The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

100 sneak before level 1
Start a new game and choose your race.

As long as you dont aproach the cell door the game wont trigger valen dreths insults and the game wont progress until you move towards the door.

Go into sneak and hop up onto the raised platform in the wall.

Now just run into the wall until your sneak skill is up to 100.

(You can use this after he starts insulting you but it will only work up until the blades and the emperor get near to your cell)

Dreth wont detect you because his sneak skill is 5 and you are technicly 2 rooms away from him

(You can do this for these other skills as well: Restoration, Athletics and Acrobatics)

This also makes the starter dungeon extremely easy.

If you choose sneak as one of your primary skills when you select your class you will level up 5 times automaticaly depending on your difficult level.