The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Umbra Hint: Great Armor & Quick Level Up, Early. PS3
First, get a couple of scrolls and use the duplicate trick to make more scrolls. Second, get a bottle of strong healing, a bottle of strong respite, and a bottle of strong sorcery. Get a Blunt weapon, a Blade weapon and a Bow and some arrows preferably all low damage weapons, and most importantly find a Paint Brush, also learn a weak spell from all of the Mage classes. Find the VINDASEL Ruins near OLD BRIDGE SW of the Imperial City Waterfront. Go inside kill a few rats and mud crabs and try to avoid the 2 floor traps. At the end you'll find a girl named Umbra DO NOT attack her yet! Duplicate the paint brush till you get around 50 of them. Drop one paint brush at a time mid-waist around Umbra really close together so she can't get out, you'll have to be somewhat fast about it. After she is trapped save the game. Then duplicate all the weapons, potions, and arrows (at least 50 of each but a lot of arrows 1000 plus) leave them in separate piles around the area and save the game. Attach Umbra and keep your distance, she will kill you very easily at low levels. But since you've trapped her with the paint brushes she can't get to you. Abuse her anyway you want and as long as you want to help you level up but make sure mot to kill her till your done abusing. When your weapons break, drop them away from the good ones, then get a good one and continue. Save the game often so you don't waist your time if you screw up and let her kill you. If you leave the Ruins to go sleep or to purchase training for each level up, when you return Umbra will be free of the paint brushes so you'll have to trap her again. When you finally wear your fingers out leveling up, Kill her and you'll get a sword named Umbra and a full set of Ebony armor which you'll have to repair if you want to use it.