The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Daedric Shrines FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
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: : : : The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Daedric Shrines FAQ/Walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Daedric Shrines FAQ/Walkthrough

by LordMaChao   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 
Daedric Shrines Walkthrough
By: LordMaChao
Version 1.1
Copyrighted 2006 
(The Nine Divines are boring. Daedra? They're NEVER boring.)

---Table of Contents---
I. Intro
II. Copyright Information
III. Version Info
IV. Azura's Shrine
V. Boethia's Shrine
VI. Calvicus Vile's Shrine
VII. Hermaeus Mora's Shrine
VIII. Hircine's Shrine
IX. Malacath's Shrine
X. Mephala's Shrine
XI. Meridia's Shrine
XII. Molag Bol's Shrine
XIII. Namira's Shrine
XIV. Nocturnal's Shrine
XV. Peryite's Shrine
XVI. Sanguine's Shrine
XVII. Sheogorath's Shrine
XVIII. Vaermina's Shrine
XIX. Martin's Need for an Artifact
XX. Thanks

I. Intro

Daedra Shrines are located all throughout Cyrodiil. All of them offer extremely 
useful rewards, but the task of getting them is rarely easy. So, to make it a 
little easier on you, I took the 'thought' process out of the equation! All you
need to do now is execute the commands, not figure them out. I'm a charitable 
guy. First of all, just let me explain that nearly all the Shrine's have a 
requirement to summon them, be it an item or a very skill you have. To start 
each of these quests, you need to talk to the lead follower, who will tell you 
the requirements needed to summon the Daedric lord. After you do summon them, 
they'll give you a quest, and upon completing it you will be rewarded and the 
followers will like you a little bit more. If you're looking for just a specific 
shrine here, just press CRTL + F and type in the name of the shrine or the roman 
numeral next to it on the table of contents. That'll skip all the parts you're 
not interested in.

II. Copyright Information

Listen, if there's anything more annoying than people taking credit for other's 
work, I haven't found it yet. I've only sent this FAQ to Neoseeker. If you want 
to send it somewhere else, please contact me at or You can even AIM me at Ma Su269. Otherwise, you're free to 
print it out and use it. Don't sell it though. Seriously though, if you actually 
ARE able to sell it where you live, that's freaking amazing. Remember, just 
don't go around saying you wrote this thing or host it on another site. It'll 
only cause a huge pain in the ass to BOTH of us if you do so.

III. Version Info

Version 1.0: Wrote the whole thing. If you find any mistakes you want me to fix, 
please contact me and I'll fix it in a future update. 

Version 1.1: Fixed various typos, fixed 'How to get a Black Soul Gem'.

IV. Azura's Shrine

Location: On the map, North of Cheydinhal and East of Bruma, near a mountain 
range, you'll see the words 'County Cheydinhal.' Azura's Shrine is located just 
above the N in County. It's also South West of the Temple of the Anscestor 
Moths, West of Aerin's camp, North West of Lord Rugdumph's Estate and North East 
of Gutted Mine. If you draw a straight line East of Namira's shrine, it will 
intersect with Azure's shrine on the map.

Offering/Requirement: Gold Dust. Gold Dust can be found from Will-o-the-wisps, 
which can be found behind Azura's followers on the road. You can also simply buy 
the Gold Dust from All Things Alchemical in Skingrad.

Level Requirement: 2

Walkthrough: After you summon Azura, she'll explain how some of her followers 
killed the vampire Dratik in the Gutted Mine a very long time ago. However, 
there was a terrible price: they were turned into Vampires themselves. They've 
been sealed in the Gutted Mine for many years now and Azura wants you to do the 
compassionate thing and end their lives. Set this as your active quest and 
follow the marker to the Gutted Mine, which is directly South West of the 
shrine. Upon entering, you should encounter Vampires right away. There isn't 
much I can tell you, as everyone has a different fighting style, other than to 
be prepared for unfair 2 against 1 odds. There aren't many in the Mine, and once 
you dispose of all of them, head back to the shrine for your reward.

Artifact Reward: Azura's Star, which is a Grand Soul Gem with unlimited Uses.

