The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion FAQ/Walkthrough - Mighteyna
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: : : : The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion FAQ/Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion FAQ/Walkthrough

by Mighteyna   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

By Mighteyna (
Copyrighted August 10, 2006 by Ben Burnette
Oblivion is copyrighted Bethesda Softworks

Table of Contents
Guide History
Creating your Character
Basics of Combat
Basics of Magic
Basics of Stealth
Spellmaking and Enchanting
Crime and Punishment
The Main Quest
Fighters Guild Quests
Mages Guild Quests
Thieves Guild Quests
Dark Brotherhood Quests
The Arena
The Daedric Quests
Weapons and Armor List
Side Quests
Houses and Horses
Frequently Asked Questions
Contacting Me
Legal Things


My name is Mighteyna aka Ben Burnette.  This is my FAQ/Walkthrough for 
The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Xbox 360 Version.  This is Bethesda 
Softworks' latest game in the Elder Scrolls 4 Series.  I thank you for 
choosing my FAQ.  In my FAQ you will find detailed information from The 
Main Quest to the Side Quests and just about everything in between.  
Before you begin playing Oblivion, I recommend you read your Manual to 
get a better feel to what things are.  It will make things I'm going to 
explain a lot easier to understand.  Since Oblivion came out for the 
Playstation 3 there are more weapons, armor, items, and of course the 
Knights of the Nine Quests.  If these quests and other items and 
weapons become downloadable via Xbox Live then I will include them in 
my FAQ.  


August 10, 2006

Began Oblivion FAQ.  Completed Introduction and Controls.

August 14, 2006

Completed Creating Your Character, Basics of Combat, Basics of Magic, 
Basics of Stealth, and Vampires.  

August 16, 2006

Completed Spellmaking and Enchanting, Crime and Punishment, and The 
Tutorial segment of the Main Quest.

August 18, 2006

Completed Delivering the Amulet, Find the Heir Part 1, Breaking the 
Siege of Kvatch, Find the Heir Part 2, and Weynon Priory Segments of 
the Main Quest.

August 20, 2006

Completed The Path of Dawn Segment of the Main Quest. 

August 21, 2006 

Completed Dagon Shrine and Spies Segments of the Main Quest. 

August 22, 2006

Completed Blood of the Daedra and Blood of the Divines Segments of the 
Main Quest. 

August 26, 2006

Completed Bruma Gate and Allies for Bruma Segments of the Main Quest.

August 27, 2006

Completed the entire Main Quest!

August 29, 2006

Completed the Fighters Guild Quest "A Rat Problem."

August 31, 2006

Fixed a lot of Spelling and Grammar Mistakes.  Don't worry I'll start 
writing a lot of the Fighters Guild Quests.

September 1, 2006

Completed 4 more of the Fighters Guild Quests and corrected some 
Spelling and Grammar Mistakes. 

September 3, 2006

Completed 2 more Fighters Guild Quests. 

September 4, 2006

Completed Modryn Oreyn's Second Round of Quests.

September 8, 2006

Completed one of Azzan and Burz gro-Khash's Third Round of Quests. 

September 9, 2006

Completed all of Azzan and Burz gro-Khash's Third Round of Contracts 
and fixed some spelling errors.  

September 11, 2006

Completed the entire Fighters Guild Quest line!

September 12, 2006

Fixed some Spelling Mistakes and finished the intro to the Mages Guild 

September 13, 2006

Completed two of the Recommendation Quests.  

September 17, 2006

Completed all of the Recommendation Quests.

September 19, 2006

Completed a Mages Guild Quest.  More soon to come.

September 21, 2006

Completed two more Mages Guild Quests. 

September 22, 2006

Completed a Mages Guild Quest.

October 16, 2006

Sorry!  Its been a while since I've worked on this FAQ.  I've had many 
schedule conflicts, but I did complete Hannibal Traven's First Mages 
Guild Quest Today.  Don't worry, more to come.

October 29, 2006

Completed another Mages Guild Quest. 

November 16, 2006

Completed three Mages Guild Quests. 

November 17, 2006 

Completed entire Mages Guild Questline!  Sorry I haven't updated very 
much, had schedule conflicts.

November 25, 2006

Completed the Thieves Guild Intro. 

December 1, 2006

Completed the First Thieves Guild Quest.  More to come very soon. 

December 12, 2006

Completed another Thieves Guild Quest.  I should have the entire 
Questline finished by December 19. 

December 17, 2006 

Completed a Thieves Guild Quest.  It is going to be after December 19 
till I finish the Questline.  Sorry, I've had exams but that's life.  
I'm trying to get it finished by say December 21, 23 at the latest.    

December 18, 2006

Completed another Thieves Guild Quest. 

December 28, 2006

Completed a Thieves Guild Quest.

December 30, 2006

Completed a Thieves Guild Quest.            


These Controls are for the Xbox 360 Version of the game.  Since this 
FAQ is made for the 360 Version I'm not going to list the PC Controls 

Left Thumbstick: Move Your Character

Click Left Thumbstick: Sneak Mode

Click Right Thumbstick: Change from 1'rst Person View to 3'rd Person 
View and back

Y: Jump

B: Journal

X: Take Out Weapon/Put Away Weapon

A: Activate

LB: Grab

RB: Cast Magic

RT: Attack

LT: Block


The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion offers one of the best character 
customizations for any RPG I have ever played.  With Oblivion's 
Character Creation you can get right down to the basics and get in 
every single detail that matters.  When creating your character you go 
through three things to get your character to best fit your style.  The 
Three Things that most matter is your Race, Birthsign, and Class.  

=============== RACE ===============

When you begin a new game in Oblivion at the start you get to choose 
your race and gender.  You also get to customize other little things 
like Complexion, Eye Color, and other things.  If you are going to 
create a Race to maximize your benefits for your style of play then 
that is the best thing to do.  Each Race as Bonuses to different 
skills.  They also have special powers they can use only once every 24 
Hours Game Time.  The exception is the Khajiit Night-Eye which has 
unlimited uses.

Race           Special Powers                     Skill Bonuses
Argonian       1. Resist Disease (75%)              1. Alchemy +5
               2. Resist Poison (100%)              2. Athletics +10 
               3. Water Breathing (Constant)        3. Blade +5
                                                    4. Hand-to-Hand +5
                                                    5. Illusion +5
                                                    6. Mysticism +5
                                                    7. Security +10

Breton         1. Magicka +50                       1. Alchemy +5
               2. Resist Magicka (50%)              2. Alteration +5
               3. Shield (50% for 60 Seconds)       3. Conjuration +10
                                                    4. Illusion +5
                                                    5. Mysticism +10
                                                    6. Restoration +10

Dark Elf       1. Summon Ghost (60 Seconds)         1. Athletics +5
               2. Resist Fire (75%)                 2. Blade +10
                                                    3. Blunt +5
                                                    4. Destruction +10
                                                    5. Light Armor +5
                                                    6. Marksman +5
                                                    7. Mysticism +5

High Elf       1. Magicka +100                      1. Alchemy +5 
               2. Weakness to Fire (25%)            2. Alteration +10
               3. Weakness to Frost (25%)           3. Conjuration +5
               4. Weakness to Shock (25%)           4. Destruction +10
               5. Resist Disease (75%)              5. Illusion +5
                                                    6. Mysticism +10

Imperial       1. Absorb Fatigue (100 Points)       1. Blade +5
               2. Charm (30 Points)                 2. Blunt +5
                                                    3. Hand-to-Hand +5
                                                    4. Heavy Armor +5
                                                    5. Mercantile +10
                                                    6. Speechcraft +10

Khajiit        1. Demoralize (100%)
               2. Night-Eye (30 Seconds)            1. Acrobatics +10
                                                    2. Athletics +5
                                                    3. Blade +5
                                                    4. Hand-to-Hand +10
                                                    5. Light Armor +5
                                                    6. Sneak +5
                                                    7. Security +5

Nord           1. Frost Damage (50 Points on Touch) 1. Armorer +5
               2. Shield (30% for 60 Seconds)       2. Blade +10
               3. Resist Frost (50%)                3. Block +5
                                                    4. Blunt +10
                                                    5. Heavy Armor +10
                                                    6. Restoration +5

Orc            1. Berserk (60 Seconds)              1. Armorer +10
               2. Resist Magicka (25%)              2. Block +10
                                                    3. Blunt +10
                                                    4. Hand-to-Hand +5
                                                    5. Heavy Armor +10

Redguard       1. Adrenaline Rush                   1. Athletics +10
               2. Resist Poison (75%)               2. Blade +10
               3. Resist Disease (75%)              3. Blunt +10
                                                    4. Light Armor +5
                                                    5. Heavy Armor +5
                                                    6. Mercantile +5

Wood Elf       1. Command Creature (60 Seconds)     1. Acrobatics +5
               2. Resist Disease (75%)              2. Alchemy +10
                                                    3. Alteration +5
                                                    4. Light Armor +5
                                                    5. Marksman +10
                                                    6. Sneak +10

=============== EXTRA NOTES ON RACES ===============

Here are some extra notes on Tamriel's Races that may help you decide 
what race you want to be.

Argonian: These Reptile Creatures from Black Marsh make good Mages and 
good Thieves.  The Resist Poison and Resist Disease is very useful, but 
the Water Breathing Skill is the most useful because of it is constant 
and is useful for many quests in Oblivion.  The Argonian's Skill 
Bonuses are good, but not great.  

Breton:  Bretons in my opinion make the best Mages in the game.  Their 
Magicka +50 is fantastic and the Resist Magicka is good to counter with 
the Apprentice's 100% Weakness to Magicka.  Dragon Skin (The Shield) is 
useful because a Breton often will loose a lot of HP if fighting more 
then one enemy at a time.  However the Conjuration +10 will let Bretons 
summon allies to help them in battle.

Dark Elf: The Dark Elf makes a Fantastic Role for a Battlemage.  
Playing as a Dark Elf you will succeed very well in the Fighters Guild 
and the Mages Guild.  The Destruction +10 and Blade +10 are great for 
the Battlemage role and the Blunt +5 is a good back up for those hard 
hitting attacks.  Although you won't use the Summon Ghost a lot because 
it is weak, but the Resist Fire is good because of all the Wizards and 
Battlemages that use Destruction Magic.

High Elf: The High Elf is a fantastic role for an aggressive Mage.  The 
High Elf has a Magicka +100 Race Bonus which is even better then the 
Breton's.  However the Weakness to Fire, Frost, and Shock will kill you 
when fighting powerful Wizards.  Since the High Elf comes with an 
Alchemy +5 you should use that to your advantage and be ready to make a 
lot of Healing Potions.

Imperial: Imperials are the Natives of Cyrodiil and are everywhere.  
Although I hate to say it but the Imperial has the worst special powers 
in the game.  Absorb Fatigue is useless and the Charm is only useful 
once in a while.  If you want to be an Imperial they make great 
Fighters/Thieves because of the bonuses in Combat Skills (although they 
are weak), but the Mercantile +10 and Speechcraft +10 is fantastic and 
is good for the Thieves Guild Quests.

Khajiit: Khajiits make fantastic thieves and assassins and are perfect 
for the Thieves Guild Quests and Dark Brotherhood Quests.  Although 
keep in mind a Khajiit Thief is usually conservative.  They do have +5 
Bonuses in Sneak and Security, but get no bonuses in Marksman which is 
a must for an Assassin and Thief.  Although the Blade +5 is good for 
stealthy daggers.  Plus the Acrobatics +10 is fantastic for getting 
away from Combat.

Nord: The Tall People of Skyrim who usually live in the Snowy City of  
Bruma make exceptional Warriors.  Although the Skill Bonuses are only 
+5 for most the Nord is a very powerful Warrior and a very conservative 
as well.  The Nord gets a +5 Bonus in Restoration which is great to 
heal after those tough battles.  Not only that but they have a Shield 
(not as strong as a Breton's but still good).  Nords get +10 in Blade 
and Blunt so which ever one you choose as a major skill, you'll start 
out at 40 which makes choosing not hard.

Orc: Orcs are very strong Warriors and can take on several Trolls and 
Ogres at once without breaking a sweat.  They have the best Skill 
Bonuses for any Warrior as mostly all of them are +10 and Berserk is a 
useful problem solver.  Although keep in mind an Orc is designed for a 
Warrior ONLY!  They make terrible Thieves, Assassins, and Mages and if 
you choose an Orc you'll probably find that you can only get good 
success in doing only the Fighters Guild Quests.

Redguard: The Redguards are also great Warriors.  The Skill Bonuses 
aren't Great, but they're not horrible either.  Adrenaline Rush is 
always useful and the Redguard has Resist Poison and Resist Disease 
which will keep it strong and healthy.  Plus Redguards could also make 
exceptional Thieves and Assassins because of the Light Armor +5 and 
Mercantile +5, although staying away from being a Mage is probably a 
good idea.  (My brother was a Redguard and had great success in the 
Fighters Guild and the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, but did 
terrible in the Mages Guild).  

Wood Elf: If you kind of want to be a Mage, but also a Warrior too, oh 
wait!  A Thief and an Assassin!  Then this is the race for you.  The 
short Wood Elves also known as Bosmer do great in any category and are 
for the player that wants to be all three.  The Alchemy +10 is 
fantastic for making potions and lets your rake in the profits from 
making powerful potions early on.  The Alteration +5 is good for a Mage 
while the Marksman +10 and Sneak +10 are fantastic for any Thief.  Plus 
the Light Armor +5 is good for a Warrior that wants to wear Light Armor 
and the Acrobatics +5 can help you make a speedy get away from powerful 
monsters like Trolls and Ogres.  

=============== BIRTHSIGN ===============

Once you get out of the Natural Caverns in the Imperial Prison you will 
meet up with Emperor Uriel Septim VII and two of his Blades.  At this 
point Septim will talk to you and you will get to choose your 
Birthsign.  This is almost as important as your Race.  Birthsigns 
either give you Attribute Bonuses or Very Useful Powers.  While some 
give you more Magicka.  

Birthsign   Features
Apprentice  Magicka +100, Weakness to Magicka 100%

Atronach    Magicka +150, Spell Absorption 50%, No Magicka Regeneration

Lady        Willpower +10, Endurance +10

Lover       Paralyze on Touch for 10 Sec at cost of 120 Fatigue Pts

Lord        Restore Health (6 Pts for 15 Sec), Weakness to Fire (25%)

Mage        Magicka +50

Ritual      Restore Health (200 Pts), Turn Undead (100% for 30 Sec)

Serpent     Damage Health, Dispel, Cure Poison, Damage Fatigue

Shadow      Invisibility for 60 Sec

Steed       Speed +20

Thief       Agility +10, Speed +10, Luck +10

Tower       Open Average Lock, Reflect Damage (5% for 120 Sec)

Warrior     Strength +10, Endurance +10

=============== EXTRA NOTES ON BIRTHSIGNS ===============

Apprentice: This is a great choice for an Aggressive Mage.  The Magicka 
+100 is fantastic, but the 100% Weakness to it sucks.  The Apprentice 
is great for a Battlemage who will be wearing Heavy Armor.  Although a 
Defensive Mage like a Breton can use his Resist Magicka to counter 
this.  Although Bretons should still consider another Birthsign because 
of their low health.  

Atronach: Those born under the sign of the Atronach have a Magicka +150 
which is phenomenal.  Not only that but they have a 50% Chance of 
absorbing an enemies magical attacks.  Which is great when fighting 
those annoying Wizards.  However they can not regenerate Magicka which 
sucks.  You will find it to be a full time hobby to fill up your 
Magicka Meter.  I don't recommend this Birthsign at all to anybody.

Lady: This is another great choice for a Battlemage.  Although the 
Apprentice's Magicka +100 is useful, the Lady's Willpower +10 is 
essential for casting a lot of Destruction Spells at one time.  The 
Endurance +10 will give you higher health and allow you to carry around 
more Armor and Weapons.  I highly recommend this one.

Lover: This Birthsign is kinda useless.  The Paralyze is useful 
sometimes, but it is only for 10 Seconds and it costs you 120 Points of 
Fatigue, plus you have to Touch them which means you will have to get 
close.  I don't recommend this Birthsign at all.

