The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion review
King of the RPGs?

The good:

Huge World
Spell Creation

The bad:

Oblivion Gates
Voice Acting
Falls short of Morrowind over all
Repetitive combat


Oblivion has long been touted as the best Xbox 360 rpg and it deserves that. Even in this somewhat empty market Oblivion has gone above and beyond to craft a unique and memorable experience. However it has also been called by some the best RPG ever. Does it deserve this title?

In a word no. Oblivion is not the best role playing game ever made. It is however one hell of a game and I reccomend it to anybody who owns a 360. Enough blabbering though lets get on to the review.

You start out in a prison cell, in jail for a crime we never learn the nature of. The emperor is being hunted by assassins. His escape route happens to go through that very cell, so it's your lucky day. After witnessing his death your out to do... well whatever the hell you want.

Completing the main quest or becoming a master thief the choice is entirerly up to you. The pure amount of choice you have in this game is astounding. The game draws you in with it's insane amount of quests. On a note however the voice acting is very bland and makes things such as someones husband being murdered come off as not a big deal.

Some of the best moments come from stumbling upon a dungeon to test your new spell on, or becoming the grand champion in the imperial cities arena. The sheer volume of things to do boggles the mind, and you always feel like there's something new to do somewhere else. And there is a lot of somewhere elses, this game is huge.

You think you'd get lost going from place to place. Unfortunatley (in my opinion) the games compass and fast travel always keep you on track. Why many people will see this as a bonus, but I see it as handholding. one of my favorite things about Morrowind was using the signpoles to figure out where your going. I would usually end up lost and find a new exciting place to spend a few hours before getting back on track. I remember it taking me many days of playing before I found the bladesmaster in Morrowind.

The towns in oblivion are also pretty generic where as Morrowind had some pretty interesting locations. But the worst part of the games are the oblivion gates. Every one is practically the same exact layout where you have to do the same exact thing to close them.

The game has several smaller annoyances to such as Vampirism. It's just not fun to play as one. Speaking of vampirism it can be very annoying trying to cure it. I remember looking for hours searching for a shop that had a cure disease potion so I wouldnt turn into one of those god awful things.

Combat is also rather bland, as it's basically just pressing right trigger untill the thing your facing dies, occasionly using a spell or a potion to heal. There are also signifigantly less weapons than in morrowind.

The controls in general though are very user friendly and very fun to use. You wont have any problem raiding a dungeon looking for a better weapon.

I have my complaints with it but all in all it's a very fun addictive game. If you havent yet picked it up I suggest you do as it's just a whole lot of fun. Many people may not agree with me but I feel it's a fair review of the game. Once again it's not the holy grail of RPGS but it is a good way to get immersed in another world.

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