The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Glitches

First you go to the mystic emporium in the imperial city market district. Next, you go in when it's open. Make shure you have at least 200+ gold and buy the scroll he has the most of (for me it was 15 max. but it may variey) and buy any other spell. After you have done that do the duplicate items trick on the spell you bought using the spell he had max on and after that pick up only one of them and do it again and again until you have as many as you want. after that go to the march rider in Cheydinhal and duplicate your most valuable item (notice: when i did it the first time my game almost froze so save or dont i dont really care just warning you) and do it next to her so you can pick them all (or at least a bunch of them up) and sell them to her, however, she wont buy more than 1000 gold worth from you at a time. now after you do that a few times (or just one) you will have sooooooo much gold after doing it once i had 102740 gold!!!( notice: i was selling a item that was worth 1000 gold) well happy cheating!!! XD