Eragon (DS) Cheats

Eragon cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Eragon cheat codes.


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getting your hp up
When you see a little floating vial of red stuff...Run into it! if you get 5 you get a dragon tooth, (3 dragon teeth to get your hp up)
you can also get dragon teeth by smasin things with magic. if you see a floating blue vial, do the same thing except this time it gets your magic up after 3 dragon scales. (the red ones are called ruby essence and the blue ones are called cobalt essence)
Long jump
Ok, you know how to roll. You know how to jump. If you want to long jumo. Do a roll, and while rolling, jump. You will not jump as high, but you will go farther. And, as a plus, for some reason, if you fall a long distance, you will not take any damage. If you want to take a shortcut and jump of a cliff to the exit of a stage, but know you will die when you land. Do a long jump, and you will not take any damage at all.


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Unlockable Mini-Games
These can be unlocked after viewing certain events during the storyline, or doing good in the dragon flight missions.

Mind Touch - After Eragon's first discussion with Saphira via drawing symbols on the touch screen
Dragon Rider Clash - Fly through a total of 30 rings during the dragon flight missions.