The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Dark Brotherhood Guide v1.1
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: : : : The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Dark Brotherhood Guide

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Dark Brotherhood Guide

by Cerbius666   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Dark Brotherhood Questline. 

Version 1.11

Into: This is my first ever walkthrough, the game just inspired me to write 
one, so any constructive critisism will be greatly received. I am currently 
in the middle of doing a walkthrough for all factions and the main questline, 
so watch out for more from me. If you find any mistakes then e-mail me and I 
will put them right, I will accredit you for them. Also the amounts/types of 
enemies are linked to your current level, as are the treasures found, so they 
will most probably vary. When I finished the last mission I was on level 16 so 
these are only a rough guide. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did, and 
that you find this walkthrough helpful. If not contact me and I will try to 
explain it more for you.

My e-mail address is

There is a find function that you can use if you press Ctrl F and use the code 
on the right of the table of content. So if you want the Bad Medicine quest 
then type in the code Db09 and it will wizz you straight to it.

1.  Entry in to the Dark brotherhood                                 DB01
2.  Initiation: A knife in the Dark                                  DB02
3.  A Watery Grave                                                   DB03
4.  Accidents Happen                                                 DB04
5.  Scheduled for Execution                                          DB05
6.  The Assassinated Man                                             DB06
7.  The Lonely Wanderer                                              DB07
8.  The Renogade Shadowscale                                         DB08
9.  Bad Medicine                                                     DB09
10. Whodunnit?                                                       DB10
11. Perminate Retiremnet                                             DB11
12. Of Shadows and Secrets                                           DB12
13. Purification                                                     DB13       
14. Affairs of a Wizard                                              DB14
15. Next of Kin                                                      DB15
16. Broken Vows                                                      DB16
17. Final Justice                                                    DB17
18. A Matter of Honour                                               DB18
19. The Coldest Sleep                                                DB19
20. A Kiss Before Dying                                              DB20
21. Following A Lead                                                 DB21
22. Legal Notice

1. Entry to the Dark Brotherhood                                     DB01

Murder someone, it has to ba a cold blooded murder, so useually it is someone 
who does not attcak you on sight, try to find someone out of a city. There are 
a few quests that you can do to do this without having to worry about a bounty. 
These are the quests that I have found so far:

The Siren's Deception, you get this quest by asking about rumours in Anvil. The
wemen will actually attack you first, so I don'tknow why this counts.
Origin of The Gray Prince, you get this quest by joining the Arenea and talking
to the Gray Prince, who is the Arena Grand Champion. YOu have to talk to The 
Gray Prince before you reach the rank of Champion to get this quest. When you 
fight him in the Arena he will run at you, sheathe his sword and beg you to 
kill him. Thus giving you a cold blooded murder.

When you have, then you should get a message that someone has been watching 
you. Sleep as soon as possible and you will be contacted by Lucien Lahance who 
is a speaker in the Dark Brotherhood. He will offer you a chance to join the 
brotherhood, but you have to perform a hit for him.

2. Initiation, A knife in the Dark.                                  DB02

Item's Required: None

Rewards: Shroud Armour, Shroud Hood (Fortify Sneak, Blade, Marksman, Illusion 
         and Acrobatics 10 points).

You have to travel to the Inn of Ill Omen which is to the south of the Imperial 
City half way to Bravil to kill a man called Rufio. He will also give you the 
Blade of  Woe which is a dagger that you should try to use for all your Dark 
Brotherhood contracts. Fast travel to Bravil and follow the road, at the 
beginning of the road you will see a cylindrical ruin that is a wayshrine to
Zenithar run over to it and activate it to receive a +10 bonus to your luck,  
just  before you get to the Inn there is another shrine on the right to Tiber 
Septim that gives you +10 strength bonus. You can activate these in the 
churches in the city's once you have visited the shrines, they are little 
font's around the edges of the inside of the church.

When you arrive at the Inn talk to the Innkeeper and he will tell you that 
Rufio is staying in the Inn, if you talk to him somemore about Rufio he will 
tell you to use the hatch under the stairs to go and see him. Press select and 
wait around until about 3 a.m, press the sneak button and enter the hatch. Take
off your boots if your sneak skill isn't that high and creep down the corridor. 
Creep  up to Rufio and stab him with the blade of woe this should kill him in 
one hit. Sleep in the bed next door and Lucien will visit you again and welcome 
you to the family and tell you to go to Cheydinhal, to the abandoned house, and
open the door in the basement with the password that Lucien gave you.