V. Boethia's Shrine

Location: South of Cheydinal and East of the Reed River. This one is hard to 
locate, as if you're too far West you'll be blocked by hills. I suggest you go 
out of Cheydinhal's East Gate and head East until you hit either Rickety Mine or 
Kemen. At this point, if you go directly south, you'll get to Hero Hill. At that 
point, go a little North East until you reach the fort ruins of Fort Scinia. 
Now, go directly South. If you've reached the Doomed Mine, you're off the
mountain, and it might be tough to get back up. Here is where it will get a 
little tricky. On the map, you'll notice that to the East of Doomed Mine (if you 
don't have that located, it's on the East edge of the map) will be the words 
'The Valus Mountains.' Directly West of the letter M in Mountains will be the 
Shrine. If you go South East of Fort Scinia, being sure to stay on top of the 
mountains, you can reach it from this point. A tough one to locate indeed.

Offering/Requirement: Daedra Heart. Can be found in some alchemist shops or in a 
Oblivion plane.

Level Requirement: 20

Walkthrough: Once you give the offering to Boethia, he'll tell you to 
participate in the Tournament of Ten Bloods. A gate will open next to you and, 
when you think you're ready to take on ten different gladiators, you can enter 
it. Go through the gate Boethia tells you to and you'll fight one of his chosen 
ones. The fights shouldn't be too challenging and you'll get a lot of loot from 
it, as well as some pretty good arrows from the archer chosen ones. Just repeat 
this process ten times, until you're the only one left, and you will have won 
the Tournament of Ten Bloods. Exit the arena and talk to Boethia to get your 

Artifact Reward: Goldbrand. Fire damage 22 points on strike.

VI. Calvicus Vile's Shrine

Location: Go out of Imperial City and stand near the Chestnut Handy Stables. Go 
across the bridge and head South, following the road most near the river, until 
you reach Fort Virtue. The road to the West of Fort Virtue will make an upside 
down U and in the middle of it will be Vile's shrine.

Offering/Requirement: 500 Gold. You can pick that out of your ass by level 20, 

Level Requirement: 20 (!)

IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTE!!!!!!!: This is before a patch has been released and 
there is a serious bug dealing with this quest. Barbas, Vile's dog, causes the 
game to freeze upon completing the quest. If a patch has NOT been released or 
you HAVEN'T downloaded one, you CAN'T finish this quest if the dog is in your 
inventory. To avoid this, do NOT accept the quest and head directly to the 
Vindasel ruins. To get there, head East of the Shrine until you hit the road. 
Once you get on the road, follow it South East. The ruins are literally on top 
of the road near an island. Kill Umbra inside it, take her sword and armor, and 
then head to the Shrine. Talk to the lead worshiper and give/do not give Vile 
the sword right away. This avoids the glitch.

Walkthrough: Clavicus Vile and Umbra go way back... and he wants the sword back. 
That's right, Umbra, the sword is back after making a quick trip to Morrowind. 
He has no idea who holds it or where, but suggests you go to Pell's Gate. Upon 
hearing this, Vile's dog, named Barbas, will beg you to ignore Vile's request. 
He says giving him the sword is a huge mistake, likely to bring ruin to Vile's 
realm. As you reflect on that, head to Pell's Gate and talk to someone. They'll 
tell you the holder of Umbra was once a member of the town, but after finding 
the sword, became a bloodthirsty maniac. She joined mercenaries and any other 
group that would offer her a chance to kill. They say she was last seen in the 
Vindasel Ruins. Make your way to the ruins and get to Umbra. She tells you about 
how many women and children she killed (a great conversation starter and pick up 
line) and offers you a choice: stay and fight or leave. Well, such an 
egotistical statement couldn't possibly be tolerated  by you, could it? Right!? 
I hope so. Anyway, if you tell her you want to fight, Barbas speaks to you 
again, saying you haven't got a chance. He's so pessimistic. Umbra can disarm 
you easily if you attack her with a melee weapon while she blocks, so be very 
careful about when you swing. If you manage to beat her, Barbas begs you to keep 
the sword or anything but give it to Vile. Make your decision and head to the 
Shrine. Vile demands the sword, and you can either say yes or no. If you say 
yes, you get his mask and his gratitude. He says you might run into him again 
some time. If you say no, he becomes furious and exclaims he'll be watching you, 
and waiting. Keep your eyes peeled.

