ESPN X Games Skateboarding (PS2) Cheats

ESPN X Games Skateboarding cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Bonus boards
Unlock hard mode, then play a level until you get all of the licenses for that level. For every level you do this, you will unlock an extra board.


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Get Tons Of Points In One Move
Ok, first max out your super move gauge. Than get on a half pipe and speed up. Try to go as fast as you can go. When you start to go higher in the air hold down R2 and than tap Triangle 2X fast and he will do a move. He will do his super move and spin at the same time increasing his score to about 15-20 thousand points. Make sure you land it or you wont get the points. This works with any skater and any board. My best score was 35000 points.
Alternative Arcade mode
To unlock the alternative mode, obtain all 36 licences and then press Circle at the stage selection screen.
Board Locations
Cartoon board
Win Gold five times in the Street Competition in X-Games mode to unlock the cartoon board, which makes different cartoon sound effects when you post, ollie, or land.

Horror Board
Win Gold five times in the Vert Competition in X-Games mode to unlock the horror board, which makes different sound effects when you post, ollie, or land.

Bob Burnquist's board in L.A.
Get to the mansion. The board is on top of the car.

Bob Burnquist's board in New York City
Go to the roof with billboards. Grind from billboard to billboard. Land on a truck then grind on the wires to the building. Grind on more wires ghen jump down to get the board.

Carlos de Andrade's board in Ruins
Go to the platform where a big quarterpipe with the arch on the left is located. Lip Grind the quarterpipe over the arch and continue grinding. Stop at the wall and drop down to get the board.

Chris Senn's board in New York
Go up the hallway (the way you get onto the billboards) to the next level. Then turn around and look down the hallway and the hidden board will be in the air. Wall Ride to get the board.

Chris Senn's board in San Francisco
From the start, go down the hill and take the first left turn. Go all the way down to the corner, where there is a group of extra bonus points and the fifth checkpoint. Do not grind to get them. Instead, go under the rail you grind on to find a house. The hidden board can be found on the left side of the house.

Collin McKay's board in Ruins
Go to the area with zombies on a high platform. Jump off of the platform towards the waterfall to get the board.

Rick's board in Museum
In the third room, go up the slope and grind the dinosaur to get the board.

Rick's board in Boat
Go to the first floor in the back of the boat on the grind rail.

Big Head, Hard Mode for Arcade:
Get all liscenses in the Normal and Arcade Mode. Then at the character select screen where skaters' sponsors and dress are shown, push and hold square and hit X. For Hard in Arcade Mode, go to the Level Select and press circle and the liscenses are harder to get.

Boards for all:
In Hard mode under Arcade once all licenses are completed for each board you get a special board that everyone can use.

Beat the arcade the first time through to unlock Hard mode. While in Hard complete all six licenses on the Ruins stage to unlock a hoverboard for all the skaters. The hoverboard has all stats maxed out.

Sound Effects Board : To get this awesome board simply get into another mode by getting all thirty six licenses in regular mode and once in get all licenses for the L.A. stage. After you exit and save it will say that you have recieved a new board. The special board will be on every characters select a board screen. This board when moving forward makes a sound similar to a chicken and when landing from an ollie it makes a sound like your board falling on a cat.

Switch To Different 3 Aliens And One Guy:
To switch into one of the aliens or the guy go to the character selection screen and hold R1, R2, L1, or L2 to get one of these different characters.

Big Head mode:
Get 30 licenses in arcade mode with any character, then press Square + X at the character selection screen.
Unlock All Stages
At the title screen, press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, L1, R1.