Fast travel to Cheydinhal and go to the abandoned house. Go in to the basement 
to the illuminated door and speak the password, talk to Orcheeva who will tell 
you to go and speak with Vicente Valtieri who will now give you your contracts.
She will also give you the Shroud Hood and Armour, which fortifys Sneak,
Illusion, Marksman, Blade and Acrobatics by +10, when both are worn. Light 
Armour that only weighs 2.5lbs together. 

Go straight ahead and down the stairs to meet Vicente who will give you your 

3. A Watery Grave                                                    DB03

Item's Required: Lockpicks 

Rewards: Black Band (Fortifys Light Armour and Security 3 points and resist 
         magic 3%)

You will have to travel to the Waterfront and kill the Captain of the Pirate 
Ship. It is the one on the right surrounded by Pirates. Go past the gangplank 
and you will be offered a chance to sneak aboard in a crate.

Pick no, Jump on top of the wall that is above the crate and look at the back 
of the ship. There is a balcony there with a door with a very hard lock to
pick. Pick this and  you will end up in the Captain's quarters.

There is a Nirnroot on the table in front of you. Sneak up on the Captain and 
attack him . If you do not kill him outright the fight will draw the attention 
of the nearby Pirates and they will try to bash the door in. Quickly kill the 
Captain and go out the way you came in. If you can do this fast enough, you 
can be out before the Pirates break through the door.

You can always come back to loot this at a later date. Jump into the sea and 
swim to your right, if the Pirates are chasing you run into the Imperial City 
and the guards will help you out.

Return to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and tell Vicente that the contract has been 
completed and he will give you The Black Band which fortifys your Light Armour 
and Security by 3 points and Resists Magic 3%.

You can now get your next contract from Vicente.

4. Accidents Happen.                                                 DB04

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Rewards: Reward: 50 gold. 
         Bonus: Sufferthorn(Drain Strength 3 points and Damage Health 5 points)

Vicente will ask you to stage an accident, you have to kill a Wood Elf called 
Baenlin, who lives in Bruma.  You get a bonus if you make it look like an 
accident. You have to drop a Moose Head on him. Baelin has a butler called 
Gromm, who is a Nord with a big Axe. Baelin sits under the Moose Head between 
8p.m and 11p.m. You cannot kill Gromm if you are going to get the bonus, and 
you HAVE to kill Baelin with the Moose Head. 

Travel to Bruma East Gate, Baelin's house is 2nd on the right. Wait until 
3a.m and then pick the lock when no-one is watching. As soon as you are in 
sneak up the stairs, which are to the right of the door. Once upstairs,  
go into the bedroom in front of you, there is a Nirnroot on the drawers in 
front of you. Turn around and go through the door next to the stairs. Gromm 
will be asleep on the bed. Sneak round the bed and you will see a desk in front 
of you. There is a secret door to the right of this desk, enter it and close 
it behind you. Wait until 9p.m, there is a wall at the end of this space with 
an X made out of wood. Activate the Mounted Head Fastenings, to kill Baenlin.

Time to sneak back outside. As with the last quest you can collect the items 
later, so just head down the stairs. Gromm will be looking at the corpse of 
his former boss, so sneak around the wall VERY slowly. 

Return to Cheydinhal and speak with Vicente and he will give you the 
Sufferthorn Dager and promote you to Slayer. If you do not kill Baenlin in 
the required manner or kill Gromm then you will receive 50 gold, but you 
will still receive your promotion.

5.Scheduled For Execution.                                           DB05

Items Required: Potion/Scroll of Invisibility, Lockpicks, Night Eye spell

Rewards: Reward: 100 gold. 
         Bonus: Scales of Pitless Justice (Fortify Strength, Agility and 
                Intelligence 2 points Drain Personality 2 points.

