Evidence: The Last Ritual Walkthrough v0.33
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Evidence: The Last Ritual Walkthrough

by x_revenge   Updated to v0.33 on
  /                  X_REVENGE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS...             \
\                           VERSION 0.33.1                           /
 \  STATUS: INCOMPLETE DATE: 7:30 pm 7/6/2008 (DD/MM/YYYY)          /

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| [Table of contents]       |
|                           |
| 0. What you need to know  |
| 1. Before you begin  |
| 2. Story                  |
| 3. Getting Started        |
| 4. Walkthrough            |
| 5. Resources              |
| 6. Copyright              |
| 7. Author's Input         |

0.33.1 Update: With this update I'd like to oficially state that this
guide is from now on and until the next update comes out postponed.
I'm currently working on something else and I'm not able to play the
game, my e-mail is also removed due to deletion, the new e-mail is
secret, also included the Author's Input section.

BIG Note: If you read this note then the guide is still incomplete.
Due to this game's difficulty, it will take some time to be completed.
Please do not e-mail me about sections I still haven't completed!

3/9 levels completed.

What you need to know                                                |

Evidence the last ritual is not a game like any other, this is true.
This is the first game I found that virtual in-game characters send
you REAL e-mails, the only game I've ever played that you have to 
conduct REAL searches and traslations of REAL webpages on the internet
to pass the trials. This is all about playing detective in other
words...So then, off we go, but before you start take a look at the
before you begin section, that's it's there...and is named like that.

Before you begin                                                |

System Requirements

First of all, make sure your system can play the game, here are the
System Requirements:

Minimum SR

 OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
 CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz
 RAM: 256 MB
 Sound Card: 16-bit Sound Blaster Compatible
 Graphic card: 32Mb accelerated video card (NVIDIA Geforce or ATI)
 Available Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB
 Internet Connection: 56.6 modem + web browser

Recommended SR

 OS: Windows XP
 CPU: Pentium III 1 GHz
 RAM: 512 MB
 Sound Card: 16-bit Sound Blaster Compatible
 Graphic card: 64Mb accelerated video card (NVIDIA Geforce or ATI)
 Available Hard Disk Space: 2.5 GB
 Internet Connection: DSL or cable connection + web browser

I have 512 MB Memory RAM and the game runs fine although the more the
better since you'll have to keep open an internet browser and/or an
email client. You'll be killing your PC if you use Firefox since it
uses so much memory but it's your choice, I'm just warning you.


You'll receive real e-mails from in-game characters, these include:

Cliff: Colleague.

David Marcus: Psychologist specializing in criminology, gives you his
professional opinnion about The Phoenix.

Dr. Theo Makers: History professor.

Gerd Hanke: Investigator looking for the whereabouts of the Phoenix.

Gery Millander: Colleague, computer technician, he creates tools for
you to use, tootls like zooming functions or text decoders.

Goran Bates: Gery's friend.

ICPA: International Committee for the Phoenix's Arrest. 

Kristin Lark: Colleague that gives you hints about puzzles, she has
taken part in the previous investigation and is too talkative...

Manuela Oritz: Detective from Spain.

The Phoenix: The serial killer you and all the others hunt down.

The game asks you for your program or web client, you can write your
address and then the e-mails will be sent to your
hotmail/google/yahoo/whatever account. The mail button in the toolbar
opens your e-mail program. E-mails give you hints or more information
about some things. Some e-mails like character introductions are made
in such a way to resemble conversations, hours pass and someone
replies to an e-mails by someone else and such.


You have to register with the phoenix investigators site to play the
game. It is easy, choose your username and write your email address,
if you have played Missing choose that you have, if not, choose that
you haven't. Select to receive e-mails on the internet. They'll send
you an e-mail with your password, to access the game, you'll have to
write your username and password every time you open it.

Save system

You cannot save in this game, it automatically saves itself when you
close it (don't know what happens if it crashes). Which means you can
never go back to do something you have already done.


