Escape Velocity: Override

Escape Velocity: Override Cheats

Escape Velocity: Override cheats, Tips, and Codes for Mac.


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The forklift is guided much like a torpedo (and is just as slow), but it has an incredibly long range and does a lot of damage. Seven simultaneous forklifts will disable a Confed Cruiser! Five simultaneos will KILL a Rebel Cruiser. Anything less than a Kestral will be killed with only on eshot. Sometimes, small fighters are kind enough to collect together, one shot can kill them all.


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At the menu screen, hold option and click the logo.
The writers will be saying stupid stuff and taking credit in a wierd way. Anyway, at the last line (It'll have AD and some random numbers centered) hold down Command + Shift + Option + Control + F and when the word reaches the top of the screen it'll play the forklift song, which is an invincible weapon that can K.O almost any enemy.
While in the title screen press "x" and a dialog box will come up with various haiku poems about the EV series. This works with both EV and EV Override.