Remember that Kajiit who was calling you Scum in the beginning, well you get 
to kill him now. Vicente will ask you to sneak back into the Imperial Sewers 
and kill Dreth. You will have to go through a Locked Grate to reach Dreth and 
Vicente gives you the key. You will receive a bonus if you do not kill any 

Make sure you have at least 1 potion of Invisibility, or a spell and head for 
the Imperial City Sewers, they are North-East of the Imperial City Prison. 
Enter the Locked Grate.

Once inside head for the door at the end of the tunnel, there is a mudcrab 
and a rat to deal with here. Go back to the tunnel on your right and head for 
the door at the end. Through the door there is a rat, a mudcrab and a couple 
of chests to plunder. At the end of the tunnel you will find yourself in a big 
room with a channel running down the middle, there is a mudcrab in the water, 
jump in the water, kill the crab and head North-East. There will be a mudcrab 
ahead of you in the water, jump up to your left and there will be a rat in the 
dark tunnel. You will find yourself in another room with a channel running 
down it, there are two mudcrabs in here. Jump over the channel and pick the 
Hard lock of the gate in front of you. Head up the tunnel and enter the door.

Head down the slope and over the causeway in the middle, the water contains a 
few slaughterfish but nothing of interest. Open the gate and proceed down the 
corridor. There are two mudcrabs in the water and a rat on your side of the 
channel, take the tunnel to your right and up the stairs, pick the lock on the 
ladder and head up.

ONCE AT THE TOP STAY STILL you will hear two guards talking about the death 
of the Emporer, if you have an Invisibility potion take it now and sneak past, 
if not then wait for the guards to stop talking, one of them will leave and 
the other one will move away as well leaving you a clear path, take the door 
straight ahead of you and head into the shadows on your right. on the big 
platform there is the guard that was talking earlier, he won't be here if you 
sneaked past using an Invisibility potion, wait until his back is turned and 
sneak up the right hand side, then wait for him to turn around and walk back a 
bit and then jump up on the platform and sneak up the stairs, head through 
the door at the top.

Through the door is a big room with a lot of shadows to utilise, take a 
right, there is a guard patrolling this area with a torch, so be careful, 
while he has his back turned, if you have a high sneak skill then try and 
pickpocket the key from him, run up the tunnel to the South-East. Through the 
tunnel you will find yourself in a room with a chair, head straight through 
here and through the tunnel at the other side. Once you go up the set of 
stairs follow the wall in front of you round to the right, you will find a 
door, go through not forgetting to close it on your way through, open the 
next door. There is no-one patrolling this well lit area so head through 
quickly and go up the stairs and through the door.

There is no one patrolling this area so head up the steps and down the 
tunnel, up the steps and to the right. There is a hole in the wall, go up the 
slope and back into the cell where it all began. You hear a guard talking to 
your target. wait until he has finished talking and draw your bow. Open the 
gate to the cell you are in. You can kill Dreth by shooting him through his 
cell door. 

If you managed to pickpocket the key run up the stairs to your right and 
through the door. If not then you have to sneak back the way you came.

Once outside head for the Cheydinhal Sanctuary and talk to Vicente. If you 
killed a guard then he will give you 100 gold. If you didn't kill any guards 
then he will give you The Scales of Pitless Justice, which fortifys Strength, 
Agility and Intelligence by two points but drains Personality by two points 
as well, and 100 gold.

6.The Assassinated Man.                                              DB06

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Rewards: Reward: Key to the well round the back of the Abandoned House 
         Bonus: Cruelty's Heart (Fortify Willpower and Strength 3 points), 
Vicente asks you to travel to Chorrel and break into Francois Motierre's house 
and stage a murder with a Langourwine Blade. He also gives you an antidote to 
revive Francois with.

Head to Chorrel and wait until around 3 a.m and pick the lock to the door when 
no one is looking. Talk to Francois to find out exactly how this is going to 
work and then wait for the Enforcer to enter the room. Attack Francois with the 
Langourwine blade and then leave the house. Run out of town, if you want to you 
can wait 24 hours or come back later.

After 24 hours go and revive Francois in the Chapel Undercroft with the potion 
that Vicente gave you. Once Francois is awake you will be attacked by a Zombie 
after it is dead talk to Francois and tell him to wait there as he can actually 
die whilst doing this mission. Go up the stairs and kill the two Zombies in 
here. When they are dead go and get Francois to follow you out of the Chapel.