Artifact Reward: Clavicus Vile's Mask/Umbra. His mask offers a constant effect 
of +20 Personality. If you refuse to give him the sword, Umbra is one of the 
strongest swords in the game and offers Soul Trap for 120 seconds on strike. 

VII. Hermaeus Mora's Shrine

Location: Will be placed on map upon meeting the requirement.

Offering/Requirement: Complete all the other Shrine quests, finish 'Blood of a 
Daedra' main quest and sleep.

Level Requirement: Unknown.

Walkthrough: I'm terribly sorry, but a glitch is preventing me from getting this 
far. I have completed every shrine but Viles. As I mention in his walkthrough, a 
glitch will freeze the game upon completion, and there is no way for me to avoid 
it as I saved midway through. Once a patch is released, rest assured I'll get 
this to you as soon as I can.

Artifact Reward: Unknown.

VIII. Hircine's Shrine

Location: Find the words 'The Nibenay Valley' South of the Imperial City near 
the Upper Niban River. Hircine's shrine is just West of the letter N in Nibenay. 

Offering/Requirement: A Wolf or Bear Pelt. Tons of bears can be found near his 
shrine, just run around.

Level Requirement: 17

Walkthrough: Hircine will ask for one thing almost right away: the horn of a 
unicorn. Luckily, there just so happens to be one not very far away, in Harcane 
Grove. Follow your marker there and get ready for a fight, because two Minotaurs 
guard the unicorn. Not only that, but if your weapon is drawn, the unicorn will 
attack you as well. Many people talk about finding the unicorn and actually 
using it as their main horse. However, I found not being able to wield a weapon 
anywhere near it to be annoying as hell. Don't feel bad killing it. Take out the 
guards and eventually the unicorn. Check the unicorn's body and there will be 
its horn. Bring it to Hircine and he'll give you his reward.

Artifact Reward: Savoriour's Hide. Light chest armor, it has a constant effect 
of resist Magic 25% on self. It's very light and offers a decent amount of 

IX. Malacath's Shrine

Location: Go to Anvil and exit through the Main Gate. Follow the road North 
until you hit the Hrota Cave. Go DIRECTLY North until you find Lord Drad's 
Estate. North West of Lord Drad's Estate is Malacath's Shrine. If you find Fort 
Sutch, you're too far East. Go directly West from Fort Sutch and you'll hit the 

Offering/Requirement: Troll Fat. Trolls can be found in a few caves and out in 
the woods. However, if you don't want to look, you can always try some Mage 
Guilds or the 'All Things Alchemical' shop in Skingrad.

Level Requirement: 10

Walkthrough: Malacath is pissed. Some of his Ogre brothers and been enslaved by 
Lord Drad, and he wants them freed. Go to Lord Drad's estate (very close by, 
follow the marker) and just walk in to Lord Drad's estate. You might have to 
just break in, the door is almost always locked. He'll be pissed at first, but 
just engage him in conversation. Talk about the enslaved Ogres and do NOT tell 
him slavery is wrong. Tell him how much you like the idea. He'll boast about how 
much money it saves him and tell you the location of the Bleak Mine they're 
located at. Quickly leave the estate (you're still kinda trespassing) and head 
to the mine. Break into it and don't talk to the guards. They won't be happy 
you're there, but they shouldn't attack. Find the ogre's cage and unlock the 
gate (key can be on guards body is you really want a fight) and they'll walk 
right on out. They'll attack the guards and ignore you, so it's free loot for 
you. The first wave of ogres you release might be completely wiped out by the 
guards, but it doesn't matter. Free the next group, watch as they plow through 
the weakened guards, and the quest will be finished. Not so tough, huh? Go to 
the shrine for your reward.

Artifact Reward: Volendrung. A hammer with Paralyze for 3 seconds on strike and 
Drain Health for 5 points for 20 seconds on strike.

X. Mephala's Shrine

Location: Go to Bruma and exit through its East Gate. Follow the road East and 
then start to head South. Follow the road South until you reach Toadstool 
Hollow. After you see it, head directly East until you reach the Red Ruby Cave. 
At this point, if you go directly South as straight as an arrow, you will run 
into Mephala's shrine.

