My Pokémon Ranch Cheats

My Pokémon Ranch cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Break Open Toy Boxes
Entry Location:
In the ranch when you have a toy box

To open a toy box just lock in on the toy box and shake the wii remote up and down.
Get more of Hayley's Pokemon
The first time you leave the ranch for the day, Hayley will tell you she's bringing a new pokemon to the ranch. If you level up your ranch between when she tells you this and the next day, she'll bring one extra pokemon for each time you level up your ranch. For example, if you level up your ranch once, you'll get one extra pokemon. If you level up twice, you get two extra pokemon ETC. This way, if when she shows you the picture of the pokemon and you recognize it as a rare pokemon, you can get loads of them!
how to have fun tip 1
what you need:
1.pokemon bait:slippery peel
2.pokemon-duh! mode
what you can do:lure pokemon and make pokemon jump!
how to do it: a box in freemode need to receive a slippery peel
3.pick it up and keep it there without putting it down
4.when a horde of pokemon comes.....jump!jump!pokemon everywhere! 5.drop it!
6.let them slide and have fun!
how to have fun tip 2
what you need:
1.the red ball with that burning wick that i forget it's name from toyboxes
2.pokemon-of course! mode
what you can do:make a walking pokemon fly!
1.turn on free mode
2.get that ball
3.pick it up like in "how to have fun tip 1"
4.then drop it once you have a horde of pokemon
how to have fun tip 3
what you need:
1.pokemon-needation known!
2.the bounce-back ball!
3.the horde of pokemon from 1 and 2 mode
what you can do:
watch pokemon fly away!
how to do it:
1.turn on free mode
2.put the bounce back ball in fronnt of a pokemon
3.the pokemon will kick it migh bump in to another pokemon it fly!
Legendary Pokemon
Trade Phione With Hayley:
Get to level 15(trade for Leafeon)(250 pokemon in ranch)
Trade Mew With Hayley:
Get to level 25(trade for egg)(999 pokemon in ranch)
sometimes if you bring in a wanted pokemon from your DS, hayley might want to trade. this is good because you can get rare and starter pokemon. this is bad because you no longer have the wanted pokemon. you don't have to trade though. but still, don't try to get too attached to your wanted pokemon.

Easter eggs

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01 : attention.
this is the first event and is very common.

what happens:
a bunch of the ranch's pokemon form a circle and the camra focuses (keeps one in the midle of the screen) on a random pokemon. the camera moves around and all the pokemon's eyes follow it (by looking).
04: sky parade
this one is pretty cool and is not hard or easy to get.

What happens: basicly all your flying pokemon (not just flying type but all the pokemon theat don't walk) fly in a V-shaped pattern and the camera focuses on the one at the point of the V.
09: Ring Dance
This Event is pretty sweet. a lot of pokemon of one type dance around a torch in a ring. the camera moves around and doesn't focus though.
15: Clock
this one is really short but really cool and really common.

What happens: almost all of your pokemon form a clock with a working minute hand and second hand a few seconds before it becomes a new hour (not every hour). you see the whole thing from the skies and it doesn't focus on just one pokemon.


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Earthquakes and Tornados
When you unlock the free mode you can use a tornado or earthquake. To use the earthquake you zoom in close then shake the Wii remote around a little. You do the same thing with the tornado, but you zoom out from the ranch using the plus and minus signs.
Faster Pokemon and Ranch Upgrades
Hayley will give you a free pokemon each day, but instead of waiting for tomorrow, just go to your Wii settings and change the date one day ahead. When you go back into the game you'll have new pokemon.