Head over to the Grey Mare and talk to Francois, he will thank you. Head 
outside and travel to Cheydinhal and talk to Vicente. If Francois died then you 
get nothing, if he lived then you will receive Cruelty's Heart a Necklace that 
fortifys your Willpower and Strength by 3 points. He will also promote you to 
Eliminator and give you the key to the well at the back of the abandoned house. 
Talk to Vicente about contracts and he will tell you that you report to 
Orcheeva now.

7. The Lonely Wanderer.                                              DB07

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Rewards: Reward 100 gold. 
         Bonus: Shadowhunt Bow (Turn Undead 7 points, Damage Health and Magika 
                7 points)

Orcheeva will ask you to travel to the Imperial City and kill a person High 
Elf called Faelin, you are given very little information. 

Travel to the Imperial City and talk to any High Elf that you can find and ask 
about Faelin they will tell you that he lives in the Tiber Septim Hotel. Travel 
to the Talos plaza District and go into the Tiber Septim Hotel, talk to the 
receptionist and ask her about Faelin you will most probably have to charm her 
a bit but eventually she will tell you.She says that Faelin is a skooma addict 
and that he lives there with his missus and comes back every night for a 
couple of hours to see her.

Go upstairs and open the first door on you right, if Faelin is in here 
DO NOT KILL HIM as you will loose your bonus, but you can try to pickpocket 
Lorkus's key off him. If he is not in here then talk to Atrena and after a 
little persuasion she will tell you that Faelin hangs out in Lorkus's House in 
The Elven Gardens. 

When you are inside Lorkus's house stand by the basement door and wait in two 
hour intervals, creep round the corner each time to see if Faelin is in there, 
if he is in sneak up behind him and kill him. Return to the Cheydinhal 

Talk to Orcheeva, if you kill Faelin in a public place then you wil loose your 
bonus and receive 100 gold, but if you killed Faelin in Lorkus's house then 
you will receive The Shadowhunt Bow (which does Turn undead 7 points, Damage 
Health 7 points, Damage Magika 7 points, Weakness to poison 7%) and 100 gold.

Talk to Teinvaava and he will give you a quest called The Renegade Shadowscale 
this has no bearing on your Dark Brotherhood status, so you do not have to do 
this but you get a reward.


8. The Renegade Shadowscale.                                         DB08

Item's Required; None

Rewards: Boots of Bloody Binding (Forify Acrobatics and Blade 8 points)

This is Teinevaa's side quest and has no standing on your Dark Brotherood 

Travel to Bogwater camp, it is South-East of Leyawiin, right at the very bottom 
of the map. When you can see the fire at the campsite then sneak around the 
back of the camp. Scar-Tail is usually always looking North sneak up behind him 
and kill him, take his heart from his inventory and travel to Cheydinhal and 
speak to Teineaava and give him the heart.

Teinevaa will give you the Boots of Bloody Bounding that will fortify your 
Acrobatics and Blade by 8 points

9. Bad Medicine.                                                     DB09

Item's Required: Lockpicks, Night Eye Spell

Rewards: Reward 200 gold. 
         Bonus: The Deceivers Finery (Fortify Personality and Speechcraft 8 

Orcheeva will ask you to go to Fort Sutch and poison Roderick, who is the 
leader of a band of mercinaries. You cannot be detected throughout this mission 
as your bonus will be forfeited. Fort Sutch is located North of Anvil.

Travel to the Briena Cross Inn if it is on your map and walk to Fort Sutch. 
When you get there the door is in the tunnel in the wall of the Fort.

Once you enter the door, there is a gate on your right with a lock to pick, 
go down the tunnel up the stairs and pick another lock. There is a guard 
patrolling this area and you will hear two guards talking about Roderick's 
illness, creep around the shadows to your right, past two locked gates that 
need a key and through the archway to your right. Up the stairs and through 
the tunnel on your right. Take the second tunnel on the left and then creep 
all the way to the end. The cabinet in the room in front of you is the one 
that contains Roderick's medicine. Take it and swap it with the poison (which 
is in the miscallaneous section of your inventory).