Hints will be given to you all the time by e-mails. Also, there is a
"?" in the top right of every screen. It reveals a hint. I ALWAYS
looked at the "?" first thing in the screen and sometimes I looked at
it many times. You should do it too.

Other programs you will need

You will also need Quicktime and the Shockwave player browser plugin
to view all the content in the game and the different sites you have
to go to find clues or answers. If you want, you can just read
everything from this guide but you'll need at least Quicktime because
the in-game videos are in .mov format.


Story                                                                |

Basically, there is this psycho serial killer which escaped from
prison (talking about this game's prequel, Missing: Since January, I
haven't played that though...). This guy made an encrypted DVD and now
the ICPA (International Committee for the Phoenix's Arrest) is willing
to give this DVD to anyone who volunteers to help with the decryption
of its riddles. You want to help (the good samaritan as always) so you
volunteer to help, you are assigned in a team along with other
volunteers and well, the rest happen in-game.

Getting Started                                                      |

First, complete the registration, it's easy, the process is the same
as it is with all sites, write your username and your email address
and they'll email you the password, make sure to write your password
somewhere because you'll have to put it everytime you log-in.
Then when the game starts, click on the messages until you see a woman
Click on the restraints to release her and a URL will be revealed:
Go there, when the shockwave player finishes loading the content, go
down with your mouse until you see two letters R and O (you might have
to go left or right too.)

Image 1:

Insert RO in the two spaces in the game under the woman and you're
done with your first challenge. You'll see your first video.
Turn the volume up and go on. Wait a little before clicking on the
message so that you hear the creepy voice (just for fun, it doesn't
matter if you do it or not). Then you'll see another woman, click on
her eyes to continue. This part was both easy and hard to find for
me, you have to count how many consecutive times she closes her eyes,
and she closes her eyes 9 times. She closes her eyes very quickly so
I had to write down on a piece of paper the number, and I got
261415212 the first few tries...doesn't it remind you of the link
before? Hmm...the one is 251415211 and the other 261415212, you see
where I'm getting at? The correct code is 251415212, go there in your
browser to see another shockwave file, leave it like that for now,
back to the game. Go forward and you'll see another video. Now in the
next picture of a woman you see, click on the crucifix drawings the
woman has on her to reveal another URL, guess which one it is? You're
right, it's:

Image 2:

Another freaky shockwave file...but what do the numbers mean? Is it
another URL? Nope, not this time, the numbers symbolize the order in
which you'll have to click her two crucifix tattoos. In case you
didn't get it, click once in her right hand's crucifix (not your
perspective), three times on her left's, one on her right's and again
on her left's. Doing that will make you reveal her leg (pervert!). It
has lots of letters and she points on them (if you didn't catch'em 
all, click her tattoos in the correct order again), SETAOU...what
could it mean? Anyway until now you'll probably have received some
emails from fictional characters, check your email program to read
them. Anyway click on the 251415212 link on Isis' body to open the
page so the code input under Isis appears. Write SETAOU to go on.


Walkthrough                                                          |

By completing the intro trials you'll come to the FIRST "doors"
screen. On the left is another small box which opens up the toolbar
(you'll receive an email about it). There are options to open the
phoenix investigators site, your e-mail program, the movies you've
seen in-game, your tools (when they're unlocked) or you can
minimize/close the game. You can now go to any "door" in any order
you wish. I opened "Arat" first.

ARAT   |
ZAN    |


You watch a video. the first trial is relatively easy, you see 26
small circles and 5 bigger circles, a green light goes by all the
small ones and sometimes the big ones light up, clear enough? The 5
big circles represent the 5 letters of the code under that...thing.
After some counting, it seems the answer is FABIO and of course it
couldn't be anything but something that has to do with the next trial.
Hover your mouse over the moving target thing in the next trial, since
it's moving, it was a pain in the neck to write down the names it
shows, yes, names, hover over it another time to make it print another
name, hopefully, they are only two:
Carlos Echeyarria Dominguez
Antonio Maura Ribeira
Remember how you have to do real world searches in this game? Well, do
it. A google search will eventually lead you here:
Look at the names...