Offering/Requirement: Nightshade. Again, my favorite shop, the 'All Things 
Alchemical' sells Nightshades if you can't locate it.

Level Requirement: 15

Walkthrough: Mephala is another Daedra who hates boring towns. Bleaker's Way is 
a boring town, and she wants it to be less boring. She wants you to kill leaders 
of both of the families, which will cause an all out war. You CANNOT be seen at 
all doing the killings, or the entire quest is ruined. This is no problem, 
though. Enter the town late at night, 11 pm is a good time to start. Follow your 
marker to Bleaker's Inn and head to the local Inn. Talk to the Inn keeper and 
ask about the families. They'll tell you all about them. The two clans are the 
Nordic clan (Ulfgar family) and the Dark Elf clan called the Dalvilu family. You 
are to kill the clan leaders and plant evidence that the other clan did it. 
Sounds fun, right? Head to Hrol Ulfgar's house first. Do NOT kill him yet. He 
lives alone and if you started this quest at 11PM as I suggested, he and the 
rest of the town will be asleep. In Hrol's house will be the Ulfgar family ring. 
Find it and exit his house right away. Run to Nivan Dalvilu's house and find his 
ceremonial dagger, which will be on a table in plain sight near him. Quickly 
kill him. Check his body for gold and plant that ring you took earlier into his 
body. This will frame the Nordic clan. Quickly run back to Hrol's house and kill 
him as well. Plant the dagger on his body (no need to actually kill him with 
it). Leave his house and someone should be waiting right by the door for you. 
Don't worry, he doesn't know you did the killings, he's just ready for war. Tell 
him about the killings and Watch as everyone wields a weapon and the entire town 
is attacking each other. Ulfgar Vs Dalvilu! I'm taking all bets on who will win 
(I accept PayPal). It doesn't matter who wins in the end, but once an entire 
family is killed, the quest will be over. Head to Mephala's Shrine for your 

Artifact Reward: Ebony Blade. Silence for 10 Seconds on strike and Absorb Health 
8 points on strike.

XI. Meridia's Shrine

Location: Go to Skingrad and exit out the West Gate. Follow the road West until 
you hit the Cursed Mine (it's directly West of the gate, the road will be 
straight, you won't need to make a turn anywhere). At this point, if you head 
directly West and a tiny bit North, you'll find Meridia's Shrine.

Offering/Requirement: Remains of something undead. From a zombie, ghost or 
Skeleton, it doesn't matter. Bonemeal is the most common.

Level Requirement: 10

Walkthrough: Meridia is no fan of the undead and those who create them. She has 
discovered a team of Necromancers that have been stealing corpses from a 
graveyard, and she wants every one of them and their creations dead. Head to the 
Howling Cave (follow your marker) and enter the cave once you get there. Get 
your way through the weak animals that block your way to the secret door at the 
other end of the cave and Meridia will open it for you. BEFORE you enter, be 
ready to take on a huge load of Necromancers, Liches, Zombies and ghosts, most 
of whom just summon even more people for you to fight. This may be tough to do, 
but you have to try and ignore anything that is summoned, as they are 
innumerable and will only come right back. Attack the Necromancers first and 
work your way down until every one of them is dead. It was a tough fight, but 
the Necromancers carry plenty of healing potions, so don't be afraid to drink 
them if you get low on health. After you kill each one, head back to the shrine, 
where you will be rewarded.

Artifact Reward: Ring of the Khajiiti. Fortify Speed +10 and chameleon 35% on 
self, constant effect. 

XII. Molag Bol's Shrine

Location: This one may seem far away, but it involves a lot of 90 degree turns, 
something very nice. Exit Imperial City and head across the bridge until you hit 
Weye. At this point, continue going West as straight as an arrow until you reach 
the Nirfinsel ruins (you'll pass through Breakneck Cave). If you go directly 
South from Nirfinsel Ruins you'll hit the shrine.

Offering/Requirement: Lion Pelt. Lion's are actually relatively close to the 
shrine, but it may depend on your level. I suggest you travel to an area where 
you have encountered Lions before.

