The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

How Ti Get Full Umbra Ebony Armour
Firstly Get 60 steel arrows with some silver or just get around 100 steel arrows.

South of the Imperial city there is an ayleid ruin called Vindasel fight your way through until you come to a railing on the right side of you and now get in sneak and walk to the edge where there is no railing however do not jump otherwise the lady will kill you without a doubt, she is level 50 with a health of 394 and a sword that has an attack of 15!

so walk down onto the edge and look left there should be 2 ledges jump on one of them and then jump on the second one now hit Umbra with your arrows, she will come up and try and attack you but she wont be able so now Umbra will only attack the wall so keep on hitting her with arrows until she dies search the body and you will have a full set of Umbra armour, the full set ways 141.75.
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Follow link to see full Ebony armor

I did this when i was level 5 and its easy as long as you do it right

Have Fun