Lord: The Lord's Restore Health is fantastic.  6 Points of Health times 
15 seconds of it being active is 90 Points of Health restored!  There 
is a downside though, the Weakness to Fire.  This may not sound like a 
big deal, but it will kill you, especially if your going to become a 

Mage: The Mage Birthsign is a perfect Birthsign for a Defensive Mage.  
The Magicka +50 is always a Safe Bet.  If you want to be a Mage and you 
would rather be safe then sorry then this is your Birthsign.

Ritual: The Ritual has a highly useful Restore Health Power and is a 
lot better then the Lord's Birthsign Power.  Unlike the Lord's Weakness 
to Fire the Ritual comes with a Turn Undead Power.  Although anybody 
with a Conjuration Skill of 5 can use this Spell so it really isn't 
that useful.

Serpent: When you first look at all the Serpent's Powers you think this 
is a great Birthsign right?  Well, no.  All of these Powers happen at 
once when you Touch somebody.  All of these affects happen on the 
enemies so some are good for you and some are bad for you.  The 
Serpent's Powers are rarely useful.

Shadow: This is a Fantastic Birthsign for a Thief.  Although you don't 
get Attribute Bonuses like you do with the Thief's Powers you do get 
Invisibility for 60 Seconds once a day.  This is extremely useful for 
the Dark Brotherhood Quests and Thieves Guild Quests.  You can already 
buy an Invisibility Spell, but if your in the Dark Brotherhood you need 
an Illusion Skill of 50, and if your not you need an Illusion Skill of 
75 so this is very useful.

Steed: This is another good Birthsign for a Thief.  The Speed +20 is 
the best of any Attribute Bonus.  Although it is in only one Attribute 
so all of your other Attributes will be low early on.  Besides that 
this is an ok birthsign.

Thief: The Agility +10, Speed +10, and Luck +10 are the best any 
Thief/Assassin can get.  These Bonuses provide easy thefts early on and 
can get you some serious cash once you start selling stolen goods in 
the Thieves Guild.

Tower: The Tower has two very useful powers.  The Open Average Lock is 
highly useful and works on Easy and Very Easy Locks as well.  The 
Reflect Damage is fantastic for those tough enemies like Trolls or 

Warrior:  Hands down the best Birthsign for any Combat Specialist.  The 
Strength +10 and Endurance +10 will make you very strong early on.  
This will let you carry around some strong Blunt and Blade Weapons, 
plus all the great Heavy Armor that you can get. 

=============== CLASS ===============

Near the end of the Prologue Baurus (A Blade) will let you create a 
Class.  You can choose from a pre-made class, but the real cool thing 
is creating your own.  So lets start with the basics.  When you first 
begin your class you have to choose to be a Combat Specialist, Magic 
Specialist, or Stealth Specialist.  Whichever one you choose will get 
+5 in 7 Skills.  

Combat: Armorer, Athletics, Blade, Block, Blunt, Hand-to-Hand, and 
Heavy Armor.

Magic: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, 
Mysticism, and Restoration.

Stealth: Acrobatics, Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile, Security, 
Sneak, and Speechcraft.

Once you do that you will choose your two Favored Attributes.  You will 
get a +5 in each.  Each Attribute governs a Skill.  If your going to be 
a Combat Specialist for example you might want to choose Strength and 
Endurance because those two Attributes alone govern 6 or the Seven 
Combat Skills.  

Strength: Governs Blade, Blunt, and Hand-to-Hand.

Intelligence: Governs Alchemy, Conjuration, and Mysticism.

Willpower: Governs Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration.

Agility: Governs Security, Marksman, and Sneak.

Speed: Governs Acrobatics, Athletics, and Light Armor.

Endurance: Governs Armorer, Block, and Heavy Armor.

Personality: Governs Illusion, Mercantile, and Speechcraft.

Luck: Governs no skills but affects all of them.

Once you choose your two Favored Attributes it is time to get your 
Seven Major Skills.  If you increase these at any combination of 10 
times you will gain a level.  Your seven major skills will start out at 
25 (Apprentice Level as opposed to Novice Level).  If you include the 
Specialization they will start out at 30 and then add on any Race 
Bonuses (maximum is 40).  I recommend you choose the Seven Skills that 
come from your specialization, but it is always good to customize.  
Once you do that you get to name your new class and your done!


While playing Oblivion your bound to come across a situation where you 
have to fight someone or something.  Fortunately I can prepare you!  I 
will split this section into two sections, Pure Melee and Ranged 

=============== PURE MELEE ===============

This is for Warriors that want a Bloody Battle till the end.  This is 
for a Warrior who wants to take an Ogre on no matter what the costs.  
Well I have some strategies for you.  If your going to do Pure Melee 
I'm guessing you're a Combat Specialist and you have High Strength and 
High Endurance which means High HP.  So what equipment should you use?  
Well, I recommend Heavy Armor all the way.  Since your going to be 
fighting Powerful Enemies your going to have to protect yourself.  Not 
only does Heavy Armor look Cool but it also protects you.  

Next lets talk about weapons.  Blunt weapons are a great option as are 
swords.  So what type of Blunt and Blade Weapon?  Well there are Four 
types of Blade Weapons: Daggers, Shortswords, Longswords, and 
Claymores.  Daggers are very quick and let you wield a shield, but 
don't do a lot of damage and are more aimed at Stealth Specialists.  
Shortswords are a good alternative for Daggers.  They are a bit slower, 
but also a good deal stronger.  

Next are Longswords and Claymores.  Longswords are fantastic as they 
still as a pretty fast swing and are very powerful.  Not only that but 
you can also carry a shield.  Next are Claymores.  Claymores are two-
handed powerhouse swords.  Although they are slow and you can't carry a 
shield, they are extremely powerful and handle many enemies at once and 
have a very long reach.

So what Blunt Weapons are there?  Well, there are Maces, War Axes, 
Battle Axes, and Warhammers.  Maces and War Axes and One handed Blunt 
Weapons so you can carry a shield.  All Blunt Weapons are designed for 
Combat Specialists so Blunts are usually more useful then a Sword 
(although that is my opinion).  Maces and War Axes and very powerful, 
but don't have a very long reach.  They are still great weapons.

Next are Battle Axes and Warhammers.  Both are extremely powerful and 
you can cause serious damage.  Battle Axes aren't as strong as 
Warhammers, but they do weigh less so you can carry more.  Battle Axes 
and Warhammers do not have a very long reach.  If you do want a 
Powerful Two handed weapon I would go with a Claymore because of their 
long reach.

=============== RANGED COMBAT ===============

Although many people think of Bows and Arrows as being child's play and 
not nearly as powerful as running in with a Big Sword and killing 
everybody within sight.  However Marksman Players can be just as deadly 
if played right.  Not all Marksman Players are Stealth Specialists.  A 
lot of Combat Specialists use Bows and Arrows and it is a good reason 
to.  So as far as equipment goes, the more powerful the Bow and Arrows, 
the more damage.  There is an arrow that match every bow except for 
Fine Iron Bows and Fine Steel Bows (there are no Fine Iron or Fine 
Steel Arrows).  

When you get ready to shoot aim carefully.  Shooting your target in the 
foot does just as must damage as shooting the target in the head so 
don't aim for a specific area as much as the target itself.  A Good 
idea would be to coat your arrows with Poison and get a good Stealth 
Shot.  This can mean the difference between a long battle and a short 
battle.  The Stealth Shot is especially crucial when fighting Ogres.  
Making Alchemy a Major Skill would be a great idea if your really going 
to get good with Bows. 


Magic in Oblivion is much more alive then it was in Morrowind.  There 
are many Spells in Oblivion from casting a Powerful Lightning Bolt to 
simply opening a lock.  In Magic there are Six Types of Magic.  They 
are Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and 
Restoration.  If your going to be a Mage I'm guessing your going to 
join the Mages Guild.  If not you should!  Each Guild Hall sells you 
spells based on the Guild's specialization.  Six of the Seven Cities in 
Cyrodiil sell spells based on the specialization.  The Bruma Mages 
Guild is a sampling of all spells.

=============== ALTERATION ===============

Alteration is a highly useful magic.  It can be used to change the 
fundamentals of Biology.  You can pop open a lock without a key which 
is useful for Players with a low security skill and provide a Shield 
which is fantastic for players with low HP.  It can also let you 
increase your maximum weight and decrease your opponent's maximum 
weight.  The Cheydinhal Mages Guild specializes in Alteration Magic.

=============== CONJURATION ===============

Conjuration is probably the most useful Magic in the game.  It allows 
you to summon Powerful Undead Creatures and Deadric Creatures.  While 
an Apprentice may only be able to summon a simple Skeleton, a Master of 
the Craft can summon ultra powerful Storm Atronachs!  You can also 
summon Deadric Armor and Weapons that weigh nothing!  Conjuration is my 
favorite craft.  The Chorrol Mages Guild specializes in Conjuration 

=============== DESTRUCTION ===============

Destruction Magic is a Powerful Tool indeed.  It is widely used by 
Battlemages.  Powerful Wizards can also cast amazing destruction 
spells.  Destruction Magic is the most widely used Magic in the game.  
When you first start playing Oblivion you will have access to a Simple 
Fire Spell called Flare.  If your like me you will find it amazing.  
Well, there is a lot more to come!  Destruction Spells also have Spells 
that drain attributes and skills which is very useful.  The Skingrad 
Mages Guild specializes in Destruction Magic.  

=============== ILLUSION ===============

Illusion Magic is very useful to Thieves and Assassins.  A fan 
favorite, Illusion Magic gives you Spells that let you become Invisible 
and make NPC's like you more.  Illusion Magic is one of my favorites 
and any Thief should make it a Major Skill.  The Bravil Mages Guild 
specializes in Illusion Magic.  

=============== MYSTICISM ===============

Mysticism has spells that include Telekinesis this is a very useful 
spell.  Mysticism also has a very useful Soul Trap Spell.  To be honest 
other then that Mysticism really isn't all that great.  I rarely use it 
and I have a lot of friends who play Oblivion who are Powerful Wizards 
and regret making Mysticism a Major Skill because they rarely use it.  
The Leyawiin Mages Guild specializes in Mysticism Magic. 

=============== RESTORATION ===============

This is the handiest Magic Type in the game.  Any Wizard/Thief/Warrior 
should have Restoration Magic as a Major Skill.  It has spells that of 
course heal you.  While this only starts out at a Heal Minor Wounds 
Spell, which a lot of healing it can increase to Heal Legendary Wounds.  
Also there are spells that can cure you of disease and poison which is 
fantastic.  Not only that but you can heal your allies!  How cool is 
that?  The Anvil Mages Guild specializes in Restoration Magic.  


Stealth involves the ability to remain undetected, pickpockets, pick 
locks, and much more.  Any Thief knows that to do well in the Thieves 
Guild and Dark Brotherhood you need to be good at all these skills.  
The skills are: Sneaking, Picking Pockets, Picking Locks, and 

=============== SNEAKING ===============

Sneaking is of course what Thieves do to remain undetected.  So lets 
start.  Once you enter Sneak Mode you will notice the crosshair changes 
to an eye.  While sneaking keep your eyes on the eye (lol) at all 
times.  When the Eye lights up it means you can be easily detected or 
already detected.  If you enter Sneak Mode while in the Shadows it and 
the Eye is basically Black then that means you are almost invisible.  
While sneaking try to move slow, don't rush.  Slow and Steady wins the 

Also do not worry about what Armor you are wearing while sneaking.  You 
can sneak around just as good in Heavy Armor as you can in Light Armor.  
What really gets you is the weight of your boots.  Unless you are a 
Journeyman of Sneak (the bonus for Journeyman Level makes the weight of 
your boots not matter) try not to where any boots while sneaking.  Just 
unequip them and then if someone spots you and attacks you put them 
back on.  

If you see an enemy that doesn't see you immediately go into Sneak 
Mode.  Next Sneak Up on them and take out your Weapon.  If you attack 
them without them detecting you will do Critical Damage and most likely 
kill the person (depending how strong) on the first try or inflict a 
significant amount of damage.

=============== PICKING POCKETS ===============

When you enter Sneak Mode and go up to someone instead of getting the 
option Talk (Person's Name) you will get the option to Pick Pocket 
them.  You can take anything they have except for Clothes/Armor or 
Weapons.  The higher your sneak skill the better chance you have of 
them not detecting you.  Also the Heavier the Item the greater chance 
you will have of being detected.  Also if you just enter the pick 
pocket menu and exit out you will still be fined for stealing if you 
are caught.  Even a Thief with a Sneak Skill of 100 still has a chance 
of getting caught for just entering the Pick Pocket Menu and not taking 

=============== PICKING LOCKS ===============

Not all doors in Cyrodiil are going to be unlocked and let you just 
waltz in.  No, some are locked and you can either open the door/chest 
etc with the appropriate key or you can pick the lock.  When you want 
to pick a lock you enter the Lockpicking menu in which you find some 
Tumblers that are not pushed into place.  The Difficulty will determine 
the number of Tumblers.  Push up onto the Tumbler and wait till it gets 
to the top if you think the time is right press "A" to push it into 

If you are too slow you your lockpick will break and you will have to 
start again.  What I like to do is push the tumbler into place on the 
second try.  The First Try is usually very fast so the second try is 
usually slow.  If the first try is slow then wait till the third time 
to tray again.  Locks have different difficulty.  Very Easy has One 
Tumbler, Easy has Two, Average has Three, Hard has 4, and Very Hard has 
5.  Some can't be picked.  The Door/Chest etc will say "Needs a Key." 

=============== PERSUASION ===============

Sometimes when you talk to someone they won't tell you everything they 
know because they don't like you or will say "I don't trust you 
enough."  This is because the NPC's Disposition is too low.  To raise 
it you can Persuade them.  This can be done two ways the easy way or 
the hard way.  The Easy way is well easier, but it is more expensive.  
All you have to do is Bribe them Money to increase their disposition, 
but this will cost you a lot of gold.

The Hard Way is well, Hard, but it is free.  Press "A."  A Wedge Wheel 
will appear.  Highlight the section and the NPC will make a face if it 
is good then press "A."  This will increase their disposition.  The 
higher the wedge the higher the disposition will rise.  This works the 
same for lowering the disposition.  The higher your Speechcraft Skill, 
the bigger the Wedges and the higher the NPC original disposition will 


In The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion it is possible to become a Vampire.  
Vampires have many advantages as well as disadvantages.  For example 
Vampires have special powers and get stat bonuses.  However they also 
take damage from the sun so that can prove a problem.

=============== BECOMING A VAMPIRE ===============

Becoming a Vampire is quite simple actually.  Becoming a Vampire is the 
same as contracting a disease.  When fighting Vampires there is a small 
chance becoming one yourself.  While fighting it if the screen says 
"You have contracted Porphyric Hemophilia" then you have completed Step 
number 1 to becoming a Vampire.  Porphyric Hemophilia is known as "The 
Vampire's Disease."  All Porphyric Hemophilia will do is drain your 
Fatigue a bit, but it isn't that bad.  After three days have passed 
sleep in a bed.  You emerge a Vampire.  If your in the Dark Brotherhood 
you could simply ask someone to become a Vampire (Please See The "Dark 
Brotherhood Quests" section).  

=============== THE GOOD NEWS ABOUT BEING A VAMPIRE ===============

Well, you may think being a Vampire is a bad thing, but it really 
isn't.  At its basic level Vampirism gives you +5 Bonuses to Strength, 
Willpower, and Speed.  It also gives +5 to Acrobatics, Athletics, 
Destruction, Hand-to-Hand, Illusion, Mysticism, and Sneak.  Also you 
have a small Resist Disease and Resist Paralysis as well as a Resist 
Normal Weapons Power.  

=============== THE BAD NEWS ABOUT BEING A VAMPIRE ===============

Of course there is Bad News about being a Vampire.  At its Basic Stage 
Vampirism isn't so bad.  You get lots of Skill Bonuses and Attribute 
Bonuses as well as some extra added effects.  The bad news is, you have 
a Weakness to Fire.  Fighting Wizards and Battlemages could prove 
deadly to you.  However you will not take damage in the sun which is 
good.  As long as you feed every 24 Hours you will always remain at the 
Basic Stage of Vampirism.  If you become a full-fledged Vampire most 
Merchants will not talk to you so you will have to increase their 
Disposition a lot or use the Vampire's Seduction Power.

