Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360) Cheats

Eternal Sonata cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Raindrops (10)Chapter 1 Raindrops has been completed.
Revolution (10)Chapter 2 Revolution has been completed.
Fantaisie-Impromptu (10)Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu has been completed.
Grande Valse Brilliante (10)Chapter 4 Grande Valse Brilliante has been completed.
Nocturne (10)Chapter 5 Nocturne has been completed.
Tristesse (10)Chapter 6 Tristesse has been completed.
Heroic (10)Chapter 7 Heroic has been completed.
Heaven's Mirror (10)Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed.
Grand Finale (70)Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been completed with all characters remaining.
Unlocked Party Level 2 (10)Party Level 2 can now be selected.
Unlocked Party Level 3 (10)Party Level 3 can now be selected.
Unlocked Party Level 4 (10)Party Level 4 can now be selected.
Unlocked Party Level 5 (10)Party Level 5 can now be selected.
Unlocked Party Level 6 (20)Party Level 6 can now be selected.
Hero's Gate (30)The Hero's Gate has been opened.
Rondo's Return (50)Rondo has been defeated in Unison.
Claves's Resurrection (50)Unison has been completed and Claves has been resurrected.
Soul Released (79)The soul of Chord, the first mineral powder test subject, has been released.
Xylophone's Treasure (80)The hidden treasure in the secret room on the top floor of Xylophone Tower has been acquired.
Pirates' Treasure (80)The mystery behind the the pirates' treasure has been solved and the treasure has been acquired.
Score Piece Collector (100)All the score pieces scattered throughout the world have been collected.
EZI Worshipper (321)All the items related to EZI have been collected.


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EZI item effects
Well, I bet anybody who collected all of the EZI items in the game wondered what their affect was. Here is a list explaining what they do.

Rainbow EZI- Shining Body
Small EZI- nothing
Elite EZI- slow and stop status conditions
laughing EZI- passive
Swimming EZI- Stop
Chapel EZI- air body
Smiling EZI- poison
EZI pocketbook-regenerate HP
EZI pendant- reduces base HP
EZI handkerchief- slow
EZI scarf- raises speed stat
EZI certificate- poison, regenerate HP
EZI paddle- ATK. +32.1 (fake)
EZI bun- restores HP (small amount though)
EZI photo- inflicts Burst status on foe
EZI stringphone- inflicts damage and may cause status effect on foe
Weekly EZI Magazine- inflicts damage and may cause status effect on foe
EZI Egg- Causes damage to one of your characters
EZI Cracker- restores 1 HP.

About the status effects on the stringphone and magazine, I do not know, do not bother asking me. I am not sure if the bun heals a random amount of HP or not, it only restored about 300 HP for me.
New Game +
Complete the game, and after the credits, you will be prompted to save. Doing so will create a 'clear data'. Loading this will start a new game, with all obtained Score Pieces, Party Level 6, Piano Music, and the Hero's Crest. All enemies and bosses will also be stronger and tougher.