Run back to the stairs and sneak around to your right and hide behind the 
pillars, two guards will walk past you to go and get Rodericks medicine, 
there is still another guard around here so keep an eye out for him and go 
round the top back to the gate in the South-East corner. Run through the gate 
and back outside.

Travel to Cheydinhal and talk to Orcheeva to receive 200 gold and The 
Deceivers Finery which fortify's Speechcraft and Personality by 8 points. 
If you had to kill Roderick personally then you will receive 200 gold.

10. Whodunnit?.                                                      DB10

Item's Required: None

Rewards: Reward: 200 gold. 
         Bonus:200 gold and The Night Mothers Blessing (Fortify Sneak, 
               Marksman, Blade, Security and Acrobatics by 2 points).

Talk to Orcheeva and she will ask you to go to a party and kill all five 
guests. You have to kill each guest without the other guest seeing or you 
will forfeit your bonus.

Travel to Skingrad and talk to the Doorman outside Summermist Manor, he 
will give you the key to the manor. When you enter Matilde Petit will talk 
to you.When you have finished talking to her walk upstairs and wait until 
someone joins you, then kill them. Keep doing this until there is just one 
left then kill them anywhere. 

Return to Cheydinhal and talk to Orcheeva and she will give you 200 gold and 
The Night Mothers Blessing which gives you a permanent increase of +2 to your 
Sneak, Marksman, Blade, Security and Acrobatics skills.

11. Permanent Retirement.                                            DB11

Item's Required: Bow, Lockpicks

Rewards: Reward: 200 gold. 
         Bonus: 700 gold.

Talk to Orcheeva and she will ask you to kill Adamus Phillida, who was the 
head of the Imperial Guard. Orcheeva will give you the Rose of Sithis which 
is an arrow that will kill its intended target only, but it will not pierce 
armour. To receive a bonus you must sever the ring finger off Adamus and 
deposit it in the desk of his successor in the Imperial City.

Adamus can be found in Leyawiin. He is either in a house outside of Leyawiin 
or in the City Watch Barracks. Adamus bathes in the lake once a day, this is 
the only time you can get a clear shot with no one around.

Go to the lake, it is behind the City Watch Barracks, you will see a group 
of rocks to your right, there is a Nirnroot here so grab it. Wait behind the 
big rocks until 1 or 2pm. Adamus will remove his armour to bathe, once he is 
in the water then get out your bow and equip the Rose of Sithis and kill 
Adamus. When he is dead wade over to the body and enter Adamus inventory, 
take the finger of Adamus and then travel to the Imperial City Prison.

Once you are in the prison compound goto the Imperial Watch Office, the door 
has a very hard lock to pick,but Adamus has a key if you took everything 
from him. Enter the offices and you will see a desk in front of you, pick 
the lock and deposit the finger in here.

Return to Cheydinhal and speak to Orcheeva she will give you 200 gold and an 
extra 500 gold. If you did not deliver Adamus's finger then you will only 
receive 200 gold.
Once you have finished the next quest you cannot do Teineeva's Side Quest 
(The Renegade Shadowscale), so if you want to do it, do it now.

12. Of Secrets And Shadows.                                          DB12

Item's Required: None

Orcheeva will give you a set of sealed orders from Lucien Lachance. Open them 
and read them. Lucien wants you to travel to Fort Farragut which lies North 
East of Cheydinhal.

Once you reach Fort Farragut make sure that the ruin is on your right, look 
North and you should see an unusually wide tree with a blue bush to the right. 
In this tree there is a trap door that will lead you straight to Lucien. Or you 
can roam through the fort, there are many skeleton's to kill and a few goodies 

Speak to Lucien and he will ask you to kill all the members of the Dark 
Brotherhood Santuary in Cheydinhal. Lucien will give you a poisoned apple and
a scroll to summon the ghost of Rufio (your first hit).

Lucien will tell you that the Five Tenants no longer apply to you, so steal 
everything from here and leave through the trap door.

13. Purification.                                                    DB13

Items Needed: None

Rewards: Shadowmere (Luciene's Horse)

Travel to Cheydinhal and enter the Sanctuary, you do not want to get involved 
with more than two assassins here, try to get one alone in a room and then 
sneak up to them and kill them.

