EverQuest Online Adventures: Frontiers review
EverQuest Online Adventures

The good:

mesmerising graphics,auction system,new race Ogre,new class alchemist,new trade skills tailoring and capentry,new island Odus,new monsters and zones,new fog effects, players can choose which way they want to play with old disc or new but if they use the frontiers disc they WILL get more content, and finally a new lvl cap of 60 for thouse players who had their 50's locked away in thouse dusty closets for 8 years j/k

The bad:

still laggy especially in hi graphics areas conn probs every once in awhile some graphic overlays,you must wait till lvl 10 till u can transport between tunaria and the new island Odus lol j/k on that last one it is lvl 10 restiction but thats ot that bad.


ok let me just say from the start i was blown away first off the start screen was diffrent and after i finally entered my 20 digit code to verify my beta cd i was even happier now lets start this off by how the game ran yes there were some laggy areas like Klick Anon but it is beta testers like me who are emailing the gms to fix issues like this instead of getting a free ride off the beta now as for the NEW Ogre race all i can say is all of them had emersive graphics they are mostly a agressive warlike race and trust me they look like someone u don't wanna meet in a dark ally lol then u got the NEW Class Alchemist all i can say is WOW they are awsome with their potions and now EVERY class has higher rez character models and now u can change the way your char looks if u wish whenever u enter the game world well i've said most all i can besides they also added a preversion of the upcoming auction system into the beta i would say more but i can't reveil to much about the beta but i'll be post a new review when the game hits store shelfs i alrdy preordered mine due out November 17th 2003

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