The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

increase a variaty of stats at once, the fun way
to do this you must have both jemane brothers plus brother martin and jaufre fallowing you. if you dont know who the jemane brothers are go to corral and look for a drunk guy that talks about someone smearing his name. do the missions and fallow there lead. "Hint" when the brothers are both fallowing you never return them to weatherleah, it isnt worth the gold, its better to have two partners.
after that..
buy a house in the imperial city or any house you own.
bribe guilbert so that he likes you 100 percent
next attack martin wile in your house.
fight fight fight!!!!!
if you are weak than don't hesitate to yield to spare your life.
after about three or four fights your armor and weapons should be damaged
repair them and your armorer skills will go up,
and also your fighting skills as well.. it will take some time. but as entertaining as it is to attack your partners freely you shouldn't have any problems. : hint" use the duplicate trick to get a large amount of repair hammers so that you never run out. hope you have fun gettings stronger. i sure do.