Episode I Racer Easter eggs

Completing The Gauntlet in under 1:15
On The Gauntlet, it's possible to complete the course under 1:15 via a glitch. To do it, once again, you need Mars Guo, and then you have to upgrade him fully.
Now head onto The Gauntlet and play through normally until you get to the unshielded surface (the one with the fire coming out of the ground). Now head straight for the large rock wall, turn around, and hold D so that you are racing along the wall. Keep holding left to climb the wall, but don't launch yourself off the wall until it meets the fence that connects to this wall. If you do, you'll have to start again.
When you go beyond the fence, fly off and start heading right, and you'll see a straightaway below you. However, there is an invisible wall on the right. If you crash into it, you'll have to start all over again, so ensure you land on the left-hand side. Where you've actually landed is the tunnel that leads up to the anti-gravity tube. If you keep going, you'll find the graphics are messed up but ignore that and finish the lap to post a really impressive time of at least under 1:15.
Keep on repeating this, and you'll end up getting an overall time of at most 3:45.