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This Game Should, Or Should Have, Held You Over From The Lockout.


ESPN NHL Hockey (Otherwise, 2K4) was the start of a revelation in the series that annihilated the competition that started in the Dreamcast days and ended when the system was no more. It featured unparalled graphics and extensive physics that was previously unmatched. Its gameplay was so deep and so lengthy that it will keep a fan busy for a few months, or a few years. ESPN NHL 2K5 came onto store shelfs with one goal in mind: to improve everything from ESPN NHL 2K4, and to add some new features as well. Isn't that always the goal for new additions of the same sports series? ESPN NHL 2K5, n...


Best Hockey Game Yet!

The good:

As usual, Wide vareity of teams to choose from. There are a handful of mini-games and great announcers. The graphics are good, as well. The controls are Grade A and the Audio is also top-notch.

The bad:

The AI can be a bit messed up at times, And the process to joining games in X-Box live is a bit...Screwy.


ESPN NHL 2K5 is the best Hockey game yet. Great controls, Audio, visuals and many mini-games to choose from. The fights are alright, and the AI could be better. The process of joining X-Box live games is a pain, as well. It has fine Multi-player, and even if Live is like that, it DOES still have it. You have all your favorite teams to choose from, and all of the current players on that team. All and all, if your a Hockey fan, and you want a greay Hockey game, pick up ESPN NHL 2K5.

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