside.

This sets the scene for our hero, John. John is indeed luckless. Everything he ever started turned out to be a major disaster. Until one day a distant relative dies, and the only heir of his profitable casino is – of course – John. Is he going to be lucky this time? Already thinking about the money that is supposed to pour in, already thinking about spending all his future riches, suddenly reality strikes back at John - again.

The Mob wants to get their hands on John's Casino. Being already responsible for the death of the former owner, John's appearance makes the gangsters very unhappy. It looks like John is in big trouble…

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  • North America: October 2007
  • Europe: October 2007