Image 3:

Simple enough, ain't it? Write Sanz Urquijo in the box and press Enter
to continue. You'll watch another video and you've completed "Arat".
Notice that a "12" will have appeared in the "doors", in the black

Moving on to Siket, if you haven't noticed, I'm moving from "door" to
"door" in alphabetical order.


Now this is a beautiful sight...such a pretty flower, huh? Too bad
this was ruined by the trial it has...oh well, nothing is perfect...
To the point, see the letters that appear from time to time, the ones
in bold are those that really matter. 18 words are in bold, after a
crazy google search, I found out that they belong to Dante's (NOT the
character in Devil May Cry) Divine Comedy (that brings memories...I've
done that in school...). The site I used to find the canto and verses
is this:
Anyway the interesting part is:

   "O voi ch'avete li'ntelleti sani, mirate la dottrina 

che s'asconde sotto 'l velame de li versi strani". 

  (Inferno, IX, 61-63).

IX is Latin for 9 (I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X), remember
Final Fantasy?
61-63 are the verses. So input this: 00IX-061-063
You'll watch another movie and you've completed Siket!

Notice that a "41" has appeared in the black box of the "doors"


Now this is tricky...you get some circles that move around all the
time, now when you manage to double-click on one (kinda hard) it just
flies throughout the screen (of the dead body). the good thing is that
when they hit the end they reveal numbers:
1919m | 3715m | 3404m | 660m
It's obvious that they refer to some place on the world, but where?
The hint says cry of death so that means the sound of the person dying
that is triggered when you double click on the circle that gives you
the 1919m number. The hint also says "mountainside" and "Manuel" which
means that what you have to write is the location of something (1919m)
on a mountain in Spain...but that's just crazy, isn't there anything
more we can use? Of course there is! Notice the letters that are on
this screen (you might have to click on some circles first, I don't
know if my pc was lagging then but some letters appeared after I had
clicked on some of the circles),  L    A S N  IE V ES. More spanish,
so, what's that? We are supposed to search for a mountain, right? It's
plain deduction, when you want to learn about a place (las nieves) you
look at an encyclopaedia right? That's just what we're gonna do!
Wikipedia is always there when you need it, so, what do we care about?
"Las Nieves 1919m". It's the first result: Sierra de las Nieves, here
are the interesting parts:

"The Sierra de las Nieves natural park is located in the hills behind
Marbella and to the east of the road to Ronda from the Costa del Sol
in Andalucia in Southern Spain.The park centres on La Torrecilla
(1919 m)[...]"

Now wasn't that useful? Thanks Wikipedia! That's our cue, write
"Torrecilla" and hit Enter. That's it with Zan, you see a video (that
looks like the beginning of a ghost story) and back on the "doors"

A "10" has appeared in the black box.


Right...the next trial is all about crying (and I hate it so much...).
There are lots of small circles in what seems to be plates of stone or
something. To hear the cries just click on one of the circles in each
plate. The clue here is the number of cries in the circles of each
plate. They go like this:

  1      1
  4      2

In case you didn't get is for some reason the up and left plate
carries circles which have a voice that cries only once, the up and
right has one also and the bottom ones have 4 and 2. So, insert that
ammount of circles from the corresponding plate to the big plate by
clicking and dragging them. Now do the same, dragon and drop the
circles from the big plate to the empty sheet of paper above it and
slowly the drawing will be revealed, you won't run out of circles so
don't be afraid to use them. Sooner or later you will reveal a name on
the bottom right of the drawing, "Sandro". Time for the next trial...
In this next trial you'll see pictures from Dante's work, pictures of
humans being tortured in Hell...what more could you ask for? Such
happy things...back on topic now, you'll also see numbers moving
around. The hint turns our attention to a "Alessandro Mariano". But
wait the results that come up refer to someone named "Alessandro
Botticelli", no matter, wikipedia is again the saviour:

