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You are tasked to eliminate the human race. Destroy humanity with your virus.

Epidemic is a fun and fast-paced strategy game where you are tasked to eliminate the world population with a deadly virus.

Drag the status drawer from the top to fast forward your destruction, and watch the chaos unfold from a real-time news feed.

Based on the smash-hit flash game "Pandemic", this app brings the endless fun of viral outbreaks straight to your phone.

  • Read about your virus in real-time as the news ticker above documents the destruction of the human race.
  • Laugh as governments panic, and begin to shut down their harbors, airports and borders.
  • Destroy every hospital on the planet long before the vaccine can be finished.
  • Create a zombie invasion by adding Skin Decay as well as Insanity to your victims to further the destruction of the planet.
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Release Dates
  • North America: Jun 6, 2012