There is no set way and it is just a case of waiting until the right moment to 
strike. Take all the food off the table in the living quarters and deposit the 
poisoned apple on there. Sometimes Teineeva will eat the apple, mainly he 

There is one member that is hardly ever in the sanctuary. You can take a letter 
off Orcheeva's body that will give you a timetable of her whereabouts. On 
Loredas and Sudas Tanlaendril will be in Leyawiin. Tirdas she will be in the 
Cheydihal Bridge Inn and on Turdas she will be outside the Sanctuary Well. 
Press select to find out what day it is, if it is on any  the days not listed
then she will either be in the Sanctuary or on the way there.

Once all the Dark Brotherhood members are dead then return to Lucien at Fort 
Farragut to receive a promotion to Silencer. Lucien will tell you that from now 
on your orders will be given by dead drop. Lucien will also give you his horse 
Shadowmere to use, it is fast and very tough.

Once you have finished talking to Lucien, visit your first dead drop in the 
moss covered rock at Hero Hill which is South-East of Fort Farragut. Go up
the trap door and into the center of the fort Shadowmere will be 
wating for you there.

Travel to Hero Hill and look in the moss covered rock for your orders.

14. Affairs of a Wizard.                                             DB14

Item's Required: None

Rewards: 500 Gold

Lucien will ask you to travel to Leafrot Cavern and kill a Necromancer that is 
trying to transform himself into a Lich. He asks you to search the cave for 
Celedaen's writings to find out how to kill him.

Leafrot Cave is East of Bravil right near the far side of the map. Once you get 
inside sneak down the slope and kill the ghost at the end, keep running back 
around the corner because you don't want to cause too much of a scene. There
will be two Skeleton's in here and a few goodies to plunder too. You will
find Celedaen's diary on the desk in front of you, read it and it and will 
tell you that you have to take the Sands of Resolve of Celedean. Take the
tunnel on the right and go through the door. 

Celedean will be roaming around down the slope, either pickpocket him or kill 
him and take the Sands Of Resolve off of him. Plunder the room and leave the 
cave by the other entrance, go left at the end of the tunnel and there will be 
a rat here, continue to the end of the tunnel and you will enter a room with a 
couple of rats in there. Back down the tunnel and take the tunnel to your left 
there will be a rat up here and a chest hidden behind a boulder.

Leave the cave and go to Chorrel, you will find 500 gold and your orders in a 
sack hidden underneath the Great Oak.

15. Next of Kin. (Do not do this mission if you are currently on The    DB15
    Elven Maiden Theives Guild Quest or it will cost 1000 gold Blood Money.)

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Rewards:  500 Gold

Your Orders tell you to go and kill every member of the Draconis Family. Go 
and see Perennia Draconis at Applewatch to find out where they all are.

Applewatch is South-East of Cloud Ruler Temple. Enter the Farmhouse and talk 
to Perennia and tell her that you are here to pick up the gift list. When she 
gives you the list, kill her and the dog then bring up your map, the location 
of each family member is marked.

Travel to Leyawiin to kill Caelia Draconis she is in the Leyawiin guard so be 
very careful where you attack her as guards will rush to aid her in most cases. 
You will get a bounty for this so try to get to your Thieves Guild Doyen to 
reduce your costs.

Next travel to The Drunken Dragon Inn were Andreas Draconis lives, talk to him 
and tell him his Mum bled like a pig and he will attack you straight away. 
There is a Legion guard in here and he will help you.

Next we go to The Talos Plaza District wait until the evening and pick 
Mattias's house door,he lives to the right of the Plaza entrance.

To kill Mattias without getting a bounty when you enter the house, drink an
invisibility potion and sneak up behind the servant and sneak kill him. Go
upstairs and pickthelock to Mattias's bedroom, poison your sword with a 
paralyze potion and hit Mattias with it, Mattias is quite hard to kill and even 
with the sneak bonus it will take a couple of hits.(Thanks to for
submiting this Stratergy)

Travel East to Muck Valley Cavern to kill Sibylla Draconis.Enter the cave and 
Sybilla will most probably be right in front of the door, on occasion she will 
be at the end of the caves, but more often then not she will be right in front 
of you.

