Episode I Racer review
From the big screen to your screen

The good:

Perfectly recreates the Podracing sequence from Episode 1. Excellent graphics & sound. Lots of tracks & racers to unlock. Multiplayer for 2 players.

The bad:



Hot on the heels of the Episode 1 movie, this game gives you the chance to be Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba, or one of many other podracers and take a few hot laps around the movie's track in the Boonta Classic.
First thing SW fans will notice is the excellent attention to detail, a signature feature of LucasArts titles. The tracks and machines look just like in the movie! You can even visit Watto's shop to upgrade your racer. This game is also extremely fast-Podracers can easily reach over 1000 MPH in a few seconds. Sound-wise, the effects are perfectly recreated and you'll also hear John Williams' soundtrack in the background; additionally you'll be able to taunt other racers in their native languages, which is fun to do as well. Controls are excellent and the upgrades you buy will reflect that in how your machine performs. In addition to racing against the CPU, there's also a 2 player option.
There's nothing to dislike, although controls at first are understandably tricky even for expert racers. But before too long you'll be podracing like a pro.
This is a must-have for Star Wars faithful, but anyone who likes a fast racing game will get plenty of mileage out of this one.

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