The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Frostcrag Spire Test Area
When you go into Frostcrag Spire go to the teleport pads that lead you to the Living Area, go to the portal on the right side and stand on it. Then save the game. Go to your Xbox 360 HD and delete the Frostcrag Spire Download. When you load your file it will say "You are loading a file that is missing data". Click yes then load the game. You will be floating. If you look around you will see a house. Run forward while pressing jump rapidly at the same time until you teleport into the building. Once you exit the building go to a fireplace outside you will see a weapon called "The Mace of Doom". Developers intended for it not to be in the game because of it's power but you now hold control of it. Go into a building where you see a sigil stone at the top. Approach the top until you are in front of the sigil stone take the sigil stone and get out as quickly as humanly possible. You will obtain 2-4 of each of every sigil stone if you get out very quick. Once outside teleport to any city. Congratulations! You now have multiple copies of every sigil stone and the Mace of Doom!