Once theyare all dead leave the cave and travel Skingrad Castle and search the 
well in the courtyard to find 500 gold and your next orders.

16. Broken Vows.                                                     DB16

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Rewards: 500 Gold

You will be asked to travel to Bruma and kill a Kajiit called J'Ghasta who is 
a master of Hand-to-Hand. You are also told that J'Ghasta is expecting trouble 
and has paid the guards off, if the fight goes onto the streets the guards 
will turn a blind eye.

Travel to Bruma East Gate, J'Ghasta's house is the third house on your left. 
Enter the house and go down the stairs, there is a trapdoor under the stairs, 
covered by folded cloths, that leads down to a Secret Training Room. Once down 
the trap door head through the corridor and you will see J'Ghasta in this next 
room. Kill him, then travel to the Old Bridge which is South of The 
Waterfront. Check underneath the bridge to find a rotten box, with 500 gold 
and your next Orders in here. There is also a Nirnroot here at the side of the 

17. Final Justice.                                                   DB17

Item's Required: Potions/Scrolls/Spell of Water Breathing

Reward: 500 Gold

You will be asked to kill an Argonian next. Shaleez is holed up in the Flooded 
Mine. The Flooded Mine is South-East of your location. North of Bravil. Travel 
there and enter the mine.

As the name suggests the Mine is flooded, swim through the submerged archway, 
there are no chests in here so head through the archway that is to the North. 
Take a left at the Junction and continue to the end to find a submerged chest. 
Back out and take the first tunnel on the left, you can surface for air here 
and there are three islands to search,the one in the North-East is the only one 
that contains a chest. Back in the water and take the submerged tunnel to the 
East. You will come to a junction take a left and you will see Shaleez. Kill 
her and search the few crates here. Leave the Mine and travel to Fort Redman 
which lies between Bravil and Leyawiin, but on the other side of the river.

Once there you will find the coffin outside the main door in to the Fort in 
there will be 500 gold, your next orders and the schedule of Aval Uvani's 

18. A Matter of Honour.                                              DB18

Item's Required: Lockpicks

Reward: 500 Gold

You will have to kill Aval Uvani next he is a Dark Elf Merchant that travels 
all over the place.

The best way to kill him is to travel to Leyawiin Castle on a Sundas and head 
West, take a left after the first house you pass. Continue South until you 
reach another house. This is the house that Aval uses when he stays in 
Leyawiin, wait here and pick the lock on door when no-one is around and case 
the joint. Wait until 4 p.m and enter the house sneak upstairs and take Aval 
out. You don't get a bounty doing it this way.

Once Aval is dead travel to The Imperial Marketplace and search the tree stump 
round the back of Stonewall Shields to receive 500 gold and your next orders.

19. The Coldest Sleep.                                               DB19

You have been asked to kill Havilstein Hoar-Blood, a Nord who lives at the 
campsite in the Gnoll Mountains. Travel here, wait until night and then creep 
into the camp.

You cannot hit Havilstein with a sword when he sleeping in his tent, so either
sneak up and kill his dog or hit Havilstein with a arrow to get your 

Once Havilstein is dead travel to your dead drop at the Ayelid ruin of Nornal, 
which lies East of The Arcan University.

Enter through the Stone Door at the bottom of the spiral staircase and head 
down the tunnel. At the bottom of the flight of stairs you will find yourself 
in a cylidrical room, there is a chest behind one of the pillars in front of 
you, head down another set of steps. There will be a mudcrab in the tunnel.

Swim in the water on your right and through the door. There will be a submerged
chest, that contains 500 gold and you next orders.
20. A Kiss Before Dying.                                             DB20

Item's Required: None

Reward: None

You have been asked to kill Ungolim, a Wood Elf that makes a wish every night 
at the Lady of Luck Statue in Bravil. He is at the statue between 6p.m and 
1a.m every night. Ungolim is ready for trouble and has bribed the guards to 
turn a blind eye to any fighting. 

Travel to Bravil and find a roof where you can get a good view of the statue. 
When Ungolim gets there let him have it.