=============== FEEDING AS A VAMPIRE ===============

While being a Vampire you can now feed on NPC's.  If you want to remain 
at the Basic Stage of Vampirism and want to avoid Sun Damage your going 
to have to feed every 24 Hours.  Doing this is easy.  Find a sleeping 
person and when you can normally wake them up to talk to them it will 
give you the option Talk or Feed, or if your sneaking Pickpocket or 
Feed.  Select Feed and your done for the next 24 Hours.  Feeding is 
easy if your in a Guild.  Guildmates will also sleep at a specific hour 
so it is pretty easy to find a target.  However don't let another NPC 
see you.  Their disposition with you will drop and you will be charged 
with Assault.  

=============== VAMPIRE POWERS ===============

You already know that you get +5 Bonuses to several Attributes and 
Skills but you also special powers.  For every four days you go without 
feeding the +5 goes to +10 and so on with a maximum of +20.  For every 
four days the Sun Damage is also increased.  The first power you get is 
Hunter's Sight.  This gives you 30 Seconds of Night-Eye as well as 30 
Seconds of Detect Life over a large area.  Plus it is only at a small 
Magicka Cost.  

The Next Power you get is Vampire's Seduction.  This Power while only 
once a day is very useful.  For 20 Seconds the Player increases another 
player Disposition to Maximum this is very useful for being a Full-
fledged Vampire.

Next up is Reign of Terror which gives you the ability to Silence and 
Demoralize opponents.  This is great against Wizards so they can't cast 
Fire Magic at you.

Finally the most useful power is Embrace of Shadows.  This gives you a 
full three minutes of Invisibility as well as 90 Seconds of Night-Eye!  
Probably the coolest Vampire Power. 


=============== SPELLMAKING ===============

With Spellmaking you can do what else?  Make your own spells!  To do 
this you either need the Frostcraig Spire Download from Xbox Live or 
need to be at least Apprentice Rank or higher in the Mages Guild so you 
can have access to the Arcane University.  Once you get to the Altar of 
Spellmaking its pretty simple from there.  Choose your effects for the 
spell then set them to the way you want.  Note that the More Powerful 
the Spell the higher the Cost.  Once you've chosen your effects name 
your spell and your done.

=============== ENCHANTING ===============

With Enchanting you can enchant Swords, Armor, and Clothes.  To do this 
you need a Soul Gem.  You can either make one yourself with the 
Mysticism Spell or you can buy one.  There are 5 types of Soul Gems.  
The Stronger the Gem the better the enchantment.  Starting from the 
weakest they are: Petty, Lesser, Common, Greater, Grand.  When your 
ready to enchant select an item and a soul gem.  Next choose an effect 
and name your item!  


In Oblivion you can commit crimes, but remember if you can't pay the 
fine then don't do the crime.  That's how it is in Oblivion because 
everything has a fine even Murder!  If you don't have the money then 
you can either Resist Arrest and kill every guard in the city then get 
arrested in another city or you can go to jail.  Depending on the crime 
you will get a decrease in skills not attributes.  While in Jail you 
can always escape, but it will increase your bounty if your caught.  
Here are the fines for the crimes.

Trespassing: 5 Gold

Pickpocketing: 25 Gold or value of item

Assault: 40 Gold per level of Target

Steal a Horse: 250 Gold

Theft: Value of Item

Murder: 1,000 Gold


=============== TUTORIAL ===============

Begin your game and choose your Race, Name, Hair etc to your liking.  
Once your done you will find your in the Imperial Prison on the 
Province of Cyrodiil.  As you walk forward a Dark Elf named Valen 
Dreth, in the cell across from you, will begin to taunt you.  He has 
different taunts for the Races and Genders as well.  No matter which 
race or gender you are he will end his taunting with "The Guards are 
coming for you!"  

When this happens the Emperor of Tamriel himself will approach your 
cell along Captain Renault, Glenroy, and Baurus, three members of the 
Blades (The Emperor's Bodyguards).  Apparently all of the Emperor's 
Sons have been assassinated and are now coming for him.  When Captain 
Renault tells you to stand back, do so and stand by the window.  You 
won't be able to move as Uriel Septim moves down.  Septim will talk to 
you and after that the Blades and Septim will move down a passageway.

You will be able to follow the Blades, but Glenroy will tell you to 
back down.  Do what he says and Assassins will attack.  The Blades will 
kill them, but Captain Renault will be killed.  Search her body and 
take her Torch, Akaviri Katana, and Steel Shortsword.  Also if you 
don't like the Prison Clothes search the Assassins for a Mythic Dawn 
Robe and Hood.  You'll find out what Mythic Dawn is later.

The Party heads through the door, but you can't.  Don't worry sooner or 
later the wall will crumble and rats will attack.  Dispatch them and 
head through.  Search the bodies for goods you can either keep or sell 
when you get out of the Prison.  Search the goblin in the back of the 
room for Lockpicks and an Iron Key.  Either Pick the Lock or use the 
Iron Key and enter the Imperial Substructure.  

Here the best thing I can do is to follow the path.  Along the way 
practice with some different ideas.  Use some Stealth Shots on some 
Rats and the one Zombie you encounter.  Also try Pure Melee and Ranged 
Combat with the bow you found on the body near the Goblin with the Iron 
Key.  Finally try casting Flare at some enemies and when your hurt cast 
Heal Minor Wounds to get a little practice there so you know what type 
of Character you want to be.  Once your at the door head through to The 
Natural Caverns.

In The Natural Caverns you will face a new enemy, a Goblin.  These are 
much different then Zombies and Rats.  Goblins often have weapons and 
shields.  They can block your attacks, so I mostly suggest Stealth 
Shots as does the game.  The Natural Caverns can get a bit confusing.  
After you dispatch the first Goblin continue till you get to the large 
encampment.  Kill the first Goblin and then take out the Goblin in the 
pit and another Goblin near it.  Finally do a Stealth Shot on the 
Goblin Shaman.  This is crucial because the Goblin Shaman will probably 
kill you.  Near the gate head through the path and through the door to 
get to The Imperial Subterrane.

At first glance the Imperial Subterrane looks like another Cave, but it 
isn't.  Shortly after you follow the path there is a hole in the wall 
where you can jump out and meet up with Uriel Septim and the Blades.  
Here Glenroy wants to kill you.  Don't worry Septim stops him.  Here 
you'll get to choose your Birthsign.  After that follow the Blades and 
Assassins will attack again, and once again failing.  Keep on going and 
Glenroy will unlock the door to The Sanctum.

Here the party moves a bit forward and Glenroy tells them to stop.  
Now, you can either follow him down or wait with the Emperor and 
Baurus.  Either way Glenroy will tell them to come down.  He gets mad 
because the gate is jammed so they take another passage.  Here the 
Blades will tell you to stick with the Emperor.  Wait a bit and Septim 
will give you the Amulet of Kings.  Next you won't be able to move and 
an Assassin will appear and kill Septim.  Next he attacks you can fight 
back or Block and wait for Baurus to appear and kill him.  Now Baurus 
will let you choose your Class and give you the key to the sewers.  Go 
to where the Assassin came out and follow it to the Sewers.

Your almost out of The Imperial Prison.  You must escape the sewers 
which is not a hard task.  Head forward and cross the bridge to the 
right, head forward, up the stairs and keep on heading straight till 
you get to the final gate.  Along the way you might encounter a Goblin 
or two, but nothing too bad.  While your at the exit the game will ask 
you to edit anything from your Race, Name, and anything else.  If your 
satisfied then exit, if not then change any options.  Once your out 
you've completed the Tutorial! 

=============== DELIVERING THE AMULET ===============

Now that you've got the Amulet of Kings its time to deliver it to 
Jauffre Grandmaster of the Blades at Weynon Priory southeast of the 
City or Chorrol.  You can walk and enjoy the scenery of The Great 
Forest and a bit of The Heartlands.  So if not fast travel to Weynon 
Priory.  If it is night time Jauffre will be sleeping, but if not he 
will probably be working at his desk, just follow the map marker.  

Once you talk to him he will talk on and on and on and finally you will 
complete this Segment of the Main Quest.  Although you can still get 
additional aid from Weynon Priory.  While you're here talk to Prior 
Maborel to get his Paint Horse.  Although the Paint Horse is the 
slowest Horse in the game it does make traveling the roads a lot 
faster.  Plus Paint Horses are normally 500 Gold so this saves you A 
LOT of money.  

Next talk to Brother Piner he gives you the book The Warp in the West 
which increases your Block Skill.  Ask Eronor, the Shepherd for a 
Repair Hammer.  Although it won't last you very long even if Armorer is 
a Major Skill, it can be useful.  Finally talk to Jauffre himself to 
get some Iron Armor, Leather Armor, and some Weapons that you can use 
or Sell in a City for some extra cash.  

=============== FIND THE HEIR (PART 1) ===============

Next is Find the Heir.  Although it is one quest about half-way through 
it you have to move on to another segment and then back to finish off 
Find the Heir.  It's time to find Martin Septim son of Emperor Uriel 
Septim VII himself.  If you fast travel to Kvatch you don't appear in 
the city itself, but in a Refugee Camp south of Kvatch.  It turns out 
that Daedra from Oblivion have attacked the city and destroyed it.

When you arrive a  man named Hirtel explains what happens.  You'll find 
him later at The Flowing Bowl (A Tavern) in Anvil.  There is actually a 
two "shops."  Batul gra-Sharob, an Orc Smithy.  She will sell Iron 
Weapons all the time no matter what level you are.  It is good for a 
quick weapon if you need one.  Also the Nord Sigrid will sell you 
Alchemy Supplies.  Once your done shopping and if you want sleep to 
level up, head north up the hill.

Once your at the top speak to Savlian Matius, Captain of the Kvatch 
Guard.  Talk to him about Martin and he will tell you that he is in the 
Chapel of Akatosh.  First though offer him to help close the Oblivion 
Gate.  He will disagree, but will ultimately let you go in.  He will 
also mention that he say the Daedra closed a gate earlier so it must be 
possible.  Get ready and brace yourself and run and enter the Oblivion 

=============== BREAKING THE SIEGE OF KVATCH =============== 

In Oblivion you notice a scene that looks like Hell.  A Huge Island on 
a sea of Lava.  The Plane of Oblivion can be very confusing, so refer 
to your map at all times.  First from the start head left and start 
going and you'll find a Kvatch Soldier named Ilend Vonius.  He will ask 
you if he should stay to help you or return to Savlian Matius.  If you 
send him back he will be available for a Big Battle later.  Although 
keep him since you'll probably need some extra help.  

Head to the left as far as you can and then start heading North.  Check 
your map frequently.  Eventually you will find a large Citadel.  This 
is where the Sigil Stone is.  If you remove it you can close the gate.  
If this is your Active Quest the Map Marker should lead you to the 
front entrance, just follow the path to get inside to the Blood Feast.  
The Citadel can be very confusing.  The easiest way is to head up.  
Head into the Rending Halls and then head up while defeating enemies.  

Once your as high up as you can go there should be a door back into the 
Blood Feast.  Take it and your another level up.  Head up the stairs 
and into the Corridors of Dark Salvation.  Climb up and there should be 
a door to "A Plane to Oblivion."  Take this door to be outside on a 
bridge.  Cross it and enter the next tower.  Climb up the stairs to 
encounter a Dremora.  He will give a speech and then attack you.  
Search his body for the key and talk to Menien in the cage.

He will tell you to find the Sigil Stone and remove it to close the 
gate.  Return to the Corridors of Dark Salvation and use the north door 
and head up and watch for the spear trap on the way.  At the top enter 
the Blood Feast again.  Finally climb the stairs now that your another 
level up.  This time there is a door to a place called the Sigillum 
Sanguis.  No matter what Oblivion Gate your in this place will also 
have the Sigil Stone.  

Here there is a lot of fighting.  If you're a Warrior then you can 
probably take them.  If not and you have low strength then continue on 
to the top.  Climb a bit and finally you find the Sigil Stone.  Remove 
it and Fire will start to appear.  Don't worry your safe.  Eventually 
you will be transported out of the Gate and back near the actual city 
of Kvatch.  Now talk to Matius.  

=============== FIND THE HEIR PART 2 ===============

Now Matius suggests it is time to get to the Chapel to rescue the 
citizens.  He will ask you if your ready.  If your not don't worry 
nothing will change if you do this right now or next year.  When your 
ready run into the city.  Destroy all the Daedra and Matius will tell 
you that he "Wiped the Bastards out!"  Now head into the chapel and a 
Soldier will begin bringing the members out.

To complete Breaking the Siege of Kvatch you have to talk to Matius.  
This will also add a Quest called "The Battle for Castle Kvatch."  This 
isn't part of the Main Quest so it listed in the Side Quests Chapter.  
Once Martin is out go talk to him in the Refugee Camp (he won't talk to 
you on his way out).  Tell him that he is the Uriel Septim's son.  He 
will eventually believe you and agree to come with you to Weynon 

=============== WEYNON PRIORY ===============

When you and Martin arrive in Weynon Priory you find it is under 
attack.  Eronor tells you that Prior Maborel is dead.  Mythic Dawn 
Assassins have attacked.  Kill them and head to the chapel.  Inside is 
Jauffre and another Assassin.  Kill the Mythic Dawn Assassin and talk 
to Jauffre.  He will tell you about Martin, but he worries about the 
Amulet of Kings.  Go to the secret room and you'll find the Mythic Dawn 
have taken it.  Jauffre is worried about Martin so he decides to take 
him to Cloud Ruler Temple.

Cloud Ruler Temple is a Fortress to the North of Bruma.  Once you, 
Jauffre, and Martin arrive a Blade named Cyrus greets you.  Once 
everybody is in Jauffre gives a short speech and then the Blades hail 
Martin as Martin Septim.  Martin also gives a Speech and then talks to 
you.  Martin is going to stay at Cloud Ruler Temple and Jauffre will 
put on his Blades Armor.  He will also offer you to join the Blades.

The Blades is a Faction and an Icon of the Blades will appear under 
your Factions Section of your Journal, but you won't get unique quests.  
Also there is only one section so it isn't possible to ever be 
Grandmaster of the Blades.  Joining though does allow you to live at 
Cloud Ruler Temple and is a great home because it is close to Bruma so 
you can get supplies there.  

Also you can get the Blades Armor and their awesome Swords.  The Armor 
is great and the Sword while weighs a lot and does less damage then a 
Claymore is a one-hander so you can carry a Shield or a Torch.  Martin 
also settles in and you'll usually find him in the Great Hall.  Talk to 
Jauffre about your next move and he tells you to find Baurus (One of 
the Blades from the Tutorial.  He lives at Luther Broad's Boarding 
House in Imperial City in the Elven Gardens District.  This completes 
the Weynon Priory Segment of the Main Quest. 

=============== THE PATH OF DAWN ===============

Everyone of course agrees that the first step to end the Oblivion 
Crisis is to recover the Amulet of Kings.  So Fast Travel to the Elven 
Gardens District and head over to Luther Broad's Boarding House.  
Inside is Baurus sitting down having a drink.  You may not recognize 
him because he doesn't have his armor on.  Take a seat next to him and 
Baurus will tell you that he will get up and the guy over on the stool 
on the other end will follow him.  When that happens you follow him.

Baurus will get up and the guy (Astav Wirich) will follow him down into 
the Basement.  Follow him and Baurus will get out his Katana.  Astav 
Wirich will put his Mythic Dawn Armor on and fight.  Help Baurus defeat 
him.  Search his body and you'll find a Book called Mankar Camoran's 
Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes Volume 1.  Now Baurus points out 
the obvious that the Mythic Dawn Assassins are a Daedric Cult who 
worship the Daedric Lord Mehrunes Dagon.  

Read the Book to get a Skill Increase to either Conjuration, 
Destruction, Illusion, or Mysticism.  Baurus tells you to find 
Tar-Meena to help you in your search.  Tar-Meena is a Mage at the 
Arcane University.  If you're an Associate of the Mages Guild or not in 
it at all she will be in the Arch-Mage's Lobby.  If your Apprentice 
Rank or Higher she will be in the Mystic Archives.  

