The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Leveling fast, and i mean at a moderate speed...:P
Okay so if you're going to be a magic using class once you have made or selected your class level up your alteration by shooting open easy lock at the bared gate for a while, then your mysticism by continuously casting Minor Life Detection by Baurus and then go out to where you exit the sewer, do *NOT* exit it, unless you want to level Conjuration the God-Damn-This-Is-Pissing-Me-Off way, when you are by the gate since summon skeleton costs a lot of Magika for the level or moderate Magika for High Elfs, continuously summon Skeleton until you run out of Magika then go to choose race or what ever and then hit circle to complete the action, boom full Magika again, then do it again and again, I'm sure you'll land yourself somewhere in the 14-20s place once you rest for a while. have fun! and if you want to look cool then be sure to get conjuration to 75 so you can do the Light Bound Deadric armor glitch and have an awesome set of armor to go with it, the armor is good protection and best of all, its weights nothing...hehehehehe have fun again!