Episode I Racer (N64) Cheats

Episode I Racer cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Episode I Racer cheat codes.

Command codes

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All The Cheats
In tournament mode, select an empty file. While holding Z, enter your name as RRTANGENT by pressing L while still holding Z. Then highlight end and press L. Then press B. Then select the same file again while still holding Z. Enter your name as ABACUS by pressing L again. Then highlight end and press L. It should say OK in the bottom left hand corner. Then highlight A and press A. Then highlight end and press A. Then you can select any file and any track and start the race. Then pause the game and press on the control pad: UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP then go on main menu and press right C.


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ever notice those bluish tunnels in the space levels that you fly in? well maybe your familiar with the phenonomen of flying a little ways out, mmm? Well, you can't go backwards in those things up to a certian extent.

If you brake and hold you will still progress.

Soooo...I tried to hold down "up" on my control stick, held down b and unplugged.


If you hit ceiling, simply go left or right on control stick to go down.

This is really funny in multiplayer where you can see each others pod high above, flying.
Short cut on Ando Prime
When you arrive at the red and yellow striped huts, turn left at in the 3rd hut and you will see a hole there. Go into that and you'll get ahead of the other racers.

Note: This hole will appear by the second lap.
Tips for races-Dethro's Revenge
1. at the beginning, you will be at the part where you are on the top layer of a double-decker tunnel. fall to the bottom. it is easier.

2. instead of going around all those big towers, slip in between the center circle and the tower to the right of it. it is a great shorcut.

3. miss the tunnel in the big open area, and instead go around it and in between the two structures.

Easter eggs

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Racer taunts
This is a really cool feature that occurs just before the start of a race. To access it, hold down the Z button while you select "Start Race" and you'll see a brief intermission of you and the track favourite squaring off against each other just before the start of a race. However, this will not work if you are the track favourite.