Eternal Eyes Cheats

Eternal Eyes cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Unlockable Characters
To evolve after the first Evolution, add the one(s) used to evolve last before adding the next. Ex. 1st evo: white 2nd evo: white, red 3rd evo: white, red, blue. The jewel used to evolve from the doll is an exception.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AliciaUse a white beast jewel. then add a pink. Add a pink and a yellow. add a pink, a yellow, and a white in that order. last add a pnk, a yellow, a white, and another white


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Evolution Tip
2nd evolution- lv 8
3rd evolution- lv 15
4th evolution- lv 30

if you cannot seem to find the combination of jewels, just use the last jewel you used before evolution. sorry if you don not understand my tip. i am not good in speaking in tagalog 'cause i am a filipino.
Quick Puppet Levels
Once you hit the second evolution stage, give them a Green Power Jewel. Use the healing magic freshly given to them to gain over 100 EXP per turn.
Tip for Jewel Hunters (CH 1-3)
(Chapter 1-3) if you are searching for jewels
just go to the lost forest and beat the monsters again and again. after the end of the battle, you may be able to see the jewels you are looking for in the chests. but if tried it too many times, you may not be able to get jewels but only protective gears and weapons


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Bonus Game
Finish the game once and select continue to start the game over with the same levels.
Hidden Introduction
Allow the game to remain at the opening screen when "Press Start" appears. An introduction sequence with background information about the story line will eventually start.
Unlock Elena
Finish the game once and Elena will join your party during the next game.