She will tell you the Commentaries come in Four Volumes.  She gives you 
the Second Volume and tells you to head to Phintias the owner of the 
Book Store First Edition in the Market District.  Remember to read the 
Second Volume to get a Magic Skill Increase.  Phintias says he has 
Volume 3 but it has already been ordered by a Wood Elf named Gwinas who 
has come from the Wood Elf Homeland of Valenwood.

You can handle this several ways.  You can raise Phintias's Disposition 
to 70 and buy the book from him.  When Gwinas comes you can raise 
disposition a bit and inform him of the Mythic Dawn and he will give 
you it.  Finally you can just pickpocket him or kill him for it.  
Gwinas will tell you the only way to get Volume 4 is to get from a 
Member of the Cult.  He will give you a note to meet the Member.  Head 
back to Baurus and talk to him about "Mythic Dawn Meeting" and "Sewers" 
and you'll have to follow him into the Elven Gardens District Sewers.

Once you get to the place you can either do the meeting itself or spy 
on it.  Either way a man named Raven Camoran (Mankar's son) comes in.  
Baurus will attack, so follow his lead and attack as well.  Search 
Raven's Body for Volume 4 and kill the remaining Mythic Dawn Members.  
If Baurus dies exit via Fathis Ules's Basement or if he does survive 
then follow him out.  

Now you can either go back to Tar-Meena on what to do or you can just 
let me tell you what to do.  Wait until Noon and head to the Imperial 
Palace.  Outside if you fast traveled head to the right in the 
Graveyard and find the large tomb.  It should say it is the tomb of 
Prince Camarril.  If it's noon activate it and you will get a Map 
Marker of what to do and the Path of Dawn segment will be completed.

=============== DAGON SHRINE ===============

The Mythic Dawn's Secret Shrine is located in the Lake Arrius Caverns 
south of the City of Cheydinhal.  When you arrive at the Caverns your 
greeted by the doorman.  Cooperate and he will open the door.  If you 
kill him every member in the Caverns will attack you.  Now that he's 
opened the door drop everything you have.  Trust me just do it.  As you 
head forward Harrow, the Warden will greet you and ask you for 
everything you have.

Although you will have to give up your gold you can get it back from 
killing him (Sometimes some of my stuff that I gave him disappeared, 
but the Gold has never).  Put on the Mythic Dawn Robe and proceed.  
When you enter the Shrine you will hear Mankar Camoran's Speech and he 
will proceed into a portal to Paradise (The Mythic Dawn's Heaven).  He 
does take the Amulet of Kings with him so you will have to find a way 
to open a portal into his Paradise to retrieve it.  

Next Ruma Camoran will tell you to take the Dagger and kill the victim 
to become a Member of the Mythic Dawn.  This is a tough choice.  
Killing the Victim makes your way out a bit easier, but not much.  Not 
killing him will let you see him in the Temple of the One and he will 
praise you for rescuing him.  The real prize though is the Mysterium 
Xarxes.  This is the Secret to open a Portal to Paradise.  Take it and 
run like hell.  

Every Member will attack you.  The can't exit the way you came in (it's 
locked).  Although another exit on the north side of the shrine's upper 
tier is open.  Follow the path through the living quarters and then 
back out.  Kill Harrow for your Gold and take the things that you 
dropped.  After you have that exit and report to Cloud Ruler Temple to 
give the Mysterium Xarxes to Martin Septim to complete the Dagon Shrine 
segment of the Main Quest.  

=============== SPIES ===============

Jauffre reports seeing spies near Bruma.  Your to eliminate the spies 
to get rid of any threat they may pose.  This Segment is actually quite 
simple.  That is if you know who the spies are already.  The Spies are 
Jearl and her Friend.  Don't worry killing them without "actually doing 
the way the quest is supposed to" is not going to skip any part of the 
Story so you won't miss any part of the Story.  

Jearl has a house in Bruma.  So head to the Lower Class Homes and 
search for hers.  Without a guard seeing you pick the lock to her house 
and eliminate her and her friend.  They transform into Mythic Dawn 
Warriors, but there is only two (a lot less then from Lake Arrius 
Caverns).  Kill them and head into the Basement.  Search the desk for 
"Jearl's Orders" and report to Jauffre.  Give him the orders to 
complete Spies. 

=============== BLOOD OF THE DAEDRA ===============

Just as Mankar Camoran can use the Mysterium Xarxes to open a Portal to 
Paradise, Martin can too.  He needs Four Items for the Ritual, but he 
only knows one.  The Blood of a Daedric God.  Martin mentions that they 
can be find in Daedric Artifacts.  These are given as rewards for 
completing a Daedric Quest.  To get the Location of Azura's Shrine read 
Modern Heretics located at Cloud Ruler Temple.  This also gives the 
option of Daedric Shrine when you talk to other Characters.

There are 15 Daedric Artifacts, but which one to choose?  It is very 
tough to choose this because really all the Artifacts you get are 
extremely useful.  The easiest Daedric Quests are Nocturnal and 
Hircine.  Although both of these Quests give very useful Daedric 
Artifacts.  I don't have the Daedric Quests on this FAQ yet.  Actually 
it will be a little while.  If your looking for an easy quest then do 
Nocturnal.  You should be able to figure it out on your own.  Plus the 
Artifact is useful, but when you get the Security +40, it makes doing 
Lockpicking without rarely breaking a lockpick, so do you really need 

I'm sorry I don't have the Daedric Quests on this FAQ, but Nocturnal is 
very simple you should be able to do it with no trouble at all.  If you 
want to do another really all I can say is to look at another FAQ.  
Once you have the Daedric Artifact give it to Martin to complete Blood 
of the Daedra.  Note, I will tell you when at least one of the Daedric 
Quests are posted.  Also talk to the Dark Elf in the Leyawiin Mages 
Guild to get the location for Nocturnal's Shrine.

=============== BLOOD OF THE DIVINES ===============

After Blood of the Daedra you can either get the second item required 
for Martin's Ritual or do the Segment of the Main Quest called Bruma 
Gate.  I'm going to do Blood of the Divines first because it is pretty 
tough, so I'm going to get the hard segment out of the way.  Plus the 
third item for martin's ritual quest follows this so it is best to do 
this one first.  However you can do it in any order you like.

The Second item required is the Blood of one of the Nine Divines.  
Martin has an idea, the Armor of Tiber Septim.  Tiber Septim was the 
Fist Emperor of Cyrodiil and when he died he became the God Talos.  Ask 
Jauffre about The Armor of Tiber Septim and he will direct you to 
Sancre Tor.  Sancre Tor used to be holy until the Underking killed 
Tiber Septim's four Strongest Blades.  

When you arrive at Sancre Tor you will encounter Ghosts and Wraiths so 
bring a Magic, Silver, or Daedric Weapon.  The Dremora Weapons from 
Oblivion also work.  On the way you will encounter an Undead Blade.  
Once you kill him he will give you info on what happended.  Once your 
in the Entry Hall this is a hub to all the places where the Undead 
Blades are.  You must kill all Four Undead Blades to release the 
Barrier to Tiber Septim's Armor.

The Four Undead Blades are Alain, Valdemar, Rielus, and Casnar.  The 
Four are in the Hall of Judgment, Prison, and initial section of Sancre 
Tor, and the Catacombs.  Once you have killed them all go to the Tomb 
of the Reman Emperors (The four undead blades are easy to find, the map 
markers show where they are).  Once the Blades remove the barrier grab 
the Armor (it looks awesome!).  Give the Armor to 
Martin and he removes Talos's Blood and puts on the Armor (I think it 
is Ebony Armor but I could be wrong).  He also gives you the third Item 
Quest for the Portal to Paradise.

=============== MISCARCAND =============

The third item for Martin's Ritual is a Great Welkynd Stone.  You may 
have seen a normal one found in Ayleid Ruins.  Those don't have enough 
power, you need a Great one and the last known location is at 
Miscarcand, an Ayleid Capital City.  Just like any Ayleid Ruin figuring 
it out can be a bit tough.  Miscarcand is a huge Ayleid Ruin as it is a 
Capital City.  Although the enemies are pretty easy.  They are mostly 
Ghosts, Skeletons, and Zombies.

As you make your way through Sel Vanua and Morimath save often.  In 
Ayleid Ruins always stick to the path and usually the entrance to the 
next area is on the top path.  That way just in case you fall off you 
can have a back up save to load.  In the Morimath Level grab the 
Welkynd Stone and The King of Miscarcand attacks along with some Pals.  
The King is a Lich so you could have some trouble.  Take him out and 
exit Miscarcand and back to Martin for a Progress Report on the 
Mysterium Xarxes.

=============== BRUMA GATE ===============

An Oblivion Gate has opened before Bruma and your to help Captain Burd 
and his men close it.  The Gate is southeast of Bruma.  Talk to one of 
the men to enlist the help of Burd and two of his men.  The two men are 
not very much help, but Captain Burd is 15 Levels above you and can not 
die making him very formidable.  When you arrive your at the bottom of 
a U Shaped Island.  As you move counterclockwise around the Island you 
will encounter leveled Daedra and you will eventually see the view of 
the Citadel.

Once your at the top move south and enter the Fury Spike.  The Fury 
Spike is basically the same as the Blood Feast from the Kvatch Oblivion 
Gate.  Enter the Rending Halls and head up and usual this time head to 
the third level instead of just up one level.  The Second level is a 
dead end, but does have some loot.  On the third level exit to the Fury 
Spike and go to the next door to enter the Corridors of Dark Salvation.  
This is pretty simple.  On the upper level of the Corridors exit back 
to the Fury Spike.  

Finally once there head towards the next doors to enter the Sigillum 
Sanguis.  You know what to do here.  Climb up to the top and activate 
the Sigil Stone to close the Oblivion Gate and appear back outside with 
the rest of Captain Burd's men.  Now Captain Burd thanks you and tells 
you that he and his men can handle any remaining daedra and oblivion 
gates.  Now your done with the Ritual Item Quests and the Oblivion Gate 
Quests.  The Final Ritual Item and Oblivion Gate are rolled into one.

=============== ALLIES FOR BRUMA ===============

Martin mentions that the final item for the ritual is a Great Sigil 
Stone only obtainable from a Great Gate.  To do this Martin plans to 
let Mankar Camoran open the gate outside of Bruma.  Right now you get 
two quests Allies for Bruma and Defense of Bruma.  Allies for Bruma is 
actually optional.  You must go to the city's Count or Countess and 
enlist the aid for Bruma.  To get aid you have to close an Oblivion 
Gate.  Anvil and Chorrol give you two Soldiers, Kvatch, Leyawiin, and 
Skingrad provide one.  If you're a Warrior and you think you don't need 
help then just talk to Martin and say your ready to complete this quest 
and start Defense of Bruma.  

However I do recommend you close two Oblivion Gates.  Bravil gives you 
Viera Lerus, a Guard Captain 15 Levels above you and can not die.  
Cheydinhal gives you Ulrich Leland a Captain also.  Cheydinhal's gate 
is described in the Cheydinhal Side Quest A Wayward Knight.  The 
Oblivion gates aren't very hard and since you've got past experience 
with Bruma and Kvatch this should pretty simple.  Once you've gotten 
your aid speak to Martin he will start Defense of Bruma and take off to 

=============== DEFENSE OF BRUMA ===============

First head to Castle Bruma and talk to Countess Narina Carvain.  Tell 
her Martin is waiting for her in the Chapel of Talos for a Council of 
War. Outside the Chapel you will find Bruma's Soldiers along with any 
other Allies you got with their City's Guard Armor.  Martin tells you 
that to open a Great Gate you need three regular gates open first so 
your to let Mankar open three gates.  Say Let the Battle Begin to begin 
the battle! 

When your ready you will have the help of Jauffre as well who will help 
you a lot.  However Jauffre can die in this battle so be warned.  Hold 
off the Daedra as best as you can.  Their leveled so no matter which 
level you are this will prove dificult to stay alive for three gates to 
open and then wait for the Great Gate to open.  If you are a Thief or 
Mage then I suggest you wear Heavy Armor because you will need the 
Protection.  Once the Great Oblivion Gate is open charge in!

=============== GREAT GATE ===============

You only have 15 Minutes to close this gate so try to be quick.  When 
you arrive you see the Daedric Siege Engine (The Machine used to 
destroy Kvatch).  First you have two options.  The Tower to the right 
will end up with a long jump over Lava, but less Daedra and the Left 
Tower will end up with a shorter jump, but more Daedra.  The Choice is 
yours.  Once you've gotten across the Bridge at the end of the Tower 
then go into the Citadel.

This Citadel is called World Breaker.  Enter the Vaults of End Times.  
Go to the Upper level and exit back to the World Breaker.  Repeat this 
process and go as high as you can.  When your at the top enter the 
Sigillum Sanguis.  Just like any other Oblivion Gate climb to the top 
and grab the Great Sigil Stone!  That wasn't so hard was it?

=============== PARADISE ===============

Now your are the Savior of Bruma and the Hero of Kvatch, how cool is 
that?  Back at Cloud Ruler Temple talk to Martin Septim.  Give him the 
Great Sigil Stone and he will create a portal.  When your ready enter 
Paradise.  When your in Paradise it is a lush, green, and pretty place.  
You will soon hear Mankar Camoran's voice taunt you.  Follow the path 
killing any Daedra in your way.  Eventually you will meet a Dremora 
named Kathutet.

This guy is actually nice.  Well, for the time being.  To get to the 
Palace you need to go through the Forbidden Grotto and to get in the 
Grotto you need the Bands of the Chosen which Kathutet has.  He will 
let you have them if you free an Xivilai named Anaxes or you can kill 
him for the Bands.  The easiest way is to kill him, but if you don't 
want to Anaxes is Northwest of Kathutet's Location in the Cave known as 
the Lair of Anaxes.  Once you've got the Bands enter the Forbidden 

Inside the Forbidden Grotto you will find Mankar Camoran's favored 
being caged and tortured by being lowered in cages into Lava.  Not much 
fun there.  Inside you will meet Eldamill who will actually want to 
help you.  But watch out for Ranyu, Amkaos, and Orthe all three 
Dremoras will kill you on the spot, but Eldamill will distract them.  
Once your almost out meet up with Eldamill so he can remove the Bands 
of the Chosen.  

Once your out follow the path to the Palace.  Raven and Ruma (Mankar's 
Children) will greet you and tell you to go inside.  Mankar Camoran 
will talk with you and then attack you.  Don't bother killing Ruma and 
Raven, they will respawn.  Focus your attacks on Camoran.  Once it's 
over take the Amulet of Kings from his body and Paradise will be 
destroyed.  Now talk to Martin to complete Paradise.

=============== LIGHT THE DRAGONFIRES! ===============

This is the last Segment of the Main Quest.  Fast Travel to the 
Imperial Palace and if Jauffre is still alive he will come too.  
Outside you will meet up with Baurus if he is alive, if not then 
Captain Steffan will be there and if he died then nobody will be there.  
Enter and talk to Chancellor Ocato, head of the Elder Council.  The 
Elder Council already recognizes Martin Septim as Emperor of Tamriel.  
As they are talking an Imperial Soldier will say Oblivion Gates have 
opened and Daedra are attacking the city!

Now you must escort Emperor Martin Septim to the Temple of the One in 
the Temple District to light the dragonfires to close the Oblivion 
Gates once and for all.  As you escort Emperor Martin guard him with 
your life.  Martin CAN die and if he does it is Game Over.  Since the 
Palace District has an entrance to every district in the City take the 
one to Temple District.  There you will find Mehrunes Dagon himself.  
You can't kill him so don't bother.  Once Martin is in the Temple of 
the One he will transform into Akatosh and kill Mehrunes Dagon.

Once Dagon is dead Martin who transformed into Akatosh will become a 
Statue to guard Tamriel from Oblivion forever.  Now Ocato will make you 
by Order of the Dragon Champion of Cyrodiil the highest rank of the 
order!  Also you will get a Quest called Imperial Dragon Armor.  Wait 
Two Weeks and you will find the Armor in the Armory.  It is either 
Heavy Armor or Light Armor depending on which Skill is higher.  They 
look the same and have the same enchantments so it doesn't matter which 
one you get.  Now your done with the Main Quest!  Congratulations!  

However the game is far from done.  You still have the Guild Quests and 
plenty of Side Quests and more fun stuff.  So get to it!


