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[edit] Background

The battle for Dune finally gets the 3D facelift from Westwood Studios. Emperor: Battle for Dune lets you choose from 3 unique sides (Altreides, Harkonnen, or Ordos) and ally with 5 subgroups, to begin a quest to seize the Imperial Throne. Journey through 5 gameworlds by plotting large-scale strategic advances on planetary maps, then participate in ground and air assaults in real time 3D. Now you can ride the Sandworms!

[edit] Features

  • Command one of 3 unique sides - select your best hope - the noble Atreides, the evil Harkonnen or the insidious Ordos - to seize the Imperial Throne.
  • Build alliances with 5 distinct subgroups - join with any of 5 powerful subgroups to gain access to bizarre new technologies and units.
  • Explore strange distant worlds - will you do battle on the oceanic paradise of Caladan, the industrial wasteland of Geidi Prime, or the icy planet of Draconis 4?
  • Control diverse units - from the towering Kobra cannon to the hulking Minotaurus tank, you'll have no shortage of unique units from each side.
  • Many units have dual modes for attack or defense - choose which mode fits your tactics.
  • Make large-scale strategic advances - plot out your course to victory on the planetary campaign map.
  • Evaluate your battleplan and decide which individual territories to invade - or retreat from.
  • Choose your ground-level tactics - after entering hostile territory, use your wits and weaponry to achieve your objectives.
  • Manage your resources wisely and build up a lethal ground and air assault.
  • Experience the epic Dune universe in 3D - plunge into one of the greatest science fiction sagas of all time - in full 3D.
  • Take part in Dune's political intrigue, social upheaval and all-out warfare. Even ride the legendary Sandworms!
  • Wage war online - take on human opponents on our free service Westwood Online or set up an instant action battle against the computer.
  • Team up with a friend to attack different territories in a cooperative campaign to rule the universe.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pentium II 400 MHz
Windows 95/98/ME/2000
DirectX 7.0
16 MB DirectX-compliant video card
DirectX-compliant sound card
4x CD-ROM drive
600 MB hard-disk space

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Emperor: Battle for Dune Ships

Westwood's first 3D real time strategy title hits store shelves this week

Jun 13, 2001, by Leo Chan | 0 comments

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Dancing Banana
Jul 24, 02 9:45pm

this is a very good RTS game. its fun addicting and has lots of different sides to...

May 19, 02 2:10am

I'd love to say this game rocks, really i would. i played dune 3 times dune2 i played...

Aug 19, 01 1:35am

Ok, so it didn't make it into the pc gamer UK top 100 of all time, but this game is...

Jul 29, 01 10:03pm

This game is just a whole lot of fun its soo different everytime you play it and with...

Jun 28, 01 10:06pm

This is the biggest let down of the year and confirms for me that since westwood got...

Jun 23, 01 9:15am

If you liked Dune 2000 at all, the graphics of this one will win you over instantly....

Jun 22, 01 5:39pm

Emperor: Battle for Dune was everything I hoped it would be, and then some. The map...

Jun 16, 01 11:06am

If you're planning on spending so much as 10 USD for a bootleg copy of this game, its...

Jun 15, 01 12:12am

Well worth any amount of money, the Dune name truly lives up to it's legacy.

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