The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Free Sigil Stones
If you downloaded the extra wizards tower for the elder scrolls oblivion, go into the tower and go up one floor into the living quarters and save it on the teleport pad facing the golden door to outside(it should on its own with auto save) go to the xbox hard drive and DELETE the wizards tower information. when u load say yes even though u did not have the content and get ready. you will see the inside of a house. run at it while jumping and u will teleport into the house. leave the house and u will be in a test area with houses. outside near the fire there is a MACE OF DOOM the best weapon in the game with a lot of charge, designers took it out of the game due to its power. you can explore the other houses and get things like every sigil stone at once. when you go into the oblivion house go to the top grab the sigil stone and get back outside fast because the slower you are the more stones u get and will cause u to be over cumbered and not move and ur stuck. so it fast and u will get about 3 to 5 of each sigil stone. now teleport to any city and save you can now reload your wizards tower information (content) and continue the game. i recommend you take everthing out of the wizards tower that u want/need so it doesnt dissapper with the content.