ESPN Baseball Tonight (SNES) Cheats

ESPN Baseball Tonight cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Fielding Throws
A + Down : Throw the ball to the base 1
A + Right : Throw the ball to the base 2
A + Up : Throw the ball to the base 3
A + Left : Throw the ball to the base 4
A + None : Throw the ball to the pitcher


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Steal home
The most fun play in the whole game can be executed with 100% success with just a little practice. If runners are on the corners (first and third), you can steal home EVERY time against the computer. Send the runner on first stealing, and a split-second later, press Y and Down to send the man on third toward home. The opposing second baseman will stand there holding the ball while the other man can take home at will! Make sure to send the runner from first back to his base about halfway up the basepath, or he'll be tagged out (don't turn too early, though, or the 2B will throw home).