Once Ungolim is dead you will get a message saying that you feel a familiar 
stare behind you. It is Luciene Lachance and he's a bit annoyed. It turns out 
that every contract since the Draconis family was not from Luciene. You have
 been killing off the members of the Black Hand one-by-one.Someone has 
switched your dead drop's. You have no reprisale to fear of as the 
Dark Brotherhood believe that Luciene is the traitor.

21. Following a Lead.                                                DB21

Item's Required: None

Reward: Black Hand Robe and Hood (Fortity Sneak, Marksman, Illusion, Blade and 
                                  Speechcraft 15 points). 
             The Blade of Woe (Damage Willpower, Health and Magika 20 points 
                               and Demoralize up to level 6)

Lucien will ask you to travel to Anvil and wait around your dead drop to see 
who drops off your orders. Travel to Anvil and wait around the back of the 
statue by the lake, there is a barrel near by a pillar, that is were you orders 
will go. Jump up on the statue and walk around until you can see the wooden 
bridge, wait for a few moments and you will see a figure approach from this 
direction, walk around the opposite side of the statue and wait until he drops 
the orders in the barrel. 

Don't forget to exit out of Sneak mode, as you will pickpocket Enilroth instead 
of talking to him. He will tell you that he was paid to drop the orders off by 
a Robed Man. He will tell you that the Robed Man lives underneath the 
Lighthouse and suggest's that Ulfgar Fog-Eye, the Lighthouse Keeper, can tell 
you more. Head for the Dock Gate.

Once through the gate you will see the Lighthouse in front of you, take the 
path to the right up to it. At the front you will find Ulfgar's house, enter 
to see if he is here, if he is not he will be in the lighthouse. Talk to 
Ulfgar tell him that you want the key to the basement and he will ask you why. 
Tell him that the Dark Brotherhood demand it and he will fall over himself 
giving you the key, he will also tell you that he has heard screams coming from 
down there. Leave the lighthouse and proceed outside.

From the main door take a left and the door to the Cellar is around here. 
Inside you will find a room filled with corpse's head to the door in the corner 
and pick the lock. There is a Crazed Dog in here, there is also a homemade 
altar, go over to it and read the Traitor's Diary on the table by the chair. 
There is a few chests and crates in here, the treasure you find is random, so 
its always useful to have a look round. Exit the basement and travel to 
Applewatch. West of Bruma.

You arrive to find the remaining members of the Dark Brotherhood finishing off 
Lucien. They will promote you to Speaker and give you the Black Hand Robe and 
Hood which when worn together fortify your Sneak, Marksman, Illusion, Blade and 
Speechcraft by 15 points.

Arquen will tell you to speak to her between midnight and 3a.m to go and 
consult the Night Mother about appointing a new Listener. Put on your newly 
acquired Robe and Hood then press select and wait until midnight. Talk to 
Arquen about the Nigth Mother and she will ask you if you are ready to 
teleport, say yes and you will be transported to the Lady of Luck statue in 

Arquen will perform the ritual to open the crypt. When Arquen opens the crypt 
then follow them down the trap door.

The Night Mother is non to pleased about the intrusion and will tell Arquen 
that the traitor still walks among them and that Lucien was not the traitor. 
Mathieu will attack the other two assassins now, this will leave you and 
Arquen to face Mathieu, when he is dead the Night Mother will approach you 
and tell you that she has been watching your rise through the ranks and is 
impressed. So impressed that she will promote you to Listener and put Arquen 
in your charge. The Night Mother will tell you that you can help yourself to 
any treasures in the crypt. You can not enter here again, so be greedy.

Talk to the Night Mother and she will unlock the true power of The Blade of Woe 
(damage Willpower, Health, Magica by 20points and Demoralyze up to level 6), 
she will transport you to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary with Arquen. 

Talk to Arquen and she will tell you that she will handle the day-to-day 
running of the Sanctuary and recruiting new assassins, all you have to do is 
visit the Lady Luck in Bravil once a week and talk to the statue. You will 
receive a list of names from the Night Mother that you have to deliver to 
Arquen every time you do this you will receive a share of the profits from 
the Sanctuary (usually 200 gold). You do not have to do this, but its an easy
200 gold if your in Bravil.
Congratulations you have just finished the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

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