The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Getting Umbra sword and full ebony armor
Ok so you go to the alyied ruin called Vindasel and get to the end of it (its not long and all the enemies are rats) once you get to the end youll find a wood-elf girl names Umbra she will not attack you for she is not evil. if you try to speak to her no options will pop up so all thats left to do is to kill her (WARNING) Umbra is very strong so if your a low level she will be very difficult but if you go to your options and then gameplay and turn down difficulty she will be easier. once you kill her pick up her sword (umbra) and her armor whitch is called "Umbra Ebony Helm" for example so its a special kind of armor.Umbra is the strongest weapon in the game so when you get to a high enough level the attack power will be 30 so it is very strong. Have fun pwning people with the best weapon in the game