The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Truely Strongest Sword In Game (Shivering Isles Required) (Contains Spoilers)
Forget about Umbra and and your Perfect Madness Sword or Perfect Amber Sword. It gets even better. Shadowrend IS the greatest sword this game has to offer. It does 1 more regular damage than the so-called perfect weapons however it is 2-handed making it the same damage as a Perfect Amber or Madness Claymore. But it is it's enchantment that makes it truely great. Damage Health 25 meaning nothing is resistant to it unless it is resistant to magic all-together. And Weakness to Magic 15% for 30 seconds on strike making the other enchantment stronger against your enemy every time you hit them. This sword is only found in the Shivering Isles along with its main quest line. When you are creating the new Staff of Sheogorath you must get the Screaming Branch from Milchar. You must fight a shadow form of yourself they will drop this sword.