Level Requirement: 17

Walkthrough: Molag Bol is not a fan of Meius Petilius, a local hero of the 
Bindle Home. He wants you to die by Petilius' hands to forever corrupt his once 
pure soul. Follow your marker to the Bindle Home and talk to some of the 
townsfolk. One will eventually tell you all about him. It turns out that 
Petilius is a warrior who saved the town on numerous occasions, fighting off 
Goblins and Minotaurs. One day though, while off fighting, Vena, his wife, 
passed away from a disease. He never forgave himself for not being by her side 
and swore he'll never pick up a weapon again. He lives in a shack near town and 
is almost always by his wife's grave. If he isn't when you approach his house, 
wait for a few hours and he'll be there. To get him to kill you is very easy. 
Walk up to the grave and drop the Cursed Mace on it. Take off your armor and 
punch Petilius right in the face. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't 
tolerate that at my Wife's grave either. He picks up the mace and all you need 
to do is sit back as he pounds the crap out of you. Eventually, once you die, 
you'll be teleported back to Molag Bol's shrine, as he promised he would revive 
you, and you'll get the reward.

Artifact Reward: Mace of Molag Bol. Abosrb Strength 5 points on strike and 
absorb Magika 5 points on strike.

XIII. Namira's Shrine

Location: West of Bruma you'll see the words 'County Bruma' on the map. Directly 
West of the letter B in Bruma is the shrine. 

Offering/Requirement: Make yourself... less attractive. To do this, you need to 
have your personality lowered to 20. How do you do this? Buy some cheap wine. 
Sinderion, who lives in the basement of an Inn in Skingrad, sells plenty of 
cheap wine. You can just go to most other bar keeps as well.

Level Requirement: 5

Walkthrough: The forgotten are a group of ugly bastards who live in the darkness 
of the Anga wallowing in their own self pity. However, priests of Arkay have 
come to try and show these people the 'light' and are bearing torches, offering 
them help. THOSE BASTARDS! Namira gives you a spell that will weaken the priests 
and distinguish their torches. The forgotten will... finish the job. Head to 
Anga, following the quest marker, and enter the ruins. No need to be sneaky, the 
priests can see you clearly and don't care that you're there. Cast the spell 
right in their face and the Forgotten, with clubs ready, will beat the living 
crap out of the Holy Men. They'll beg for mercy and all, but it doesn't help. Do 
this to each of the priests and the reward is yours. Head back to Namira for the 
artifact once this is done.

Artifact Reward: Ring of Namira. Reflect Damage 12% on self and reflect spell 
10% on self, each a constant effect. It can be very useful, making you nearly 
immune to spells with the Mundane Ring.

XIV. Nocturnal's Shrine

Location: Go to Leyawiin and head out the North East gate. Follow the road 
around the bend and then directly North. It's a long trip, but the shrine is 
right next to the road. 

Offering/Requirement: None.

Level Requirement: 10

Walkthrough: Speak to the followers and walk across the bridge to the shrine. 
Nocturnal explains her eye has been stolen (first Gray Fox, now this. Get a 
better security system, Nocturnal) by thieves who reside in Leyawiin. She has no 
idea who exactly stole it, so you'll need to do some detective work. All you 
need do is walk into Leyawiin and talk to a guard next to the gate. Talk about 
the eye, rumors and Leyawiin itself. One will reveal that the guard heard 
Weebam-Na and Bejeen talking about a jewel they 'found' that would make them 
rich. Find Weebam-Na's house (they both live together) and speak to each about 
the eye. They will deny knowing anything about it. Exit the house, go into sneak 
mode and walk back in. Be SURE not to move into their line of sight. Hell, you 
don't even need to see them for this part. Simply walk forward a little bit, 
staying close to the wall on your left, and listen to them talk. They'll explain 
they hid it in the Tidewater Cave. Follow your marker to that cave and enter it. 
There shouldn't be many enemies in there, but be ready for a fight. The eye is 
pretty huge and will be underwater. Grab it and head back to the shrine for one 
of the best artifacts. Nocturnal will thank you and give you your reward.

Artifact Reward: Skeleton Key. This is an unbreakable lockpick that, when in 
your inventory, offers +40 to security.

