The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Tips

Tips for Free Items
Free armour:
for free armour, help Martin out of the chapel. Once your out, fast travel to the weynon priory and kill the assassins. Once you did, go to the monastery and kill the assassins that are killing jauffre and then he will tell you to go to a temple. So fast travel there and do whatever it tells you to do. After you in the tempe, jauffre or someone will ask you to join the Blades, accept them and go in side the temple. Find the armoury place and take whatever!

Blade of Woe:
Kill a man without any reason then go to jail and then come back, go to sleep in a inn or a house then you will wake up and a man will come, he will tell you to kill Rufio so he'll give you the blade of Woe!

Akaravi katana:
Okay like I said for free armour, join the blades and juaffre will give you the akaravi katana

Some free items:
Go to jail and get to sneak mode go around the area and repeatedly the sneak level will go high and high, once your a master of sneak go to sleep and wake up back to the city (or village) go back to sneak mode and target someones back, and when the eye is not bright then pickpocket your target.