The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Glitches

Enchantments with out all the armor.
By now you all know of the duplication glitch well I just found a glitch that stomps on that ones nuts.
Start with armor which has a enchantment, or make one, One you would not mind haveing all the time. Now duplicate it and make 2, after that equipt one of them, and using 4 scrolls to duplicate, drop the armor which is not equiped, this should unequipped the other, now look at your enchantments you should still have the enchantment of that armor.

This ability shall stay with you forever, now The effects can stack but not with an item of the same type with the same name, you need to find/make one with another name.

XD I hope that was understandable...
I got my speed up too 400 XD using enchanted armor i made in the mages gild.