Eternal Darkness (GC) Cheats

Eternal Darkness cheats, and Codes for GC.


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3 Endings
3 Endings- IN total there are 3 different endings to unlock in this game. Complete the game once will bring up the standartd conclusion, twice will bring ad neew path and 3 times wil unlokc the last rune path. You have alos unlocked Eternal Mode
Successfully complete the game three times on the same save file to unlock the "Eternal Mode" option in the "Jump to Game" menu.
Level Select
Successfully complete the game twice on the same save file to unlock the "Jump to Game" option.
Secret Ending
Beat the game three times to get a special cinema ending.Go to start game, use game data from already beaten alignments.

Beat the game 9 times(3 times with each alignment) for the final ending to the game.
Secret rune
In the chapter where you play as the explorer at some point you'll find energy barriers. When all 3 are dispelled around this area a purple wall will drop. Remember where this place is.

Further along you will gain a summon trapper spell. Go back to where that purple wall was and summon a trapper. Take it through the hole and get it to stand on the circle tile. The rune will appear outside by you. Press A to kill the trapper and go get the rune. Now kill the horror that bursts through the wall and go through and kill the next horror with a gun. Now go over the bridge and use the brush to find the codex.

This rune allows you to align any spell except the summon spells to mantorok. The reveal invisible spell will actually turn you invisible and the dispell spell will dispell any magickal barrier that can be dispelled.
Secret Stuff
Beat the game two (2) times to get an option to choose any chapter you want.

Beat the game three (3) times to view a secret cutscene, as well as unlocking Eternal Mode: which gives you Unlimited Health, Magic, Ammo and Sanity.
Skeleton Screen
At the main menu screen, choose "Options," and the picture of Alex will turn into a skeleton.
To get these to work for five and seven star spells you add power.

Select one of the colored runes first
Enchant item = Project+ Item.
Recovery= absorb+ self
Reveal invisible= Absorb+ area
Damage feild= protect+ area
Dispell magic= Dispell+ area
Summon trapper= Summon+ creature
Sheild= Protect+ self
Summon Zombie= Summon+ creature. Five star
Magic attack= Project+ area
Summon Horror= Summon+ creature. Seven star
Majic pool= summon+ area
Bind Creature= Protect+ creature

Those are the twelve spells.
The red rune is Chattur'gha. when applying it to a recovering speel, heals you. Enchant with this to more easily kill green colored horrors. You this to bind horror to destroy either blue or green horrors. With majic pool you will get the Red Chattur'gha sign above your head. It will give you life till it runs out. you this to dispell green damage feilds that prevent you from progress. You this to reveal invisible on green colored spells. That is the Red Chattur'gha.
Ulyaoth is the blue rune representing Magick. All same princibles remain except for magick pool. This gives you the Blue sign of Ulyaoth giving you magick. comes in handy. Another is Dispell magick. It will dispell red damage feilds.It will also reveal invisible red spells. When you use recovery with it, you will gain Magick. Last for the rune Ulyaoth is enchant. Use this to more easily destroy Red colored Beasts.
Now is the Green rune Xel'a'toth. Most principles still apply. Except a few. With magick pool, you will get the Green rune Xel'a'toth above your head, constently giving you sanaty. You this to dispell Blue damage fields. Reveal invisible Blue spells. When using the Green rune of Xel'a'toth, for recovery, you will gain sanity. You'll need it. Lastly, is enchant. Use this rune to More easily destroy Blue creatures.
The last rune is the Purple rune of Mantarok. Tjis is the best rune to use. It works on all damage fields and when using reveal invivible, you turn in visible for a short time. When using it for magick pool, you will get the Purple rune of Mantarok above your head and tou will gain all life, sanaty, and magick. Awsome. It works the same for recovery, you gain all three bars. To finish off with, when using it for enchantment, it destroys all blue, green, and red beasts. It is a big help throghout the whole game. Try them ou, they are killer.
View Credits
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Credits" option.