EOE: Eve of Extinction Cheats

EOE: Eve of Extinction cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Defeating Vixen
When you fight Vixen it may be hard to defeat her. But, to cause some good damage here is a tip. First get up close and corner her so that she is facing a corner. Next get close behind her so it will be hard for her to escape. Then start attacking. Vixen will get away eventually, but at least you did some damage. You can do this again and again.
Defeating Zera
When fighting against Zera for the second time, it's possible to keep track of her location when she replicates by holding the L2. Also, if your crossbow is at level 3 or higher, you have a chance of hitting her for some dcent damage.
getting your weapons at max lvl
once u have completed the game u will recieve ur weapons at the same lvl u left them any problems email me at sanprice2356'aol.com
Spiral Lighting
When playing the last level (Wisdom Headquarters) and fighting against Alga (human form), he uses different kinds of Legacy Drives. Once he uses the lightning shower (Rod's Legacy Drive) use the Katar's Legacy Drive (Waterbridge). When you hit the lightning at the same time he uses the Lighning Shower, you will see an explosion of spirals of lightning, and the power of the lightning shower will stike Alga instead and will do major damage to his health.


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Secret Weapon
Defeat the game in any difficult setting. After the credits are done save the game the reload. You should have a new double dagger weapon along with your two oringinal weapons (sword & rod). This only works if you save the game after the credits.
Unlock New Modes
To unlock Survival and 3 Minute Attack Mode, beat the game on any difficulty setting.