Episode I Racer Glitches

Getting over the fence
Yet another Executioner glitch, this requires you to use Mars Guo yet again. This is a very difficult glitch to perform, but to do it, play through normally until you're in the first anti-gravity tube. Towards the end, brake, and let the tube fly you out. Where you emerge is actually the same area with the bursts of fire coming out of the ground, but at the end. Now head for the left-hand corner between the tunnel entrance and the wall. Hold down the D button, and keep a finger on Enter. Keep on working your way up, and if you get over the tunnel, holding D will allow you to hug the wall. On the wall, work your way up, and you should be over the fence. Explore as much as you like, but if you keep going, you'll fall through into an abyss. While falling, you should see a messed up graphic.