XV. Peryite's Shrine

Location: East of Bravil you'll find the words 'Silverfish River.' Right next to 
the R in River is the shrine.
Offering/Requirement: None!

Level Requirement: 10

Walkthrough: Peryite's five followers have attempted to become closer to him, 
but have lost their souls in the plane of Oblivion in the process. Peryite finds 
it pathetic, but wants you to reunite their souls anyway. He'll tell you about 
this and give you a minuet to prepare yourself. Gather anything you think you'll 
need and talk to him again once you want to be teleported. Once you talk to him, 
you'll be teleported into one hell of a maze form of oblivion. I can't give you 
a step by step process to finding each of them, as we all have our different 
ways. I can, however, give you a few tips. You'll come across a building. 
There's nothing important in it, no gate lever or anything, so don't freak out 
if you don't find anything. You'll also find a few gates to caves. These also 
aren't needed, but there's loot inside you might find useful. Also, remember 
this one: a follower is stuck on an island. To get to this guy, you'll need to 
jump across small rocks on the lava that create a path to him. 
Once you find each follower, Peryite will create a gate for you to get back to 
his shrine. This might be a pain to get to depending on which follower was your 
last to save, but upon entering it, activate Peryite's shrine for the reward.

Artifact Reward: Spell Breaker. A shield with Reflect Spell 30% on self, a 
constant effect. 

XVI. Sanguine's Shrine

Location: This one is in the middle of nowhere. All I can say is go to Skingrad 
and head out the West Gate. Go directly North until you hit the Bleak Flats 
Cave. At this point, go North West and you'll hit the shrine. It's a little bit 
further North that it is West, so don't go nuts heading West, try to lean more 
toward North.

Offering/Requirement: Cyrodilic Brandy. I can't specify where I found mine as I 
can't remember. The most commonly referred to place is Imperial City 'The Main 
Ingrediant', though. You might have to break into some houses to steal one.

Level Requirement: 8 

Special Note: Be either on good terms with the guards to skip out on a jail 
time, or be ready to spend a little time in jail. It's hard to avoid, as the 
spell in this quest does 1 point of damage, counting as assault.

Walkthrough: Sanguine wants you to make one of the Leyawiin Countess' dinner 
parties a little less boring. To do so, he gives you a spell called 'Starked 
Reality' and tells you to go to Leyawiin but to watch out, as the party is 
invite only. To get to the party, head to the Leyawiin castle at 8PM and talk to 
the guard in front of the Dinner Room door. He'll tell you you're not on the 
list and that you can't go in, but sweet talking him or bribing him until you 
likes you will get you into that party. Be dressed for the occasion too, which 
means no crappy cloths. Decent armor or clothing will do it. Once you get into 
the room, be SURE that there are six people in the room: four guests, the 
countess and her aide. If those six people are there, walk up to the countess 
and cast the spell Sanguine gave you on her. Wait a second and everyone in the 
room is naked! If you did it correctly and everyone was in the room, you'll get 
a message to go to Sanguine's shine. Remember, as I said, this counts as assault 
and you may have to do jail time. Since all of your items disappeared as well, 
that means your stolen items won't be taken as evidence BUT it means you can't 
pay the fine to skip out on jail. I was on good terms with the guards, so they 
let me go on this one, but you may not be. Just be prepared. 
After you get the message you completed the quest, go to the shrine and get your 
reward. Don't worry about your items, Sanguine explains that they're in a chest. 
Look behind a bench near the shrine and every item of yours will be there, from 
your cash to your torches.

Artifact Reward: Rose of Sanguine. 'Sanguine Rose on Target.' What does this do, 
you ask? Once you cast it on a target a Deadra will be summoned to help you.

XVII. Sheogorath's Shrine

Location: Go to Leyawiin and head out of the West Gate. From here, follow the 
road directly North until you hit Water's Edge, a town that's literally on the 
road. From here, go North West and you'll find the shrine. If you end up 
crossing the River, you've gone too far.