The Fighters Guild is a Guild that mainly deals with Contracts for the 
good of people.  This can go from simple things like helping kill a 
Live Animal to killing a Band of Thieves.  Joining is simple.  As long 
as you don't have a Bounty and your Infamy is under 100 then either 
talk to Guildmaster Vilena Donton in the Chorrol Fighters Guild, Burz 
gro-Khash at the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild, or Azzan at the Anvil 
Fighters Guild.  

Once your in you can be as bad as you want just as long as your crimes 
don't affect other Guild Members.  If they do you will have to talk to 
Vilena Donton to get back in.  First she will make you get 20 Bear 
Pelts.  You can buy these at any Trade Store.  After that you have to 
get 20 Minotaur Horns which you can find by killing Minotaurs.  After 
that your gone for good.  As you complete quests you can get promoted 
and get a cash reward.  Here are the ranks starting from lowest to 


In the Fighters Guild you will get your Contracts from Azzan and Burz 
gro-Khash at first then from Modryn Oreyn.  Then you will rotate back 
and forth.  When you do Azzan and Burz gro-Khash's Contracts you can do 
them in any order.  I write them with Azzan's Quests first, and write 
promotions like your doing it in the order I wrote it, but you can do 
them in any order you like.


=============== A RAT PROBLEM ===============

This is Azzan's First Quest for you.  Arvena Thelas has some problems 
with some rats in her cellar.  Go to her house near Moravyn's 
Peacemakers and enter and talk to her.  She says that the rats are her 
pets and that a Mountain Lion got into her basement and ate one of her 
rats.  Go down into the basement and you'll find a mountain lion.  Kill 
it and report back to Arvena.  She worries that more will come and 
tells you to find a hunter (Pinarus Inventius).  Report to the Advanced 
Marksman Trainer and he will note it is odd, but knows an area where 
they live.

Follow him out of Anvil for a little ways and kill the Mountain Lions.  
Return to Arvena Thelas's House and she is still worried.  She fears 
there is still another Lion.  Go down to the Basement to find she is 
right.  Kill the Mountain Lion and return and she has a theory of the 
attacks.  The thinks that Quill-Weave, one of her neighbors, has made 
the Lions come.  Arvena even tells you that she has seen Quill-Weave 
around her house at night.  Between 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm hide in a bush 
and pretty soon Quill-Weave (An Argonian) will come creeping around and 
deposit a piece of meat behind Arvena's House.

You'll get a Journal Entry about it.  Confront Quill-Weave and she will 
say that she only meant to drive the rats out, not bring Mountain Lions 
in.  However she will make you a deal.  If you tell Thelas that it 
wasn't her then she will increase your Acrobatics skill for free and 
you will still get the Fame Bump and the reward from Arvena.  If you be 
honest you'll get everything except instead of Acrobatics you'll get a 
free Speechcraft Increase.  Acrobatics is probably the better choice 
but you can choose whichever you want.  After you get the reward the 
quest is completed.  After you get your reward go back to Azzan for a 
promotion to Apprentice.

=============== THE UNFORTUNATE SHOPKEEPER ===============

This is Azzan's second Contract for you.  Norbert Lelles who runs 
Lelles's Quality Merchandise on the Dock in Anvil has had some break-
ins.  Report to Norbert in his Shop and he will tell you to stay 
overnight and he will be in the Flowing Bowl Tavern right next to 
Lelles's Quality Merchandise.  Shortly before 11:00 pm stand in front 
of the front door three Thieves dressed in Light Armor will come in 

The Three Thieves aren't very hard, but if they attack you in a pack 
which they most likely will do then you may be in for a rough time.  
Retreat to the stairs and take them on one by one.  When they are dead 
go to The Flowing Bowl and talk to Norbert to get your Reward.  

=============== THE DESOLATE MINE ===============

This is Burz gro-Khash's First Contract for you and is the only one in 
this round.  In Cheydinhal Burz gro-Khash wants you to deliver a Weapon 
Shipment to Desolate Mine Northwest of the city.  He gives you a Steel 
Bow, Steel Warhammer, and Steel Longsword, sends you on your way, and 
tells you not to "Muck it up."  When you get to Desolate Mine you may 
see a Goblin or two outside the Mine.  Eliminate them and enter the 

Head forward and speak to Rienna.  She will take the Steel Bow and tell 
you to give the two weapons to the other men.  Each has a weapon 
preference.  If you give the right one to the right Warrior then your 
chances of survival will increase for this quest and your disposition 
with them will increase as well.  Give the Steel Warhammer to the Orc 
and the Steel Longsword to the High Elf.  Now your to help the Guild 
Members clear the mine of goblins. Follow them around the Mine and kill 
any goblins in your way  The Warriors are a big help.  

Go back to Burz gro-Khash for your reward.  If any of the Guild Members 
died then your reward will be knocked off 20%.  Also whenever you fast 
travel to a Castle or the Imperial Prison the surviving Guild Members 
will be there.  When you head back to Burz gro-Khash you get a 
promotion to Journeyman and when you say "Contract" he will refer you 
to Vilena Donton.


=============== UNFINISHED BUSINESS ===============

You'll hear from either Azzan or Burz gro-Khash that Vilena Donton 
needs to see you at the Chorrol Fighters Guild.  She will tell you that 
you need to perform some Duties for the Guild.  Vilena Donton will tell 
you to speak to Modryn Oreyn, who is of Champion Rank.  Speak to him 
about Duties and he will tell you to find Maglir.  Maglir was assigned 
for a Contract in Skingrad, but defaulted.  Oreyn sends you off to find 
what's wrong.

When you get to Skingrad head to the West Weald Inn to find him.  The 
Wood Elf tells you that the Contract was to find Brenus Astis's Journal 
in Fallen Rock Cave.  He tells you the dangers are too great and that 
he has to think about his Family.  What a loser.  Maglir says that if 
it is that important you are to get the Journal.  Technically you have 
performed your Duty of finding Maglir, but if you report to Oreyn he 
will just tell you to go get the Journal so don't waste your time.

Before you head to Fallen Rock Cave get a Silver, Daedric, or Magic 
Weapon because Fallen Rock Cave is infested with Ghosts and Wraiths 
depending on your level.  If you're a Battlemage equip a Strong 
Destruction Spell.  The Cave is actually simple.  If you head straight 
you will end up at the Journal in no time.  However there are fallen 
rocks that block your path, thankfully there are side passages you can 
take to get to the next room.  In the cave's innermost room you'll find 
the journal; grab it.  

Once you've got it go back to Chorrol.  You can either tell Modryn 
Oreyn that you got the Journal or that Maglir didn't default and that 
he did the Contract.  If you tell him you did you get the Fame Bump 
plus the Reward.  Or you can tell him Maglir did it to get the Reward, 
but not the Fame Bump.  Telling him you did is the better choice.  If 
you do tell him Maglir did it will make a Future quest a little bit 
easier, but not by much.  You will also hear Rumors that you covered up 
for Maglir and your Journal even says that Oreyn won't buy it.

=============== DRUNK AND DISORDERLY ===============

Modryn Oreyn tells you that Three Fighters Guild Members down in 
Leyawiin have been causing trouble at a Tavern.  Go down to Leyawiin 
and talk to a Citizen about "Causing Trouble" and you will learn that 
the three are drinking at the Five Claws Lodge near the West Gate.  The 
trio are Dubok gro-Shagk, Rellian, and Vantus Prelius.  The trio are 
having an argument with Witseidutsei, the Lodge's Owner.  

Talk to them and you will learn that they aren't drunk at all.  They 
are angry at the Blackwood Company.  The Blackwood Company is similar 
to the Fighters Guild.  They do similar jobs as the Guild, but some are 
too outrageous.  They tell you that they were Mercenaries sent to 
reclaim territory in the Argonian Homeland Black Marsh, east of 
Leyawiin.  When they failed they set up shop in Leyawiin and have been 
stealing contracts ever since.

The trio say that they will get out of Five Claws Lodge if you can find 
them some work.  It's easy to find work for them.  Talk to any Leyawiin 
Resident with a Disposition over 40 to learn Margarte is looking for 
work.  If your lucky Margarte will be in her home which is close to the 
Lodge, if your not she will be out in the Wilderness looking for 
Alchemy Ingredients.  Margarte is an Advanced Mercantile Trainer and a 
Trade Consultant by profession but says her real passion is Alchemy.

She needs help finding Ogre Teeth and Minotaur Horns.  She doesn't 
trust the Blackwood Company, but doesn't trust the Fighters Guild 
either.  She says if you find five portions of ectoplasm that then she 
will give the job to the Fighters Guild and any future jobs.  Ectoplasm 
is easy to find.  You can buy it at any Alchemy Store or from any Mages 
Guild Alchemy Shop and you don't have to be a member of the Mages Guild 
to purchase Ingredients from the Shops.  

Also you can find it from Ghosts and Wraiths when you kill them.  The 
easiest place to find Ghosts and Wraiths is in a Chapel Undercroft.  
Once you have the Ingredients report to Margarte to ensure the job.  
Return to the Trio and tell them and they will head off to the 
Wilderness to find the Ingredients.  If you want to make some cash you 
can give Margarte Ogre Teeth or Minotaur Horns in groups of five for 
500 Gold Each.  Report to Modryn Oreyn for your usual Gold Reward and a 
Promotion to Swordsman. 


=============== DEN OF THIEVES ===============

This first contract comes from Azzan.  If you stop by in the Anvil 
Fighters Guild you will see a familiar face; Maglir from Unfinished 
Business.  Azzan says that thefts have been occurring and to ask around 
town where the Thieves are located.  He also sends you off with Maglir 
for a partner for this quest.  The person to talk to is Newheim the 
Portly who hangs around on the Harborside from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.  
Talk to him and he will tell you that his Flagon was stolen and that 
the Thieves are located Hrota Cave.  

If you talk to Newheim the Portly abound his Flagon you will get a 
Fighters Guild Side Quest that is associated with this quest.  When you 
get to the cave you must clear it out with the Thieves.  This should be 
easy since the Thieves are weak and you have a partner helping you out.  
If your doing the side quest the flagon is on top of a barrel in the 
northeast corner of the central pit in the last large room.  Now report 
back to Newheim for Three Bottles of his special  brew of beer and talk 
to Azzan for you usual Gold Reward.

=============== AMELION'S DEBT ===============

Burz gro-Khash wants you to seek out Biene Amelion in Water's Edge 
which is a Village south of Leyawiin.  Amelion's Father was a Gambler 
and a bad one.  She owes them 1000 Gold so she wants you to retrieve 
her Grandfather's Cuirass and Sword to pay the debt off and wants you 
to retrieve it.  This actually can be quite.  If you have a spare 1000 
Gold around you can just pay off the debt for her. You probably should 
have that much unless you have been spending off the gold rewards from 
the previous Fighters Guild Contracts.  If not go to the tomb and 
retrieve the items (the tomb is pretty simple).  Once your back to Burz 
gro-Khash you get a promotion to Protector.


=============== THE MASTER'S SON ===============

It's back to Modryn Oreyn in the Chorrol Fighters Guild for Quests.  
This time your going on a Mission with the Guildmaster's Son, Viranus 
Donton.  Ever since Vitellus Donton died in a Mission the Guildmaster 
has been holding back the other Donton.  Your to make sure that Viranus 
succeeds.  Viranus can't die so don't worry about that.  Also Vilena 
Donton isn't to know about it.  The mission is to find Galtus Previa 
who was last seen in Nonwyll Cavern searching for gems.

First step though is to pick up Viranus.  He is at the Donton House in 
the Main Plaza right next to the Fighters Guild.  Now get over to 
Nonwyll Cavern.  Oreyn is kind of being harsh because Nonwyll Cavern 
not only will give Viranus some bad moments, but you as well.  The cave 
is full of Trolls, Ogres and a Minotaur.  Bring lots of Potions and 
have a good healing spell at the ready.  Galtus Previa is no longer 
living though.  You'll find his body in the innermost room of the inner 
cave.  Once you find the body and get a Journal Entry return to Oreyn.  

When you get back you tell Oreyn "There were creatures inside."  
Viranus Donton gets a Gold Reward and a spot for future contracts.  You 
get a Magic Blade adjusted to your character's level. 

=============== MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS ===============

Maglir has screwed up again.  Maglir has defaulted on a Contract, but 
this time didn't even show up at all.  It was with a Mage in Bravil.  
You'll find Maglir at the Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil.  Maglir says 
that he quit the Fighters Guild and has joined the Blackwood Company.  
If you gave him credit he will tell you who the client is and it will 
give you a map marker.  If not the client is Aryarie at the Mages 
Guild.  The Guild shouldn't be too hard to find.  If for some reason it 
is, go back to Modryn Oreyn for a name of the client and a map marker.

Aryarie wants you to find 10 Portions of Imp Gall.  She says that they 
are easy to find at Robber's Glen Cave.  You can't buy Imp Gall and 
give it to her because she prefers "fresh."  Head to Robber's Glen Cave 
and you will find 13 Imps and more importantly 14 Chests full of loot.  
Once you have the Imp Gall return to Aryarie for the Ring of Shielding.  
Next return to Modryn Oreyn for a Promotion to Defender.  Also Oreyn 
will tell you that he has another Quest for you and your to meet him at 
his house after 8:00 pm.  

=============== AZANI BLACKHEART ===============

If it's after 8:00 pm meet Modryn Oreyn at his humble shack in the 
southwest corner of Chorrol.  He is going to talk to you about Azani 
Blackheart.  Oreyn tells you that a Wizard hired the Fighters Guild to 
get an artifact from Azani Blackheart, who is a Powerful Warrior.  
Oreyn sent in 20 Men and 15 died including Vitellus Donton, Viranus's 
Older Brother.  Apparently the Blackwood Company did the same mission 
successfully with fewer men and Oreyn is suspicious.  

The Guildmaster doesn't want to get into a fight with the Blackwood 
Company because she loves the Guild and doesn't want to risk killing 
any guild members.  Agree to help and Modryn Oreyn wants you to meet 
him at the Leyawiin Fighters Guild.  Travel there and you'll find Oreyn 
there.  Modryn wants to go to Arpenia which is an Ayleid Ruin that used 
to be Blackheart's Stronghold.  When you get there you will notice it 
is kind of bare.  There are no Undead Creatures or Daedra or anything 

The only thing inside is maybe a Rat or two.  In the middle of the 
first big room Modryn is convinced that Blackheart and the Blackwood 
Company struck a deal.  Azani Blackheart let the Blackwood Company take 
the artifact and give it to Argoth (The Wizard).  Then the Blackwood 
Company told Blackheart where Argoth was so he could kill him and take 
back the artifact.  Modryn Oreyn knows another Ayleid Ruin, Atatar.  
Follow him there and enter.  Atatar is huge.  It has traps and more 
then 20 Bandits plus Creatures.  

As with all Ayleid Ruins stick to the main path and stay on the high 
path and you should reach Azani Blackheart fine.  Azani is a Redguard 
Warrior Several Levels above your own and has Elven Armor and an 
enchanted Daedric Claymore.  This could prove tough.  However with the 
Fighters Guild Champion helping you it should prove a little easier.  
When Blackheart dies search his body and take his ring to give to Oreyn 
as proof for who really killed Azani Blackheart.  Modryn promotes you 
to Warder and sends you off to Azzan and Burz gro-Khash for more 


=============== THE WANDERING SCHOLAR ===============

This Contract is from Azzan.  You'll learn that Elante of Alinor is 
researching Daedra Worship.  She has found a Daedra Shrine at 
Brittlerock Cave and needs your help getting to the Shrine.  Elante of 
Alinor awaits you at the Cave Entrance.  She says that it shouldn't be 
too hard and that your just to handle any "difficulties" along the way.  
The difficulties Elante is talking about are numerous Daedra adjusted 
to your level.

Follow Elante and take care of anything along the way.  Once you get to 
the bottom of the cave Elante decides to stay to study.  Once you get 
out report back to Azzan to get your usual Gold Reward. If Elante died 
then you don't get the Gold Reward or the Fame Bump but the Quest is 
still Completed.  

