ElectroPlankton Cheats

ElectroPlankton cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for DS.


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if you keep the stylus pressed on the touch screen it produces bubbles!!!
In the Hanenbow mode, if you get all the leaves on the plant to turn red it will sprout flowers!
Spinning Arrows
While playing Luminaria, hold down your stylus on an arrow for a while to make it continually spin, thus greatly varying your path for the Luminaria.


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odd noise in hannenbow
on the second stage of hannenbow, you can get an odd noise to play if you line the leaves up in this way;
shooter leaf: 118 degrees
Bottom leaf: 132 degrees
second leaf up: 47 degrees
third leaf up: 26 degrees
third leaf down: 270 degrees
second leaf down: 40 degrees
top leaf: 90 degrees