"[...] He returned to Florence, and "being of a sophistical turn of
mind, he there wrote a commentary on a portion of Dante and
illustrated the Inferno which he printed, spending much time over it,
and this abstention from work led to serious disorders in his living."
Thus Vasari characterized the first printed Dante (1481) with
Botticelli's decorations; he could not imagine that the new art of
printing might occupy an artist.[...]".

I knew from the beginning that we had to do with the Divine Comedy
because I'm somewhat familiar with it so this was a bit of a bother
for me, anyway, now at least we know that these have to do with the
Divine Comedy, so let's search. Wikipedia can't help us here so we
have to use this site:

Simple enough, look at all the numbered drawings in the game and the
site (8, 9, 19, 21, 22, 27, 28, 31, 33) and then click on the circles
to get them to the right picture in the game. The circles move towards
the direction the arrow points whenever you click at them. One you do
it, the Phoenix will let watch another video (generous bloke, that
Phoenix, don'tcha think?). This video only gives birth to more and
mysteries...anyway you're done with Zonthar. Go to the next and last
"door", Zontzre.

A "02" has appeared in the black box of the "doors" screen.


Now for something totally different than what we've seen before...It's
feeding time! Seriously! Give the person two of the same shape of
"meals" and each time he/she will give you a different note. Do that
with the three pairs of "meals" with the same shape to gather all
notes. If "A=1" then all the letters in the notes must mean numbers.
The order I got the notes was "EA AH B" so the correct code would be
"51 18 2" but it seems they have a particular order in which they must
be inputted...the correct order is "AH EA B" so "18 51 2", write that
and you'll go on. The next trial is about a castle, it has a picture
but its darkened, click on the picture above the code input to turn on
a light, doesn't give much though...thats why you have to use the zoom
tool (if you haven't got it yet, check your emails). Drag the picture
somewhere where the light can illuminate it (even a bit) and use the
zoom tool there. You will see some color and such, well, its time to
go on with the walkthrough, now. Time to re-watch the video you got
when you completed Zan, that's the castle we're looking for. The
Phoenix was kind enough to give us a clue, "Rodrigo". So that castle
in Zan's movie has something to do with a "Rodrigo". Google it:

"The castle was given to Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Mendoza by the Catholic

That's it. Write his full name (long enough?) to continue. You'll
watch a video, time to learn more about Fabio.

A "06" has appeared in the black box of the "doors" screen. See all 
the numbers that have appeared in the black box? Type them all
left-to-right in the code input and hit Enter to get to the next
"doors" screen.

LEVEL 2  |
OSALG    |
UARET    |


You'll watch a video you have before and then it's puzzle time! Do you
like graffiti? If you do then you may like this next trial. You have
to "spray" around the picture with your skull-shaped spraying can.
Spray around the up right location of the trial screen to reveal some
words "bakedbugs". The next question that comes to mind is...what
could that be? Search for it. A Google search shall reveal to you the
answer you need. This site has it:
It's in the site's title actually:

"Smokingbug.com : Brad Degannes Website. Paintings and Commercials
(Bakedbugs, Bugsoda, Bugsoup)"

There it is, Brad Degannes. You know what to do. Write Degannes for
the slow ones. You'll watch a video and you're done with Osalg.

A 30 has appeared in the black box of the "doors" screen.


The first puzzle involves moving around three copies of the same
picture which are edited to be red, green and blue. There are some
letters but they are hardly readable, so move the pictures around
until you put them all in the correct position. Move the images with
the "o"s and "+"s.