=============== THE FUGITIVES ===============

Burz gro-Khash tells you that there has been a Prison Break in Bravil.  
He says that instead of being smart and hiding, they are tormenting the 
Citizens of Bravil.  Get yourself down to Bravil.  The first step is 
finding the Thieves.  Talk to any Bravil Resident with a Disposition of 
60 or higher to learn the four are living in Bloodmayne Cave.  The Cave 
isn't too far from Bravil just a small Walk.  The Four aren't hanging 
out together.  Ashanta and Hlofgar are in the initial section of 
Bloodmayne Cave and Dreet-Lai and Enrion are in the Inner One.  The 
First three are one level above you and Enrion is three above.  Back to 
Burz gro-Khash for your usual Leveled Gold Reward and a promotion to 
Guardian which is one rank below Modryn Oreyn's Rank of Champion.


=============== TROLLS OF FORSAKEN MINE ===============

Modryn Oreyn only has one quest for you in this round.  Modryn Oreyn 
dispatched a group of Guild Members including Viranus Donton to clear 
Forsaken Mine of Trolls.  He hasn't heard from them since and your to 
investigate.  Fast Travel to Leyawiin and move Southwest up into the 
hills.  There are two Mine Entrances, but follow the one the Map Marker 
points you to.  By the time you reach the bottom of the entry passage 
you find three bodies.  As you make your way farther into the Mine you 
find bodies from Fighters Guild Members and Blackwood Company Members.

You won't know what happended in here till you find the Body of Viranus 
Donton.  You can read his Journal if you like too.  Once you find his 
body clear the Mine of the remaining Trolls and return to Chorrol to 
speak to Oreyn.  Modryn says that you should go to Azzan and Burz gro-
Khash for Contracts and that "You still have a Career ahead of you."  
This was Modryn Oreyn's only Quest this go-round so go back to your 
pals, Azzan and Burz gro-Khash.


=============== THE STONE OF ST. ALESSIA ===============

This is Azzan's Last Contract for you.  When you return to him you 
learn that Oreyn's little chat with the Guildmaster didn't go so well.  
He has been expelled and you have been demoted two ranks to Defender.  
This is a recovery quest.  The Stone of St. Aleesia has been stolen 
from The Chapel of Talos in Bruma.  Get yourself up there and speak to 
Cirroc inside the Chapel.  He says that the day the Stone was stolen a 
group of four to five men came into the Chapel and back out very 

Follow your map marker a little ways outside of Bruma and it will lead 
you to a Khajiit named K'Sharr.  He confesses to participating in the 
theft, but that Ogres jumped them and killed the rest of his men along 
with taking the Stone to an Ayleid Ruin called Sedor.  Once your inside 
the Ruin it is pretty easy to find the Stone, but equip yourself with a 
good weapon and good armor because there is a lot of Ogres down there.  
Go up the stairs around a curving hallway, down another flight of 
stairs, and finally across a large chamber and a short hall.

Step onto the Pressure Plate to open a side entrance and follow it 
around to the Stone and back out.   Return the Stone to Cirroc to get 
Three Restore Health Potions.  Next return to Azzan and to get your 
leveled Gold Reward, and you have now completed all of Azzan's 
Contracts!  Now go to Burz gro-Khash for his final Contracts.

=============== THE NOBLE'S DAUGHTER ===============

This is a very short Quest.  Lady Rogbut, the Daughter of an Orc 
Nobleman named Lord Rugdumph, has gone missing.  He lives at a Manor 
near Lake Arrius which is a short walking distance from Cheydinhal.  
Rugdumph thinks that Ogres took her daughter and suggests you search 
the area around his Estate.  Go directly east of the front door and 
you'll spot Ogres along with Lady Rogbut.  Kill them and escort Rogbut 
back to the estate.  Lord Rugdumph gives you Rugdumph's Sword which has 
a Silence enchantment which is very useful against Mages.  Back to Burz 
gro-Khash in Cheydinhal for you Gold Reward and he restores your old 
rank of Guardian.

=============== MYSTERY AT HARLUN'S WATCH ===============

This is Burz gro-Khash's final Contract for you.  He says that 
residents of the Small Town of Harlun's Watch which is a little ways 
south of Cheydinhal have been mysteriously disappearing.  Speak to 
Drarana Thelis who lives in the Southernmost of the Houses.  She tells 
you that flickering lights appeared several nights earlier near Swampy 
Cave.  Go to Swampy cave to find the source of the lights, Will-o-the 
Wisps.  However Will-o-the Wisps aren't killers.  Go inside Swampy Cave 
to find Trolls and lots of them.  

There are more then 20 of them in the initial section and the inner one 
(Swampy Cavern).  When you find the body of Eduard Denile you'll get a 
Journal Entry to clear out the Cave of Trolls if you already haven't.  
Once you clear out the Cave return to Drarana Thelis for an enchanted 
Ring and to Burz gro-Khash for your leveled gold reward and a promotion 
to Champion, Oreyn's old Rank in the Fighters Guild.  Congratulations!  
You've completed all of Azzan and Burz gro-Khash's Contracts so what 
now?  However speak to either one to learn Modryn Oreyn wants to speak 
with you.  


=============== INFORMATION GATHERING ===============

Expelled or not Modryn Oreyn is still determined to take down the 
Blackwood Company.  Meet Modryn Oreyn at his house at any hour.  Oreyn 
wants you to kidnap Ajum Kajin, a Blackwood Company General.  You'll 
find him at Glademist Cave, East of Chorrol.  Although Kajin is a 
General, he has no armor and no weapon, so all you must do is kill his 
seven bodyguards and he will accompany you to Oreyn's House.  

Once your back at Oreyn's House he says he needs three pieces of 
information. The first is the Blackwood Company's Size, who the Leader 
is, and the secret of the group's strength.  To get the info you can 
either sweet talk him or torture him.  If your Speechcraft Skill is 
high then you can probably sweet talk him pretty easily.  You have to 
raise his disposition to 90 which is pretty tough.  I recommend 
unequiping you weapon and beat him till he is ready to talk.

If you use a Sword you will risk killing him.  First he will tell you 
their size which is 100 Members and will tell you their leader, 
Ri'Zakar.  Finally for the third piece of info he says he chooses death 
and commits suicide with an Amulet he has on.  Once you tell Oreyn the 
info he will give you the Amulet of Interrogation and you will complete 
the quest.

=============== INFILTRATION ===============

Oreyn now says you must go to Leyawiin and join the Blackwood Company 
to find out their secret.  Enter and speak to Jeetum-Zee.  He is 
suspicious, but says that a lot of Fighters Guild Members have been 
switching so he is not surprised.  He leads you down to the Training 
Hall and says they have been contracted to clear Water's Edge (The Town 
where Amelion lives from Amelion's Debt) of Goblins.  Before you leave 
he gives you the secret to their success, Hist Tree Sap.

After you drink the Sap you will automatically be transported to 
Water's Edge.  Outside you will find Goblins.  Kill them and your 
Blackwood Comrades will say to check the houses.  Check and you will 
find Goblins just walking around as if they live there.  Kill them 
anyway and you will transported back to Oreyn's House in Chorrol.  You 
have been expelled from the Blackwood Company and that your fellow 
Fighters Guild Brothers found laying on the streets in Leyawiin.

Tell Oreyn about the Hist Sap and he says that it is outrageous and 
must be destroyed, but first your to check on Water's Edge just in 
case.  When you get there in place of the Goblin's Bodies you find the 
citizens of Water's Edge.  Biene Amelion is dead and her husband is 
laying over her mourning.  Now get back to Oreyn to complete the quest 
and says this must be stopped.

=============== THE HIST ===============

Well, this is your last Fighters Guild Quest.  Modryn Oreyn says your 
to journey to Leyawiin and destroy the Hist Tree.  Oreyn says that 
Ri'Zakar probably has the key to the cellar.  First kill Ja'Fazir and 
take his key for and go upstairs to Jeetum-Zee's Room and kill him and 
then take his key.  Finally go to the final room and kill Ri'Zakar and 
take his key to the Cellar.  

In the Cellar you find the Hist Tree with two Argonian Mages.  Kill the 
two Mages which should be easy because they have little room to fire 
their spells.  Take the two pipes, one is on the south side of the room 
and the other is on the floor nearby.  Next activate the pumps to 
destroy the Hist Tree.  On your way out your greeted by Maglir who 
gives you a speech on how you ruined his life.  He attacks you and you 
get to kill him.  Hooray!  

Once you kill him return to Modryn Oreyn for the Helmet of Oreyn 
Bearclaw.  He then tells you to return to Guildmaster Donton to explain 
everything that has happended.  She despises you for working with Oreyn 
and says she should expel you.  But, then she admits that you did a 
great service and that she should have tried to start a war between the 
Blackwood Company and the Fighters Guild.  She says she is tired of 
working and promotes you to Guildmaster and recommends you to restore 
Oreyn's old rank of Champion to make him your second-in-command.

Return to Oreyn and he fusses about getting used to return, but 
ultimately accepts.   Congratulations you are now the Guildmaster of 
the Fighters Guild!


Now that you're the Guildmaster of the Fighters Guild, you have a job 
to do don't you?  First off you won't be able to do any more Contracts, 
but you do receive of a stipend of the Guild's monthly intake.  Vilena 
Donton gives you the Guildmaster's Key which unlocks the Chest upstairs 
behind her desk in the Chorrol Fighters Guild.  You either receive Gold 
or some enchanted Armor, Jewelry, Weapons, and things like that.  For 
the gold the game does 1 to 100 and multiplies by 10 so you can either 
get 10-1,000 Gold a month.  Not bad huh?

Finally you get to control how the Fighters Guild operates.  Modryn 
Oreyn will now ask you to whether to Pursue for Contracts which means 
more Gold, Increase Recruitment which means more Items, and to focus on 
both equally to get a little bit of both.  Modryn Oreyn still resides 
in his Home most of the day so you'll probably have to go to his house 
to give the orders, but sometimes he is at the Fighters Guild.  Finally 
if you don't give the new orders of the Month he will do the same 
orders as last month.


The Mages Guild is an organization that will be very useful for any 
Wizard.  Like the Fighters Guild, The Mages Guild has a Guild Hall in 
every City.  Although they don't have one in Imperial City, they do 
have the Arcane University, but you can't enter it till you get a 
Recommendation from every Local Guild Hall.  Although you won't get 
rich from the Mages Guild Quests (you don't get paid for any of the 
quests), you do get access to the Arcane University if your Apprentice 
Rank or higher and you get lots of enchanted items and you learn new 

Plus the ultimate pay off is the free Room you get at the top of the 
Arch-Mage's Tower which is a great place to live if you want to live in 
Imperial City.  Joining is simple.  If you don't have a Bounty on your 
head and your Infamy is under 100, then you can join.  Unlike the 
Fighters Guild you can join at any Guild Hall.  See Carahil in Anvil, 
Kud-Ei in Bravil, Jeanne Frasoric in Bruma, Falcar in Cheydinhal, 
Teekeeus in Chorrol, Dagail in Leyawiin, and Adrienne Berene in 
Skingrad.  These Mages Guild Members are ArchMagisters of their Guild 
Halls, meaning they are the Branch Leader of their City's Mages Guild.  
No, ArchMagister is not an obtainable rank.  It is between the rank of 
Wizard and Master-Wizard.  

In the Mages Guild you can not steal of kill another member.  If you do 
your Mages Guild Key will be taken away and you will have to go to 
Raminus Polus in the Arch-Mage's Lobby to get readmission.  There are 
different punishments for different crimes.  If you steal you need to 
get 20 Dragon's Tongue Flowers and 20 Redwort Flowers.  Dragon's Tongue 
Flowers are easy to find in the Blackwood Region, down by Leyawiin.  
For Redwort Flowers try along the Black Marsh Border, and if not try 
the West Weald Region.  Like the Fighters Guild, the Mages Guild has 
ranks.  Here they are going from lowest to highest.


At first in the Mages Guild you will have to go to a Guild Hall and 
find the ArchMagister and get a Recommendation.  Pretty much all of 
them are simple tasks and are very easy.  After that you move on to 
Raminus Polus, one of the Master-Wizards of the Mages Guild.  Finally 
you go to Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven.  


When you first join The Mages Guild and become an Associate you have to 
do get a Recommendation from each Guild Hall to be able to enter the 
Arcane University which is located south of the Arboretum in Imperial 
City and is accessed by a bridge.  The Recommendations aren't very 
dificult; usually they are a simple task the ArchMagister wants you to 
perform.  I will list them Alphabetically, but you can do them in any 
order you like.

=============== ANVIL RECOMMENDATION ===============

Carahil of the Anvil Mages Guild tells you that Merchants traveling 
along the Gold Road east to Kvatch and Skingrad are being killed by a 
Rogue Mage.  The Council of Mages has entrusted Carahil with the task 
of bringing it to an end.  She sends you to Brina Cross Inn, the only 
common link between the victims.  If you follow the Gold Road east out 
of Anvil you will get to the Inn quickly.  When you get there talk to 
Arielle Jurard, who is a Battlemage in disguise.  She tells you to 
speak to Christophe Marane, and if anyone asks, you're a traveling 

When you speak to Marane he does ask if you're a Traveling Merchant.  
Say Traveling Merchant of course and rent your room.  Immediately after 
that you are approached by Caminalda who asks if you're a traveling 
merchant.  Say, "yes", and then you worries for you about the murders.  
Go to your room and Jurard will meet you there.  She tells you to rest 
for the night and then in the morning she and another Battlemage will 
be waiting to follow you behind.  In the morning head out and don't 
talk to the Battlemages.  Follow the Gold Road east.

Eventually Caminalda will come out and reveal herself as the Rogue 
Mage.  Now you can run and let the Battlemages kill her.  Although you 
don't have to run.  She is unarmored and is only a level above your own 
so she shouldn't be too dificult.  Keep in mind the Battlemage in Iron 
Armor might get into a fight with the Imperial Legion Trooper who rides 
by.  Do not interfere because you will be fined if you kill the guard, 
or if you kill the Battlemage you will be fined and kicked out of the 
Mages Guild.  Once Caminalda is dead speak to Carahil to get your 

=============== BRAVIL RECOMMENDATION ===============

Speak to ArchMagister Kud-Ei to learn the situation in Bravil.  The 
Alchemy Shopkeeper in the Bravil Mages Guild has had her Staff stolen.  
Kud-Ei says that she suspects Varon Vamori stole the staff from 
Ardaline.  If your in the Thieves Guild and you approach Varon Vamori 
and talk to him you'll find out he is also in the Thieves Guild.  A 
likely candidate for the theft.  Use the Beguile Scroll Kud-Ei gave you 
to learn he did in fact steal the staff.  He admits to liking Ardaline 
and says he sold it to Soris Arenim who lives in The Talos Plaza 
District in Imperial City.

Before you run off speak to Kud-Ei to get 3 more Beguile Scrolls.  
Speak to Soris Arenim with a disposition of 70 and he will sell it back 
for 200 Gold.  If you don't have the gold go out and loot old caves and 
ruins and come back and sell the stuff to get it.  Once you have the 
staff hand it to Kud-Ei and she will teach you the Captivate Spell and 
you will earn your Recommendation.

=============== BRUMA RECOMMENDATION ===============

This, in my opinion is the easiest Recommendation Quest.  ArchMagister 
Jeanne Frasoric says that a Mages Guild Member named J'skar has 
literally disappeared.  She tells you to talk to Volanaro.  If you 
raise Volanaro's disposition to 70 he will tell you a plan.  If you 
steal Frasoric's Manual of Spellcraft from her desk in her room then he 
will help you find J'skar.  He will also teach you Minor Latch Creak 
which opens an Easy Lock.  Go upstairs and steal the Book and report to 
Volanaro.  He says to meet him at 10:00 pm in the Living Quarters.  Do 
so and he will make J'skar reappear.  Talk to Jeanne to get your 

=============== CHEYDINHAL RECOMMENDATION ===============

Talk to ArchMagister Falcar to get the Quest.  An Associate who was 
also doing a Recommendation from Falcar dropped a Ring of Burden down 
the well behind the Guild Hall.  He asks you to retrieve it and that 
Deetsan has the Key.  Talk to Deetsan and she will talk if Falcar is 
out of range.  Another Associate named Vidkun was sent down the hall to 
retrieve it, but was never seen again.  She gives you the Key and 
teaches you Buoyancy which is a Water Breathing Spell and is a Feather 
Spell that increases your maximum weight by 5.  Hey, the 5 extra points 
will help you.

