The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Glitches

Peryite's Shrine Exploit
Peryite's shrine is east of Bravil, (on the map) Just above and between the 'h' and 'R' in "Silverfish River. When you get there, you will get a message saying that the people are frozen in time and you must be level 10 to begin this quest. Well don't. You can hit them to increase anything that deals in giving damage. They will not die as they seem to regenerate health very quickly and have the crowns meaning even if you manage to kill one they will just lose conciosness. Note that most destruction spells will knock them off their feet. Their is a problem with this, but it can be fixed easily. See, when you hit them it is an assault. Don't worry though since it has not been reported it does not give bounty. After doing your fill of this, go to any guard and commit crime (Doesn't matter what, anything illegal). choose to pay the fine, and you will avoid possibly crashing your game in the far future. You only have to pay for that crime, not the ones against the people of the shrine.
P.S. The crime I usually commit is pickpocketing in plain sight. I steal like 3 seps and only have to pay 1.