Image 4:

Image 5:

The word is of course "Massachusetts".
Now the next trial has another picture and a code input again. Click
on the picture to hear a voice saying "the ghost town". The more
important hint though is the painter's name in the bottom-right side
of the picture. Use the zoom tool and adjust its setting a bit to see
it, it still won't be that clear but his name is "Edward Hopper" (the
"Edward part is really hard to see so zoom in on each letter as much
as possible, it will still be quite hard so adjust the brightness too,
this part is one of the most annoying things in the game). So Edward
Hopper painted the picture, now we have to find what this picture is

"Hopper, Edward
Corn Hill (Truro, Cape Cod)
Oil on canvas
28 1/2 x 42 1/2 in. (72.4 x 108 cm)
The Mary and Sylvan Lang Collection
McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX"

Nice, right? Now this gives us two hints, Truro and Cape Cod. The one
we care about is Cape Cod. With a google search you'll come up with
this page:

This page lists all of the towns in Cape Cod. I actually wrote them
all...until ProvinceTown. So the correct answer is Provincetown. Watch
the video and you're back at the "doors" screen.

A "01" has now appeared in the black box.


You see a row of closed eyes, hovering your mouse over one of them
opens that eye for a moment. There is a clock in the bottom right,
click on it twice and the eyes will start opening and closing. Some of
the dashes under the letters will be replaced by numbers. Get it yet?
The numbers indicate how many times the eyes blink when the clock is
operating. Look at one eye each time you start the clock and you'll
soon find it is like this:

26 | 23 | 22 | 09 | 20 | 12 | 12 | 03 | 22 | 11 | 19 | 13 | 20 | 21 |
09 | 22

Write the right number under each eye. Another code input will appear.
You have to write the name of the guy. Use the text decoder and write
all these numbers in the same order as written both in the game and in
this guide. Use method 1 and you'll see all the answers except one are
gibberish. The one in question is "RONALDDUNCKELMAN". You know what to
This next trial is about hearing some talk while trying to find
Ronald's nickname. Search about him on the net, the first result is

But this is the page we are interested in:

"[...]At the SNST centre, he was trained and mentored by Ronald
Dunckelman, a former executive of the National Security Agency (NSA)
and a world-renowned private detective.[...]"

So Ronald worked in the SNST centre, what's that? Google it:

"Ronald S. Dunckleman

Following his retirement from the National Security Agency,
Mr. Dunckleman has become a private investigator specialized in
criminal intelligence and surveillance. His eavesdropping missions
earned him the nickname Dumbo."

So Dumbo is his nickname, huh...well, in the Remenhare screen, hit the
D, U, M, B and O keys in your keyboard to hear the correct clips,
click on them in the correct order to progress. Watch the video as
usual and it's back to the "doors" screen where a 10 has appeared in
the black box.


You see maps, click on the thingy above it to move it right so you see
another map, do it until you see a map with a red marker on it, the
place on the maps is New York so using Google Earth, I found it:

Image 6:

Memorial BLVD, write that and hit Enter to go on. You watch the video
and go back to the "doors" screen. A "10" has appeared in the black

Congrats! You finished Level 2!

Write "10301001" to continue to Level 3.

KNUM    |
SETA    |


Now this is actually quite fun...lots of circles fly around and you
have to draw a circle with the mouse, you must draw the circle with
two or more of the circles with the same letter on them and they will
vanish, when all circles are vanished the first letters of the words
in the code input will appear: FSKIPFT. Let's complete this phrase...
first of all, a google search, which gives this:

"[...] F.S.K.I.P.F.T.: Lettere incise sul rovescio di due medaglie
conservate presso l’Historische Museum di Vienna, su una delle quali
raffigurato Dante Alighieri, e sull’altra Pietro da Pisa. Secondo il
Guenon la loro esatta interpretazione sarebbe: "Fidei Sanctae Kadosh
Imperialis Principatus Frater Templarius", il che convaliderebbe la
tesi secondo cui Dante sarebbe stato uno degli esponenti pi elevati
della "Santa Fede", un’associazione che era una specie di terz’ordine
di filiazione templare. Gli esponenti pi insigni di tale istituzione
portarono il titolo di Cavaliere Kadosh (v.), tuttora conservato negli
alti gradi massonici, in particolare nel 30° Grado del R.S.A.& A (v.),
dov’ definito Grande Eletto Cavaliere Kadosh.[...]"