Before you go down the well make sure you can carry the Ring.  It 
weighs 150 Pounds so remove any Armor or Possessions to get the space.  
Go down the Well and cast Buoyancy and then search Vidkun's Body.  Grab 
the ring and return to the Guild Hall.  Back in the Guild, Falcar has 
vanished.  Guild Members direct you to Deetsan.  She says Falcar wasn't 
so happy about her helping you and he stormed off.  She also tells you 
to drop the ring anywhere.  She tells you to search his Room in the 
Basement to see if he wrote a Recommendation.  In the Dresser near his 
Bed you don't find a Recommendation, but two Black Soul Gems. 

Take them to Deetsan and she is outraged.  She tells you that she will 
send in a Report to the Council of Mages.  Note, that as of this point 
Deetsan is the new ArchMagister of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild.  She 
says she will write your Recommendation.

=============== CHORROL RECOMMENDATION ===============

This quest is actually called Fingers of the Mountain, but to make it 
easier I just wrote Chorrol Recommendation.  Talk to ArchMagister 
Teekeeus of the Chorrol Guild Hall to learn about a Small Matter.  He 
asks you to talk to Earana who hangs around The Grey Mare which is a 
Tavern or around the Great Oak which is just outside the Guild Hall.  
Talk to her and she will ask you to retrieve a book called Fingers of 
the Mountain.  Talk to Teekeeus and he says to ignore her request and 
give the book to her.  Head to Cloud Top in the Mountains North of 

Once there search the charred remains for the book.  Now you have two 
options.  You can either give the book to Teekeeus to get your 
Recommendation or give it to Earana.  Either way you get your 
Recommendation.  If you do give it to Earana you will learn a powerful 
new Shock Spell.  She asks you to let her translate the book.  When she 
does she tells you get a Welkynd Stone and cast a Shock Spell on the 
Ruin of Cloud Top.  The Welkynd Stone is easy to find.  They are in 
almost every Ayleid Ruin.  The closest one is Lipsand Tarn which is 
North of Cloud Top.  Once you have one cast a Shock Spell on the Ruin 
to learn Fingers of the Mountain.

=============== LEYAWIIN RECOMMENDATION ===============

Dagail, ArchMagister of the Leyawiin Mages Guild, is crazy as hell.  
Talk to her and she will tell you to seek out Agata who is a Guild 
Member in Leyawiin.  Agata says that Dagail has visions.  At first they 
were useful for the Council of Mages, but now they are useless.  Speak 
to Kalthar and then back to Agata, and finally Dagail and she will tell 
you to get her Amulet back in Fort Blueblood.  Head down there (it is 
near Topal Bay).  Inside follow the Map Marker to the Amulet in the 
Coffin.  Next Kalthar will approach you and won't let you leave; kill 
him.  Return to Dagail to get your Recommendation.

=============== SKINGRAD RECOMMENDATION ===============

Adrienne Berene of Skingrad says you need to talk to the Mage Erthor to 
get some notes he borrowed.  Erthor isn't a Guild Member anymore.  From 
Sulinus Vassinus you learn he was Expelled after the Scamp Incident 
last year.  He now lives at Bleak Flats Cave.  However Vassinus doesn't 
know where it is.  Talk to Druja and she will mark in on your map.  Go 
there and kill all the Zombies (Erthor won't leave if you don't).  
Escort him back to Skingrad and you will get your final Recommendation. 


=============== A MAGE'S STAFF ===============

Once you obtain your final destination travel to the Arcane University 
in Imperial City and talk to Raminus Polus in the Arch-Mage's Lobby.  
Raminus Polus, Arch-Mage Traven's most trusted Master-Wizard,  will 
congratulate you and after seven quests in a row you will finally get a 
promotion to Apprentice.  Along with it you get full access to the 
Arcane University except the Council Chambers which is accessed through 
a portal in the Arch-Mage's Lobby and the Arch-Mage's Quarters which is 
accessed through a portal in the Council Chambers.  

You also get the Robe of the Apprentice which is an enchanted Green 
Robe that has a Fortify Willpower enchantment.  Talk to Polus about 
"Tasks" to get your first quest has a full-fledged Mages Guild Member.  
Every new Apprentice gets to make a Mage's Staff.  Your to travel to 
Wellspring Cave and talk to Zahrasha and Eletta to get the wood for the 
staff.  The cave is bordering Lake Rumare east of Imperial City.  Once 
you arrive enter the cave to find a Necromancer.  Kill him and you will 
find Zahrasha's Body.  Check her body for the Wellspring Cave Key.

Once you exit the cave through the second entrance you will be 
encountered by a Necromancer named Noveni Othran.  After a disturbing 
speech she and other Necromancers will attack.  Kill them all and you 
will get a Journal Entry.  Take the Unfinished Staff from the Chest in 
the middle of the groove.  Report to Raminus Polus and he is appalled 
by this and tells you to talk to Delmar in the Chironasium.  He will 
give you many choices for a Staff.  First off there is three Schools 
you can choose from.  They are Destruction, Illusion, and Mysticism.  

The Destruction effects are Fire, Frost, or Shock.  The Illusion 
effects are Charm, Paralyze, and Silence, and the Mysticism Effects are 
Soul Trap, Telekinesis, and Dispel.  Once you've made your choice wait 
24 Hours and your Staff will be done.  Talk to Delmar to learn it is in 
the Cupboard in the downstairs area of the Chironasium.  Take your new 
Staff and either keep it or sell it.  Then run over to Polus for a 
promotion to Journeyman.  

=============== ULTERIOR MOTIVES ===============

The Mages Guild is doing a follow-up investigation on the Necromancer 
Attack on Wellspring Cave.  The Guild is going to send you to Skingrad 
to speak to Count Janus Hassildor to get back a book the Guild loaned 
to him.  Castle Skingrad is different then any other Castle in the 
game.  Instead of the main room just having a Throne and doors to other 
rooms to the castle, there is no room.  The Throne is actually in the 
Private Areas of the Castle and you can only speak to him with an 

When you enter Castle Skingrad speak to Mercator Hosidus, the Steward.  
He says the Count won't see you, but he will try to change his mind.  
Wait for 24 Hours and speak to Hosidus.  He says the Count will meet 
with you, but not here.  He will speak to you at 2:00 am outside 
Skingrad near Cursed Mine, West of Skingrad.  When you arrive Mercator 
is waiting with two Necromancers.  Mercator talks to you and then 
attacks.  Kill him and his two associates and then Count Hassildor 

Hassildor scolds you for being well, basically stupid.  It turns out, 
you weren't here for a book, but to spy on Hassildor.  If don't know, 
The Count of Skingrad is a Vampire.  That is why he is so private.  
There have been rumors that because of his condition, which the Council 
of Mages is knows of, the Necromancers may be involved with Hassildor.  
Return to Polus with this information and he awards you by promoting 
you to Evoker and giving you a Spelldrinker Amulet that is adjusted to 
your character's level.  

=============== VAHTACEN'S SECRET ===============

Polus has a new task for you.  Your to speak to Irlav Jarol who is one 
floor up in the Arch-Mage's Tower.  He needs help with his project on 
the Ayleid Ruin Vahtacen.  He gives you the Key to the ruins and sends 
you off.  Once you arrive at Vahtacen, it first looks like a Normal 
Cave.  However the farther in you get, it looks more like an Ayleid 
Ruin.  The Researchers from the Guild have a problem.  There is a 
pillar that won't allow the Mages to get to the Second Level of the 

They have tried casting spells at it, but it only casts them back at 
them.  Once you arrive at the pillar make sure you grab the scrolls, 
Severe Magicka and Elevate Magicka.  Also make sure you have a Fire 
Spell or Frost Spell.  It doesn't matter if it is Touch or Ranged.  You 
have to cast a spell at the pillar from one of the four corners.  Going 
clockwise from the southwest corner cast: Fire, Frost, Severe Magicka, 
and Elevate Magicka.  This should open the pillar.  Now go to the 
second level.

Follow the main path until you get to a large room.  Go up the stairs 
and push the button to make stairs to the large raised platform appear.  
Then push the button on the raised platform to make the cage rise.  
Grab the Ancient Elven Helmet and exit.  But there will be Zombies and 
Skeletons, so kill them.  Once you exit bring the Helmet to Jarol.  
Then speak to Polus to complete the quest.  Also talk to Polus again to 
be offered a new task.  Before you accept talk to him about Promotion 
to be promoted to Conjurer and get a new enchanted Mages Robe which has 
a number of handy enchantments. 

=============== NECROMANCER'S MOON ===============

The Council of Mages is gathering information on the Necromancers.  
They have looked into the Mystic Archives which is the Mages Guild 
Library.  Your to speak to Tar-Meena who runs the Mystic Archives for 
additional information on the Necromancers.  Go to the Mystic Archives 
and talk to Tar-Meena.  Apparently a lot of Mages have been asking her 
for information and she is overwhelmed.  But, she says you can get a 
lot of information from the book called Necromancer's Moon.  It's on a 
small table to the right of the door you entered.  If you can't find it 
then the Map Marker will show you where it is.

Read it then talk to Tar-Meena.  Ask her about "The Shade of the 
Revenant."  Then bring it to Polus who tells you to talk to Bothiel, 
who is usually in the Arch-Mage's Lobby.  She says that Falcar had 
asked about this and says that he left behind a note about it.  The 
Note mentions five sites where the Necromancers can make Black Soul 
Gems.  They are, Dark Fissure, Fort Istirus, Linchal, Pothole Caverns, 
and Wendelbek.  Raminus Polus recognizes Dark Fissure and marks it on 
your map.  Go to Dark Fissure which is near Vahtacen.  Stand outside of 
the altar at night.  If a strange light is shinning on the altar then a 
Necromancer will come out and do the ritual.

Then you will get a Journal Entry.  If not then use the Wait Command 
and wait till the next night.  Repeat this till you see the 
Necromancer.  If not then head into the cave and kill a Necromancer; 
take a note from his body telling how to perform the ritual.  Now go 
back to Raminus and tell him.  This will complete the quest.  Polus 
will promote you to Magician!  Congrats!  Now you are down with Raminus 
Polus's Quests.  Although Raminus Polus is still the only person who 
can promote you, you now go to Arch-Mage Traven for Tasks.  Talk to 
Polus about Tasks and he tells you to talk to Arch-Mage Traven.


=============== LIBERATION OR APPREHENSION? ===============

You can find Arch-Mage Traven in either the Arch-Mage's Quarters at the 
top of the Arch-Mage's Tower or in the Council Chamber also in the 
Arch-Mage's Tower.  Talk to him about Tasks and you will learn that the 
Mages Guild has had someone working undercover in the Necromancers' 
Organization.  The Mage is named Mucianus Allias and Traven hasn't 
heard from him in a while.  He asks you to investigate.  Allias's last 
known location is the Ayleid Ruin Nenyond Twyll which is southeast of 
Imperial City.

Traven has sent Battlemages to Nenyond Twyll, but fears that possibly 
the Battlemages could have mistaken Allias for a Necromancer.  When you 
get to the Ayleid Ruin it is pretty quiet and there is no sign of any 
battle going on.  Enter and you will meet Fithragaer, one of the 
Battlemages sent by the Guild.  He says that "The Traitor" must have 
told them that they were coming.  Fithragaer says to follow him, but 
don't!  Shortly he will step on a trap and die.  Now you are on your 
own.  As with all Ayleid Ruins stick to the main path while battling 
Necromancers and Undead on the way.

Eventually you will meet up with a Necromancer named Mariette Rielle 
who says that Allias has been punished and has been turned into a Worm 
Thrall which is a Zombie Slave that works for the Necromancers.  She 
talks a bit before attacking you.  Of course Rielle has made a costly 
mistake.  She got too close to you.  Now she has no room to cast 
spells.  Take her out with a Melee Weapon for any easy kill or if you 
have a Staff quickly cast a Destruction Spell.  Return to Traven who is 
sad about Allias, but it does complete the quest.  Go to Polus for a 
promotion to Warlock which means you can now access the Council 
Chambers without the other Mages Guild Members bothering you.

=============== INFORMATION AT A PRICE ===============

Arch-Mage Traven says that Count Skingrad would like to see you to give 
you some valuable information on the Necromancers.  Go to Castle 
Skingrad and speak to Hal-Liurz in the Lobby.  When she brings you to 
Hassildor he says that he will give the Mages Guild some info if you 
take care of a small problem for him.  Vampires have taken residence in 
Bloodcrust Cavern which is near Skingrad.  Since Hassildor is a Vampire 
he really can't help especially if the citizens found out about his 

In Skingrad there are Vampire Hunters.  They are staying at The Two 
Sisters inn which is on the West Side of Skingrad.  The Owner tells you 
their schedule.  Meet up with them in their rooms and tell them where 
the Vampires are and they set off towards Bloodcrust Cavern.  Now wait 
a day or two and if you don't get the Journal Entry that the Vampires 
have been killed then go to the Cavern and kill the remaining ones.  
Now go back to Hassildor for some valuable information.  The Count says 
that Mannimarco, The King of the Necromancers, has returned to 

Also he plans on destroying the Mages Guild.  Return to Arch-Mage 
Traven to complete this quest.  Actually if you talk to Traven he won't 
give you another quest.  He says that he and the Council of Mages must 
talk about their plan of action.  Wait for 72 Hours exactly and then 
return to Arch-Mage Traven to get another quest.

=============== A PLOT REVEALED ===============

After waiting for 72 Hours after the last quest Traven offers you 
another quest.  Arch-Mage Traven is concerned about the return of the 
King of Worms.  The Arch-Mage sends you to Bruma because of his 
concerns and having not heard from Arch-Magister Frasoric.  When you 
arrive in Bruma, the Mages Guild looks perfectly normal.  Enter the 
guild for an unpleasant surprise.  The Guild is on fire!  Mannimarco 
and his summoned undead monsters have killed Jeanne Frasoric, Volanaro, 
and Selena Orania, however there is no sign of J'Skar.  

Go downstairs to the living quarters and fight your way through and 
then you will emerge where Jeanne's Quarters once where.  There you 
will find Camilla Lollia who is a Necromancer one level above your own.  
Kill her and then J'Skar will reveal himself from his invisibility 
spell.  He said that he watched The King of Worms suck out Volanaro's 
soul and even though he was invisible, Mannimarco grinned directly at 
him.  Mannimarco said something about Echo Cave and destroying the 
Mages Guild.  Take this information back to Hannibal.  

When you arrive Hannibal Traven is deeply troubled about the attack 
from The King of Necromancers.  Like the last time you'll need to wait 
72 Hours before Arch-Mage Traven will offer you another quest.  While 
you wait go to Raminus to get a promotion to Wizard which is just one 
level below his.  You'll also learn the powerful spell Wizard's Fury 
which is a combination of Frost, Fire, and Shock effects.  That way any 
enemy will go down without a challenge.  Also this is a great spell for 
all you Battlemages out there.  

=============== THE BLOODWORM HELMET ===============

Hannibal Traven as well as many other members of the Council of Mages 
want to fight fire with fire.  That means they want to use Necromancy 
against Necromancy.  Therefore Hannibal wants you to retrieve two 
items, The Bloodworm Helmet and The Necromancer's Amulet.  Some Members 
have taken the artifacts to kill Mannimarco and the Necromancers.  

One group led by Irlav Jarol headed to Fort Teleman to kill Mannimarco.  
Head to the fort which is near the Black Marsh Border.  When you arrive 
at Fort Teleman there are no Mages from the Mages Guild.  All there is 
are Daedra and Necromancers.  Head through two sections and at the 
bottom you will find Irlav Jarol's Body who fell victim to the 
Necromancers.  Take the Helmet from his body and you can either return 
it to Traven or just skip that and head straight for the Amulet.

=============== THE NECROMANCER'S AMULET ===============

The next stop for the next artifact is Fort Ontus in the Colovian 
Highlands near Hammerfell.  The only enemies there are Mages Guild 
Traitors that aren't hostile at all.  No matter which one you talk to 
they will all tell you to talk to Caranya who is in the second section 
of the fort.  When you get to her you find that she and her rather 
large group of Mages Guild Mages are all traitors.  They weren't going 
to kill Mannimarco, they were going to help him.

