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An eternally guilty pleasure


Eternal Sonata is an RPG created by the stepchild of Tri-Ace known as Tri-Crescendo. Tri-Ace, for those who aren't completely sure of who they are, are RPG developers that are more interested in gameplay than stories. Just play a few rounds of any of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile games, and you'll see what I mean. I guess Tri-Crescendo are following in their steps, because Eternal Sonata plays reasonably well, and for good reason – because that's what keeps you going, even when the story starts to get stupid and annoying!

According to what I could comprehend, Chopin is in a coma, and t...


You can spend all the time you want on a battle system, but if your dungeons suck, you're doing it wrong


The Introduction:
You sigh and grow impatient over the years as you await the next Final Fantasy game, especially after such a rather mediocre entry in the series otherwise known as Final Fantasy XII. Meanwhile, the RPGs you get thrown at you, whilst entertaining in the short term, just don’t seem to have that same spark that you feel from the likes of Final Fantasies IV-X. Well, I could argue that Enchanted Arms is a good RPG, but I’ll save that for another week. For now, let us bathe in yet another entry into the foray that is the RPG genre, cast down from us by the joint effort of teams N...


Eternally Awesome JRPG


Haha, 360 loses another exclusive.
Ported from the 360 over to the PS3, Eternal Sonata manages to maintain the awesomess from the 360 version, and add a few big drops of awesomesacue to the PS3 version to make it worth your money if you have both. Now, the PS3 isn't that loaded with RPGs, and normally, an RPG fanatic wouldn't shell out money for a PS3, unless they happen to be into other sorts of games, and odds are, they aren't. However, with Eternal Sonata on the PS3, maybe things will change. Maybe... As far as I'm concerned, it should. It plays, looks and sounds like a title that should ...

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