Right, we got the point, write the sentence: "Fidei Sanctae Kadosh
Imperialis Principatus Frater Templarius".

Now then, the next one is tricky, there are circles with mouths. The
answer is in the same page as the one for FSKIPFT:

"Fedeli d’Amore: Societ iniziatica medievale che, secondo il Valli,
andrebbe inquadrata nella strage degli Albigesi (v.), nonch allo
sterminio dei Cavalieri Templari. I suoi adepti tendevano a scardinare
il potere temporale dei papi, auspicando l’intervento dell’imperatore
per la restaurazione dell’antica potenza imperiale di Roma. Vi sarebbe
appartenuto anche Dante Alighieri. L’Alessandrini (I fedeli d’Amore,
Ediz. Atanor, Roma) ne parla come di una Carboneria medievale: "Quel
che pare impossibile negare che i F. fossero uniti fra loro in una
vasta organizzazione segreta. Troppo chiari e numerosi sono i richiami
ai F., come membri di una societ iniziatica, perch si possa
dubitarne. Qualcosa di molto simile si verific nel Risorgimento, e
questa analogia potr giovare in qualche misura a determinare la
presumibile estensione ed i sostanziali intenti della setta". A
proposito di Dante, cos scrive A. Pike in Morals and Dogma: "Molti
saggi sono stati scritti sulla Divina Commedia, eppure nessuno, per
quanto ne sappiamo, ha saputo indicare la vera natura del poema.
Il lavoro del grande Ghibellino una vera dichiarazione di guerra al
papato, con un’ardita rivelazione dei Misteri. L’epica dantesca
Giovannita e Gnostica, un’audace applicazione, come quella
dell’Apocalisse, delle figure e dei numeri della Qabbalah ai dogmi
cristiani, ed una segreta negazione di quanto dichiaratamente assoluto
in quei dogmi. Il suo viaggio attraverso i tre regni del mondo
soprannaturale compiuto proprio come l’iniziazione ai Misteri di
Eleusi (v.). Egli si salva dal baratro dell’Inferno, sulla cui porta
era scritta la sentenza della disperazione, invertendo la posizione
dalla testa ai piedi, ovvero accettando l’esatto contrario del dogma
cattolico; quindi ritorna alla luce, usando il demonio stesso come una
mostruosa scala. L’Inferno risulta in tal modo invalicabile solo per
quanti non sappiano ritornare indietro"."

Type FEDELIDAMORE and then you'll have to click on the mouths to make the
woman spell it.

Now the mouths say as different letter each time you click them but
all-in-all each mouth says 4 letters or syllables.

Resources                                                            |

The sites I used to get information about the riddles and trials in
the game:


Copyright                                                            |

Copyright, George Siotos 2008

This document is the property of George Siotos, it can only be
published in webpage data form. This document is intended

You can freely host or distribute this guide anywhere you wish as long
You give me credit for writing it
You do not sell it
The page you host it on has no advertisements and is in plain HTML
You notify me you did and give me a direct link to it
You display it in .txt format.

Author's Input                                                       |

If you want to do something to make me happier then please go here and
click the link to the bottom of the page to sign the pledge to be


I advise you to not watch the video, the contents inside are too gory.
I, myself, could not bare to watch the whole video and I stoped it
almost instantly so unless you don't mind, don't watch it. You can
also go around signing petitons protecting the right of people and
animals, if you do that then you'll make me happier than you would if
you sent me money.