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And it's Ginobili from the arc!


This installment in the series, adding to the rivalry between 2K games and EA Sports, already intensified by EA's purchase of the rights to NFL video games, the win in this year's battle goes to ESPN NBA 2K5.

With a fully-interactive 24/7 mode that places you as a baller starting out, with a emphasis on practice, practice, practice, to rise through the ranks of 24/7. Along the way, you engage in games such as Historic Mode (playing ballers from back in the day) and Bomb Ball Egg (each dribble ticks the bomb). Winning challenges and shutting down your opponent will unlock items you can use to...


In terms of basketball, it is the best game of this year.


I still remember way back when I first played NBA Jam for the Sega Genesis back in 1995. I was only five then, so I didn't know any better. The game was good, but it wasn't great because of the fact that it didn't have the basketball feel to it, and I was yearning for better. I later stumbled upon NBA Live 1998, and it still was an improvement, but lacked many features that were in its system. I have played every single basketball game that came out this year from the major companies. I still have yet to have a game that really blew my mind away, until I got my hands on the newest edition o...



The good:

Graphics - Very sleek and lifelike , superb animations and authentic licenses 9/10

Gameplay - Quite tactical but can be changed to suit the player , very lifelike dunks , passes and steals. 9/10

Game Modes - 24/7 mode allows the gamer to create him/herself and pursue the dream of playing in the NBA - it starts with the player gaining friends to eventually compete on centre stage , other modes include Assosiation (the NBA League) , there is also a healthy mix of street and court play and there is loads of unlockables 10/10

Sound - Fairly decent array of music - most ive never heard of in the game , should be more rock stuff to compete with the unoriginal rap songs 7/10

Lifespan - With a load of unlockables , such as bobbleheads and unlockable teams this will keep you going for ages. 9/10

Verdict - Get it - even if you are not a true fan of basketball

The bad:

Can be repetetive in the meaning of lay-ups and fantastic dunks are very rare , otherwise no horrendous bad points.


For £20 , you really cant go wrong in buying ESPN NBA 2K5 , the association and exciting 24/7 mode will keep you going for hours , but be warned ESPN games have been bought over by EA , so grab it while it is still available.

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