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The Emperor's New Groove


This is one of the better action titles that Disney has come up with over the years. The graphics quality is reasonable for a game nearly four years old. I enjoyed the movie compared to other disney products as weell, so that might have contributed to my high rating. You are emporer/llama Kuzco, and much travel through 30 different levels to get bavck to the palace, where the evil scientist Yzma and her Henchman Krunk begin to take the throne, assuming you are dead. The gameplay effects are good, as well. You go trhough several races. You change into a frog and a turtle multiple times...


Worst. Game. Ever.

The good:

I don't have to play it anymore.

The bad:

Name any part of the game and you have an idea.


This is the WORST game I have played since the Fantastic Four on the PSX.

They are horrible blocky graphics, the characters move weird too. Hell, Sonic 3D Blast looks better than this game. Now you have an idea.

SOUND: 2.5/5
Well there better than the graphics, but that's about it. Horrible sound that repeats itself over and over again. Bad.

CONTROL: 1.5/5
Bad. Unresponsive. Period

OVERALL: 0.1/5
I know that this isn't an average, but that is my overall impression with the game. I thought it was a bad game to begin with, but I might have gave it a 3 if the game didn't have an average...


Almost perfect, but just a bit off...

The good:

I loved the graphics of this game, and the plot was okay. There was a fair amount of levels, and that is part of why I rated it so high. It requires a decent amount of strategy and timing, and the Emporer's remarks are rude, but funny. The other chracters lined up quite well with the movie, and the movie clips before some of the levels were well chosen.

The bad:

Nothing, though I do admit that it was not exactly perfect.


I think it was at a unreasonable price (in a good way). This game is rare, however(being released with the movie way back in 2001), so I do not know the real price. However, if you are interested, and wish to buy it now, it is quite cheap.

The game had a very good balance of various challenges. Each chapter was unique in its own way, regarding skills and how you play it out.

Once you get use to the controls and can operate well at ease, you will be able to slide through it.


The Greatest Video Game Ever!!


After seeing the movie, in which now is my favorite movie, I want to play this game. The game was really fun and I wish there is a second game like this one. The grafics were great. The music was great. The game was not too easy and it is kind of difficult but I still like. Who says it's for babies, as a matter of fact, I am 16 years old and I love it so much. The game contains many levels and it takes a long time to do it. This helps make it fun. Another thing is that it was very funny and that makes me want to play it longer. Another thing is that it follows a little bit different from th...



The good:

I liked this game so much! If you buy this game, you should print out all of the Groove Llama's information. It makes the game so much more fun!

The bad:

This game is challenging at first.


We played this game for almost two months - maybe three months! straight, and never got bored with it. Especially because we had so much fun getting help from the Groove Llama. He's just as much of a smarty pants as Kuzko! I don't know how anybody plays this game without his help.

When we finally finished it, we screamed! But then we were sad. Because we miss it. Kuzco is a real smarty pants! He made us laugh. Like: "You and that bird are going to become endangered species!" he said to the crazy bird man.

So go out and buy this game and bathe in the majesty that is the Emperor!


The Emperor's New Groove Action Game

The good:

Kids love it... almost too much

The bad:

Apparently doesn't run on Windows 2000. Is there a patch available.


Got this one for the kids on return from a business trip. They've spent hours & hours playing the game. After completing all the levels, they still love to go back and re-play levels over and over. Move over Sonic!!!

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