The Emperor's New Groove review
Almost perfect, but just a bit off...

The good:

I loved the graphics of this game, and the plot was okay. There was a fair amount of levels, and that is part of why I rated it so high. It requires a decent amount of strategy and timing, and the Emporer's remarks are rude, but funny. The other chracters lined up quite well with the movie, and the movie clips before some of the levels were well chosen.

The bad:

Nothing, though I do admit that it was not exactly perfect.


I think it was at a unreasonable price (in a good way). This game is rare, however(being released with the movie way back in 2001), so I do not know the real price. However, if you are interested, and wish to buy it now, it is quite cheap.

The game had a very good balance of various challenges. Each chapter was unique in its own way, regarding skills and how you play it out.

Once you get use to the controls and can operate well at ease, you will be able to slide through it.

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