Offering/Requirement: Yarn, Head of Lettuce, Lesser Soul Gem. Yarn can be found 
in nearly any house in a barrel or box, I'd check basements. Lettuce can be 
found in some Mage Guilds where they sell it for around 2 gold, various Inns, 
random houses and Alchemy shops. My favorite place to buy items like this is All 
Things Alchemical in Skingrad, if you're hopeless and can't find one in a Mage 
Guild or Inn. A Lesser Soul Gem is another thing sold in some Mage Guilds, try 

Suggested items: If you have very low sneaking and security, I suggest a Weak 
Potion of Invisibility, which can be purchased at Leyawiin.

Level Requirement: 2

Walkthrough: Talk to Ferul Ravel at the shrine to start this quest. Hell, talk 
to all the followers, some of the funniest parts of the game are in this very 
quest. After you give the offerings to Sheogorath, he'll threaten to turn you 
into a goat, but then realizes you can have some use. He explains that a town 
called Border Watch is very boring and very religious. To spice things up there, 
he wants you to take one of their crazy prophecies and make it true. Make your 
way to Border Watch, which is easily walking distance away, and speak to 
Ri'bassa, the town shaman. He's usually located near the Inn near the cooking 
pot. Speak to him about the K'sharra prophecy and he'll gladly tell you all 
about it. The first sign is a Vermin Infestation (Rats, he says, but he has 
plenty of rat poison) and the second is a plague, which will kill all the 
livestock first. After the third sign, which he doesn't explain very well, the 
world will end. After he's done telling you all about the prophecy, he suggests 
you check out the town Inn, whose owner has an obsession with cheese. Do what he 
says and enter the Inn, talk to the keeper about her cheese. She'll explain that 
she has some of the most potent cheese in the world, the Olroy cheese. If 
cooked, it would attract rats almost instantly. Very convenient. The Display 
case, which only contains ONE cheese (she has multiple display cases), is 
directly next to her. I suggest, as this point, if you're low on sneaking, to 
use the weak potion of invisibility I mentioned earlier. Once you open the case 
it will be void, however, but it can be useful as it's literally feet away from 
the Inn keeper. Now, after you take the Olroy cheese, run out of the Inn and 
look to the right. There should be a cooking pot. With the cheese in your 
inventory, activate the cooking pot. Wait a few minuets and an army of rats will 
run into the town. Try not to get all antsy in your pantsy and avoid attacking 
them until Ri'bassa uses that rat poison he mentioned earlier. After he uses it, 
all the rats will die and piles of rat poison will be left on the ground. Hm... 
rat poison... livestock being killed first by the plague... convenient. Take the 
rat poison and head to the sheep, which will be to the right of the Inn. There 
will be a feeding trough in the center of the fenced in area. Activate it with 
the poison in your inventory and wait an hour or so. The sheep will eventually 
die (sad, I know). Sheogorath will be pleased, but says there's still that final 
sign to take care of. He tells you to go to the center of town and enjoy the 
show. Follow the marker to the center of town and be sure to look up... the 
final sign is fear, and Sheogorath decided the best way to induce this fear is 
rain of fiery dogs! The townsfolk will absolutely freak at this, and run to 
their houses in sheer panic. At this point, the prophecy is fulfilled. Speak to 
Sheogorath and he'll award you the Wabbajack, and tell you to leave before he 
kills you. 

Side Note: Be sure to read recent editions of the Black Courier, who try and 
explain the 'poor weather.' '... perhaps the dogs were swept up in a great wind 
and hurled into the sky... but that still doesn't explain why they were on fire' 
said one magician. It's funny stuff. It also makes a reference to a mage in 
Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, who made a scroll that heavily boosted your 
acrobatics. Sadly, it would run out before he hit the ground, causing him to 

Artifact Reward: Wabbajack (Wabbajack on target). I know what you're thinking... 
wabbajack on target? Sheogorath's trade mark is turning people into different 
animals, and that's what this staff does. Try it out on some random animal, 
it'll change into another creature! This can be useful if fighting an Ogre and 
he turns into an imp. It's also pretty entertaining.

XVIII. Vaermina's Shrine

Location: South of Cheydinhal is Lake Poppad. On the North East coast on the 
lake is the shrine.