It is time to kill this traitor.  Being a Master-Wizard in the Mages 
Guild, Caranya is very tough.  However she is in very close which is a 
mistake that will cost her.  Use a melee weapon or a very powerful 
Destruction spell and take her out.  Grab the amulet from her body and 
return to Arch-Mage Traven who is upset about Caranya.  Return to 
Raminus Polus for a promotion to Master-Wizard which means you are the 
highest rank possible besides Arch-Mage.  Polus now recognizes you as 
his equal.

=============== AMBUSH ===============

Now Hannibal has another task for you.  Mannimarco has ordered his 
Necromancers to make him a Grand Black Soul Gem to destroy the Hannibal 
Traven.  You have to meet up with some Battlemages down by the Ayleid 
Ruin of Silorn.  As you and Polus are the only two Master-Wizards left 
in the Mages Guild you would think you get some power right?  Well, 
here is your chance.  You can command the Battlemages to different 
battle positions to your liking.

Now the best plan to this is to cast an invisibility spell and then you 
can go up to the ruin and find Falcar, another traitor, with the Grand 
Black Soul Gem.  Now take him out and grab the gem and take it back to 
Arch-Mage Traven.  If not try to cast a paralyzing spell on him and 
take it from him.  If not you'll have to go into Silorn and track 
Falcar down which is not an easy task.  Once you have the Gem take it 
back to Arch-Mage Traven to complete the quest.

=============== CONFRONT THE KING ===============

Now you have saved Arch-Mage Traven, but he will sacrifice himself and 
name you the Arch-Mage.  Although it doesn't appear under the Faction 
Rank in your Journal, it will once you complete this quest.  As you may 
have guessed this is the final Mages Guild Quest.  You can loot 
Traven's body, but there is nothing special except for the robes which 
you get at the end of the quest anyway.  Now head over to Echo Cave 
where Mannimarco is hiding which is near Bruma.  The Cave Door is 
locked and you can't pick it.  So how do you get in?  Well, there is a 
Necromancer (Bolor Savel) who is waiting to kill you.  Savel is an easy 
kill.  The key and enter Echo Cave.

Echo Cave is a huge cave with three section and with Necromancers 
everywhere.  Naturally Mannimarco is in the third section.  Fight your 
way through Necromancers and get to Mannimarco.  Before you fight him, 
you have a quick talk and then the fighting begins.  Sadly, Mannimarco 
has made a costly mistake; he is too close.  Shoot him with a barrage 
of Destruction Spells and down goes the King of Worms.  Take the robes 
from his body (they look cool!).  Now return to Polus to be recognized 
as Arch-Mage and you get the robes and Traven's Old Room.  


You are the Arch-Mage, now what?  Well, to start off you get the very 
cool Arch-Mage Robe and Hood.  The Hood looks really cool with Armor if 
you're a Battlemage.  The top room is cool and it is nice to have a 
house in Imperial City that isn't on the Waterfront, but there isn't 
much storage plus the Thieves Guild House is much better for a house in 
Imperial City.  The best part is the Enchanted Chest.  If you're a 
serious alchemist then it is for you.  If you put say 1 Flower in.

Put it in and then open the chest and then that 1 flower will turn into 
like 7 or 8.  Also as Arch-Mage you can take a Mages Guild Apprentice 
into battle with you.  Although they may not be very powerful, they 
will serve you well as a distraction or something else.  Now that 
you've killed all the Main Necromancers, take out some lesser ones.  
The note from Necromancer's Moon has some sites where you can go kill 
Necromancers.  Anyways Congratulations, Arch-Mage!


The Thieves Guild is a lot different then the Mages Guild and Fighters 
Guild.  First of, the Thieves Guild doesn't technically have a branches 
in every city.  The only "branch" is in the Waterfront of Imperial City 
and even that isn't really a headquarters.  You won't get a 
headquarters till you beat the Thieves Guild Questline.  Joining the 
Thieves Guild gives you access to a fence who will buy your stolen 
goods.  In fact to advance in the Questline you must fence a certain 
amount of gold.  

At first you will only get access to one fence but then you move on to 
higher ones with a better Mercantile Skill.  To find houses to fence, 
go to the upper class homes in each city.  The fences are:

Ongar The World Weary, Mercantile: 60, City: Bruma

Dar Jee, Mercantile: 70, City: Leyawiin

Luciana Galena, Mercantile: 80, City: Bravil

Orrin, Mercantile: 90, City: Anvil

Fathis Ules, Mercantile: 100, City: Imperial City

Finding the Thieves Guild is a challenge itself actually.  There are 
two ways.  First you can read a Gray Fox Wanted Poster which are all 
over the Market District and then bribe a beggar to learn to meet 
Armand Christophe in the Waterfront at Midnight.  Next get sent to Jail 
and wait for Myvryna Arano to talk to you and give you a note.  Then 
once you meet Armand Christophe he will give you an initiation quest 
and once you complete it you are in the guild.  Here are the ranks of 
the Thieves Guild:

Cat Burglar
Master Thief

At first you will get your quests from Armand Christophe in Imperial 
City and after that you will get them from S'Krivva in Bravil and 
finally the Gray Fox who meets you in various places.  To get quests 
from Armand you must visit him at Midnight, S'Krivva is anytime but it 
is best to visit her from 6:00 am to 8:00 am.  Finally you meet the 
Gray Fox at various houses from Thieves Guild Members.  Armand 
Christophe and S'Krivva are both Doyens which is a rank higher then 
Master Thief, but lower then Guildmaster.  The Doyens give you info on 
the Thieves Guild, give you jobs, and finally remove bounties for half 
the price.  


=============== MAY THE BEST THIEF WIN ===============

This is actually a quest to get into the Thieves Guild.  Armand tells 
you that you must steal the diary of Amantius Allectus and that whoever 
brings him the diary first will join the Thieves Guild.  He says that 
the beggars will help you out for a price.  So first if you need some 
buy Lockpicks from Armand Christophe and then fast travel to the temple 
district and check your map for his house.  Break in and check his desk 
for the diary and return it to Christophe to get into the Thieves Guild 
and obtain the rank of Pickpocket.

=============== UNTAXING THE POOR ===============

Once you fence at least 50 Gold, Armand will give you the first 
official Thieves Guild Quest.  Imperial City doesn't usually collect 
taxes from the Waterfront District because of all the poor people and 
pirates that live and dock there.  However and Imperial Captain named 
Hieronymus Lex has decided to collect taxes and since the Gray Fox 
placed the people under his protection, your to steal the tax money 
back to give him a message.  

First as always in any Thieves Guild Quest I recommend you talk to a 
bribe a beggar (it's usually on like 10 Gold Coins) to get information 
about Lex and to get a map marker for the guard captain's quarters.  
The compass leads you to the Temple District and his office is near 
Amantius Allectus's house.  Enter the Guard Tower and go upstairs two 
flights and enter Lex's Quarters.  Don't worry Lex is never there 
except to sleep but it is still trespassing so make sure no one sees 
you.  Unlock his desk and grab the tax records and get the gold (it 
isn't much) and get back to Armand Christophe.

Return to Armand at Midnight in the Waterfront District of Imperial 
City as usual.  As a reward Armand says that he will return the gold to 
the residents and allow you to keep the tax money (the only thing that 
sucks is that it is like 50 Gold).  Don't worry, the rewards will get 
better!  Also the real reward though is he promotes you to Footpad. 

=============== THE ELVEN MAIDEN ===============

If you have fenced at least 100 Gold then Christophe offers you this 
very ordinary looking mission.  You to go to Cheydinhal and steal the 
bust of Llathasa Indarys, the Countess of Cheydinhal before she died.  
Fast Travel to the West Gate and seek out a beggar to get a map marker.  
Now head to the Chapel of Arkay.  Now sneak down into the undercroft.  
You should see a guard.  When she is far to the eastern side of the 
undercroft, make your move and run while still sneaking and head to the 
western side and grab the bust.  Now wait again and get back out.

Once your out, fast travel back to Imperial City Waterfront.  When you 
arrive you find the place full of guards!  Plus they will come up to 
you and ask if you've seen Armand Christophe.  If you stay a little 
while Methredhel will approach you and it turns out that no one hired 
the guild to steal the bust.  It turns out the person who framed 
Christophe is none other then Myvrynra Arano who seeked you out to give 
you the Mysterious Note if you that was the option you chose to get 
into the Thieves Guild.  

Methredhel will tell you to put the bust in her cupboard and then get 
Hieronymus Lex to bust her for the bust (lol).  Put the bust in her 
cupboard (she lives in the waterfront) and boost Lex's disposition up 
to 70 to get him to follow you to her house.  Once she is busted she 
tries to tell Lex you're the Thieves Guild member who was hired to do 
the job, but he won't believe her and he hauls her off to jail.  Now 
wait till midnight and go to the Garden of Dareloth and speak with 

As a reward Christophe will give you 100 Gold along with a promotion to 
Bandit.  You'll also get to use the second fence.  That is Dar Jee in 
Leyawiin with a Mercantile Skill of 70 and 400 Barter Gold.  Finally 
your to high of a rank to work for Christophe.  He sends you to get 
jobs from S'krivva in Bravil.


=============== AHDARJI'S HEIRLOOM ===============

You can find S'krivva right by the gate into Bravil.  I will remind you 
again to check in with her in the morning between 6 and 8.  She is a 
Drug Dealer on the side and will get pissed at her if you break in.  If 
you've fenced 200 Gold then S'krivva will offer you a job.  Ahdarji in 
Leyawiin has lost her ring to a freelance thief which the Guild frowns 
upon.  Those who get Medium Light Armor Training from her should know 
where to find her.  For those who don't, Fast Travel to the Leyawiin 
Castle and head through the gate and you'll find her house on the 
right.  Pretty much all day she is in her house.

If you can't find her then bribe a beggar to get a map marker.  The 
Thief responsible is none other then Amusei, the Argonian from "May The 
Best Thief Win."  Ahdarji wants him dead but then remembers the rules 
about no blood drawn and settles to let you make him suffer.  Bribe a 
beggar to learn Amusei has been thrown in jail for trying to Blackmail 
the Countess.  You'll also get a map marker to his cell.  In Leyawiin, 
Argonians are not allowed visitor to bribe the guard with 20 Gold and 
he will let you visit him.  Offer him a lock and he explains that 
Ahdarji stole the ring from the Countess and Amusei stole if from her 
and tried to sell it to a fence but he told him it was too hot.

So he tried to sell it back to the Countess and he got busted and she 
now has the ring.  Talk to Ahdarji and she will explain that the ring 
allows her to read the Count's Private Messages and she will now pay 
double.  Now the Countess takes the ring off and puts it in her jewelry 
box every night before bed.  Since a just walking into her room will 
end with failure seek out Hlidara Mothril.  She eats dinner at the 
castle every night at 8.  Raise her disposition to 60 to learn the 
Countess's schedule.  She goes to bed at 11:00 and goes to visit 
Chorrol on the 15th and 17th every month.  Raise the disposition to 70 
to learn that she takes the ring off every night before she goes to 

Finally raise it to 80 to learn about a secret passage that goes from 
the Cellars to the Royal Quarters.  So head to the Castle Lobby's 
Southwest Corner to reach the cellar.  In the hall's end in the storage 
area on the west wall you'll find an open barrel with a switch.  Pop it 
to open a secret door.  Follow it through the Torture Chamber and then 
to the Royal Quarters.  Now wait till about Midnight to make sure she 
and the Count are in bed and so the theft is easy.  Pick the Jewelry 
Box and grab the ring.  Then head to Ahdarji for your 200 Gold and then 
back S'krivva for your other Gold Reward and a promotion to Prowler.

=============== MISDIRECTION ===============

If you've fenced 300 Gold S'krivva will give you this quest.  Lex is 
now trying to capture the Gray Fox which is what S'krivva tells you.  
S'krivva assures you that the Gray Fox is safe, but with guards all 
over the Waterfront, Armand Christophe and other Thieves Guild Members 
either living or operating down there can't get their work done.  Visit 
the Waterfront and you'll find guards all over not only that but Armand 
Christophe is under house arrest and there is a curfew.

Talk to a beggar to get Methredhel's location, Dynari Amnis's house in 
the Talos Plaza.  If you notice that in all the other districts, there 
is a usually only one to two guards in each district.  This is because 
of Lex's plan to get all the other guards in the Waterfront.  
Methredhel has a plan to get Lex to gets his guards out.  You and four 
other guild members are going to steal something from a certain 
location around the city to get Lex's attention.  Your job is to steal 
Hrormir's Staff from the Arch-Mage's Quarters in the Arch-Mage's Tower 
which is in front of you if you fast travel to the Arcane University.

This theft is surprisingly easy.  Since there are much fewer guards 
just go into the tower around 2:00 am and go up to Hannibal Traven's 
Room (The Arch-Mage) and steal the staff.  The theft is even easier if 
you're the Arch-Mage since he won't be up there.  Give the staff to 
Methredhel and she will send you to spy on Hieronymus Lex in the 
Waterfront.  Head up and a Dremora will appear and give Lex a letter.  
Lex reads it then heads off, but drops the note.  Read it and you'll 
discover that it was from Raminus Polus, one of the three Master-
Wizards at the Mages Guild.  

Raminus is pissed.  He says that something very important was stolen 
and to call off the stupid search for the Gray Fox and says that he 
will never find him.  Well, Lex listens and calls off the guards.  
Return to Dynari's house and she will tell you to return the staff but 
giving it to the guild is too dangerous and instead to put it in a safe 
chest in the home of Ontus Vanin, a former Arcane University Member.  
Look in the Southwest corner of the Talos Plaza to find his home.  Go 
when it says the time then p.m.  If it is something p.m. then he won't 
be home.

When you activate the chest, the staff is automatically put into the 
chest.  It's too bad.  The staff looked pretty cool.  Plus if your part 
mage then it would be useful.  Oh well.  Head back to S'krivva in 
Bravil for a reward of 300 Gold, promotion to Cat Burglar, and your 
able to use the third fence.  The third one is Luciana Galena in Bravil 
who is at the Lonely Suitor Lodge from Noon to 2:00 am and has a 
Mercantile Skill of 80.

=============== LOST HISTORIES ===============

If you've fenced 400 Gold then S'krivva will offer another job.  A 
thief by the name of Theranis was sent to Skingrad to retrieve a book 
called The Lost Histories of Tamriel which was a job from the Gray Fox.  
Fast Travel to Skingrad and find a beggar and bribe to learn that 
Theranis was bragging at The Two Sisters Lodge about stealing something 
from Castle Skingrad.  It turns out that the person he was talking to 
was Watch Captain Dion.  Thus Theranis was imprisoned.

To find Theranis your going to have to get arrested.  When you get 
there Theranis isn't there.  Instead talk to your inmate Larthjar the 
Laggard and tell him your hear to rescue Theranis and his disposition 
will rise 20 points. Larthjar does tell you that the Pale Lady has 
taken Theranis from jail three times already.  But, this time he has 
not returned.  So who is the "Pale Lady?"  Well, Theranis had an 
Argonian Cellmate who put up a good fight but lost.  

Now, open the cell door (hopefully you brought some lockpicks).  Follow 
the blood trail from the cell nearby to the wall.  Activate the candle 
on the right and a secret door will open.  Enter the Wine Cellar at the 
end.  When the hall ends again use the handle on the left to open 
another secret door.  Next you'll be in the Butler's Quarters.  
Continue following the blood stain and you'll arrive in the cask room.  
Activate the rightmost sconces and you'll open the front of the middle 

Continue and you'll be attacked by the Pale Lady who turns out to be a 
Vampire.  As always while fighting a vampire, be careful and if you 
contract Porphyllic Hemophilia get a cure or you'll become a vampire.  
Activate Theranis's body to get a Journal Entry and the Argonian turns 
out to be Amusei.  He got caught for stealing a fish.  Wow, what a 
loser.  He has a message but will only tell you if you help him escape.  
Head back through the jail and out.  When you get outside the castle 
and are about halfway down, you'll get a Journal Entry.

When you talk to Amusei to get the message it turns out to be, "Look 
under the bush near the well, behind Nerastarel's house."  After this 
Amusei will run off to join the Thieves Guild.  Head to South Skingrad 
to find Nerastarel's House.  Check the well, and what to do you know?  
The book is there!  Return it to S'krivva to get a payment of 400 Gold.