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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Glitches

(Shivering Isles REQUIRED) Easily Get full Amber Armor(STRONGEST ARMOR)
STRONGEST ARMOR IN THE GAME, STRONGER THEN glass/daedra/dragon/ebony) Anyways, it's relatively simple and easy. Going into Bliss, go to a place called the Missing Cauldron. Once there, ask the men about Amber. He will tell you that if you find Amber he can craft it into Armor for you. Now get ANY piece of Amber. Use the duplication glitch as such:

Get 2 exactly same scrolls.
Press X(one time) on them.
Then go to the item you wanna duplicate and drop it(Square)
If it doesn't work the first time, continue.
By the way, this glitch lets you dupe almost anything(no nirnroot/stolen items/and some weapons/armor). Using it in combination with Super Healing Potion, I've never died since level 15 in that game.

Anyways, after duping amber to at least 2 or above(if you only have 2 scrolls, dupe amber, pick up one, dupe that, and continue) until you have around 25 or so. Then keep picking all the Amber options. It is easy to get all stuff this way. Full sets and weapons. The weapons aren't very strong though. I suggest Dawn/Duskfang or Umbra.