Offering/Requirement: Black Soul Gem. Here's the golden question: how do you 
get one? Well, it's kind of simple. Just go to the Echo Mine (West of Cloud 
Ruler Temple), insert a Grand Soul Gem into the altar by the gate, and cast 
a Soul Trap on the altar. That'll make a Black Soul Gem. Take it out of the 

Level Requirement: 5

Walkthrough: Vaermina's Orb has been stolen by the wizard Arkved, and she wants 
it back. Make your way to Arkved's tower, which is directly South of the shrine, 
and be ready for some pretty twisted sights. It'll start off like normal ruins, 
but you'll soon find yourself on top of cliffs with endless pits, a replica of 
the castle surrounded by lava, an endless sight of dead bodies hung up by 
endless strings above endless pits, and even a room with gigantic furniture. 
It's interesting to say the least, be sure to check out as much as you can. If 
you run into a door that the marker indicates isn't the way to the quest, don't 
worry about entering it, they all lead to dead ends. After you fight your way to 
the end of the tower, you'll find yourself in Arkved's room. Don't worry, he's 
unconscious in his bed, once you read his notes you learn he's another one of 
those people that takes trips into his dreams. The orb will be on the table near 
him. Take it and exit through the door on the other side of the room to somehow 
appear right where you started inside the ruins of the castle. A real trippy 
place. Make your way back to the shrine to get your reward.

Artifact Reward: Skull of Corruption. A staff which has an effect of Corruption 
for 30 seconds on target. What does that do? It creates an evil clone of whoever 
you cast it on that fights for you. The clone is exactly the same as whoever you 
casted it on, from the cloths to the weapons and powers. It can be pretty 
useful, if not entertaining.

XX. Martin's Need for an Artifact
During the Main quest, Martin will need an artifact in order to open up 
Paradise. However, as he says, it can be any one of the artifacts, except 
Hermaeus Mora's, which requires you reach a quest after Martin's request of an 
artifact. This can be a very hard choice, but I'm here to lighten the load. 
Here's a suggestion from me: look at all of the artifacts stated above. Do you 
see yourself ditching any of them? Letting them gather dust in a display case? 
No further use at all? Then use that one. I say this because Martin Suggests 
Azura's Star, which can be extraordinarily useful paired with Umbra. I 
strongly suggest you don't make the same mistake I did and give him Azura's Star. 
Listen to my advice.
Are you a blade user? Through these quests you can gain access to THREE blades: 
Umbra (Vile if you refuse to give it to him), Goldbrand (Boethia) and Ebony 
Blade (Mephala). Although you can't give Umbra to Martin, it's perhaps one of 
the best swords in the game, and to you, may be better than BOTH Goldbrand and 
Ebony Blade. So, because of that, you now have the choice between Ebony Blade 
and Goldbrand. They'd both, at the most, gather dust in a display case at your 
house, so you can always give one to Martin. If you favor Ebony Blade over 
Goldbrand and Umbra (or vise versa), then the choice is even easier: give the 
one you wont use in combat to Martin.
Really a fan of blades and want to mediate between the three? Fine, that's ok. 
What about any of the other weapons? The Mace, the Hammer, will you ever use 
Fine, so you want to get all your skills to 100 in the future and want to use 
the best of the best when you do so. I know your type. Well then, what about the 
Wabbajack? I know, this will be hard to give up to most people, the name alone 
warrants a space in your house. However, the novelty of changing an Ogre into an 
Imp might ware thin after a while, making the weapon useless. You might want to 
give that to Martin.
Now, all of these items have a good strategic use. Think about it though, figure 
out which one, under even the worst circumstances, that you've ever run into a 
situation where it would be useful, the least. What I'm saying is, how many 
times have you really needed one of the artifacts? Whichever you've needed the 
least should be the one you give up. 
As for my opinion, here is my say on the artifacts you SHOULDN'T give up:
Azura's Star
Namira's Ring
Skeleton Key

Azura's Star is perfect for recharging enchanted weapons, Namira's Ring can be 
very helpful in a bind, and the Skeleton Key is almost necessary for those with 
low security or that have a problem using up lockpicks. 

In the end, it's up to you. Remember though: with this being such a huge game,
 you never know when you might live to regret one of your choices. Take your time 
on this one and really think it through.

XX. Thanks

I just want to thank Bethesda for making this Godly game. My skin will 
permanently stay pale thanks to their efforts. Also, thanks to 
Neoseeker, who put this FAQ up.