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Endless Ocean Blue World cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for Wii.


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Legendary Creatures
These are the 'Legendary' creatures you can find in the game. Their entries are located in the far back of the marine encyclopedia.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Ice CupidB2 in the North Coast of Canada. Found in zoom mode on the edge of the ice (bring Oceane.)
Ailorous PearlB3 NE in Valka Castle. Found in zoom mode infront of the throne (bring Oceane.)
Grave Keeper (Special Request)C4 NW in the Twin Caves of the Zahhab Region Depths. (Bring Oceane.) Focus on a giant isopod and you'll hear a noise. Investigate to locate the Grave Keeper.
GungnirG1 - H1 in Ciceros Strait. (Bring Hayako to observe his path of travel, he's too fast to swim after.)
Phantom (Special Request)B3 NE - D2 SW in Valka Castle at night. (Bring Oceane.)
ApolloB3 NW in Deep Hole at night.
Divine GiftC1 - E1 in Ciceros Strait. Watch out for the sharks.
Golden Catfish (Special Request)B3 NW in Cortica River Upstream after finding the Servant's ring. Focus on the catfish to give it the ring, and when you return it will be gold.
Paoul Crocodile (Special Request)G8 in Gatama Atoll. First, look through the telescope every night until you're told there is a full moon. Sleep until sunrise and look again. Follow from there.
King Gigide (Special Request)C1 SW - D2 NE in Cortica River Upstream after having the Caiman Relic.
Mama Cortica (Special Request)A4 NE in Cortica River Midstream while raining. You must follow "Be The Best Trainer" in order to access this area.
Arthur (Special Request)B2 SE in Iceberg Cavern after completion of the main story. Follow the request.
Snowy (Special Request)A4 SW in Weddell Sea during a snow storm after completing "Fragments of Memory." Talk to Hayako.
Big Bobby (Special Request)A4 SW in Weddell Sea.
Kraken Jr.A3 SE - B3 SE in Cavern of the Gods the second time. Good luck re-opening this place!
EmperorB2 SW in Cavern of the Gods the second time. Good luck re-opening this place!
Cocoa Maharaja (Special Request)E4, D5 & E5 in Gatama Atoll. (First, pet the dog when its by the fire.)
ThanatosH6 - H7 in Ciceros Strait. Seen several times throughout the main story. Make sure to get his encyclopedia entry early, you might have trouble doing so later.
Black HarbingerC6 to D7 in Gatama Atoll during a new moon.
LeviathanF4 to F7 in Zahhab Region.
White Mother (Special Request)No particular place in the North Coast of Canada, hard to miss an enormous white whale though. The whale ornament will wash up on the beach behind the campfire on Nineball Island.
Singing DragonC2 NE - C3 SE in Cavern of the Gods both times.
Okeanos' GuardianB2 SW - B3 NW in Cavern of the Gods both times, the second at night. The first time, incredibly hard to miss. Its appearance doesn't help.
Anomalocaris (Quest)B2 NE to C2 NW in Valka Castle. Must complete Solar System & Voice of the NIght Sky.
Cameroceras (Quest)H8 in Zahhab Region (bring Oceana.) Must complete Signs of the Zodiac & Voice of the Night Sky
Sea Serpent (Quest)South of F8 in Ciceros Strait. Found during Dark Shadow, part 6 of the Young Entrepreneur quest.